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Sony Vaio FS515E

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2009 14:52
      Very helpful


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      Classy Vaio...

      Product: 15.4" screen Laptop

      Make: Sony, VAIO

      Features: XP, Service pack 2

      Price: Varied

      This Sony VAIO Laptop is stylish, powerful, fast active, and easy to use, this laptop is exactly like the one I own. Mine is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with service packed 2, it has a 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) X-black LCD flat screen, and runs on 512MB DDR2 SDRAM (533 MHz). Even though, it's Windows XP, Its Vista capable as well; some of them I've seen are though. I can always rely on the Sony make; to me it has always been a top brand. I love the Intel Celeron M Processor 390; the processing speed is 1.70 GHz, which is the ideal speed for me. The hard disk drive is 80GB, which is quite suitable for the size. The Intel Graphics feature Media Accelerator 900 and comes with 128MB max, the graphics are outstandingly great, this is the classiest and move efficient feature. It's shared with the main memory, and has a double layer DVD+RW drive. The memory stick slot (Standard/duo size, magic gate) and its memory stick PRO compatible. It's a great wireless LAN 802, with Ethernet and Modem, and comes with 2 hi-speed USB 2.0 ports. Another significant feature which makes it really outstanding is, includes certified WIFI. As most laptops, it comes with a battery charger, which doesn't take long to reach fully charged, and the battery life last up to 3 hours.

      Looking at the style of the main product:

      Most don't really talk about the actual look of the product, just only what it does, and what it features. I think it's very essential to do this, it explains to buyers, how it looks makes the item very special, and worth purchasing. I like the way it's presented, its very classy looking. The top lid of the laptop is silver looking, with the makers name Sony in greyish writing engraved near the top. The bold engraved, tinted looking VAIO sign in the middle, completely stands out, this makes the laptop for more stylish and classy looking. On the screen is a neatly protected covering, which you can barely see, this comes with all laptops I've seen, but the look on this one is looks shinier. The pressure pad for moving the on screen pointer, feels smoother, and very comfortable than most others, it gives you that relaxed feeling. The keys are the most neatly, clean looking, and most lightly touched feature to the laptop, this is another thing I find completely relaxing about it. There are two thin silky plastic protected coverings that come with it; that I always use, one's a thing sheet covering to place over the keys, to keep them clean from dirt and dust, and the other is a case covering, where I can put my laptop in, once I've finished with it, this keeps your laptop looking like new.

      About some of the VAIO new and improved software, programs and features it comes with, which I like:

      - DV gate Plus: This is a multi-purpose application for importing, playing videos and digital movies. I used this feature to capture videos, if I have an external device. You can perform quite simple operations, like output video data, that you can record to DV tape or save on computer. I find these two modes quite compelling, really handy, and rather fascinating at the same time.

      - VAIO Edit Components: This feature is a plug-in designed to add functions
      to Adobe Premiere. You can edit DV CODEC AVI files with Sony's original DV CODEC, the MPEG section is rather interesting, and you can edit frame-by-frame MPEG and MICROMV files with the stylish and efficient MPEG editing engine. Another good part to this, you can do a variety of original video transitions and make video effects.

      - Home Server: It adds a whole new dimension to your music, pictures, slideshows, movies and other data. I love this, because it doesn't matter what format it is, you can store it, convert it and stream it to watch, hear and enjoy on your VAIO, your TV or any other VAIO devices throughout your home. This is a great system; it allows you to access recorded TV programs and personal videos, from any widescreen TV. I really enjoy storing all my music on my Home Server; I have a Network Media Receiver where I can wirelessly stream the tunes from the TV or VAIO. The wireless network delivers high definition digital content from any VAIO computer to your TV; link it up with a home entertainment system on a wireless home network, this surely is a great feature to try out. One last thing I failed to mention, the Network Media Receiver is only included with some desktops, this is also seen as an accessory.

      - Windows XP Media Centre Edition: I love using this program for these reasons, watch DVD's, record TV, listen to music, and share digital photos. It proceeds as an all-in-one PC and entertainment system; you can enjoy your favourite entertainment on your VAIO from this perfectly designed program. Like the original Media player program I like, you can store your music in their library, so far I've stored loads of my favourite singles.

      - Microsoft Works: This is similar to Word, the version I first received was 8.0. It does offer the same services as word; it still has word processor, but has database, spreadsheet and calendar programs on it. This program has professional designed templates, a new tool as well to organize projects. This is not as necessary to mention, because this program can easily be uninstalled and replaced by the Word program, which I find the most easiest to use, but I thought I should inform others, some VAIO laptops come with the Works program rather than Word, which can be rather useful as well.

      - Club VAIO: I've experimented with this program; it's a registration program where you can receive personalised customer support. Club VAIO is an amazing place where imaginative people can become creative, and share their interests; it's your source for updates. As soon as you register, you will have immediate access to Online Support, Tutorials and Software updates.
      I use my VAIO laptop everyday, lately for my emails, and for the Ciao site, it certainly is quality in speed, and very stylish. I've had my laptop for three years, and it has never gone wrong, this one you can really reliable on. Now I want to talk about another program, this automatically comes with, which is most commonly used on most computers, but on this laptop I find it has a better, positive need.

      A program that work incredibly well with the Laptop:

      - Outlook Express: This email program is faster an easier than ever before, I prefer having Outlook Express on this type of computer, more than any other. Some may say, there's not a lot of difference, but I find using the program on a computer like this, makes me feel far more relaxed, and confident about using it. It's better and quicker sending and receiving your mail. The program itself looks a lot better with the colour, and the icons stand out a bit more.

      How special was the purchase of the laptop, to me?

      I first bought mine from the Choice catalogue for £799.99, quite a few years ago. I placed a reasonable guarantee on it, which covered me very nicely. I love every stylish feature about my laptop and the longevity I spend on it, is brilliantly exciting. The lightness of the laptop; ensures me, that can take it almost everywhere I go. I love using the protected coverings, this keeps my laptop nice and clean, with these, my laptop still looks like when I first bought it, brand new! This Sony VAIO laptop; is quality efficient and surely is well worth the purchase!


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        11.11.2006 19:41
        Very helpful



        Overall top of the range laptop if you have around £600 to spend.

        I got my VAIO laptop for around £550. After searching the internet at the time for it I found it was the best laptop I could find for its price. It came pre-installed with XP Home and a neat software bundle including Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere, both of which I have found very useful.

        Looks wise, I think it looks great. Its very thin compared to other laptops especially the screen and therefore it makes itself very easy to transport around. It has a nice contrast of the colours black and grey and overall I think its looks are top notch.

        Computing wise its power isn't great with an Intel Celeron M processor which aren't renound for their speed and its quite lacking with graphics power. Using on-board graphics mine can play basic games such as Theme Hospital and Age of Empires II but struggles heavily with nearly anything above this. Im quite happy with the HDD which has an 80GB capacity, which is defaultly split into 2 partitions. This is about 20GB more than most laptops of this price range. 512MB of memory is also pretty good, you have the option to add more but I wouldn't bother. Its optical drive is great, it comes with a dual layer DVD-RW which is better than my PC, I was quite surprised. This however is a little flimsy when it is ejected and I think im going to break it most of the time. The screen definitely has to be the best feature coming with a 15.4" X-black LCD. I find the quality of this to be excellent, supporting a resolution of up to 1280*1024. Other basic features include:

        * 3.5mm headphone and microphone inputs.
        * A sony memory stick reader (handy if you have a sony digital camera)
        * A built in wireless LAN card.
        * a PCMIA slot.
        * 3 USB2 ports
        * A single VGA monitor port,.
        * Modem port.
        * Built in network card with 1 ethernet port.
        * 2 shortcut kets which can be programmed to do pretty much anything with the provided software.

        When I first got it, it was pre-installed with everything you need to run it. The instruction manual wasn't really that helpful though to be honest, as most of the guides are pre-built onto the computer. These howver, are very detailed and provide FAQ answers etc.

        Overall I would reccomend this to potential buyers if you have around £600 to spend on a laptop. If you have more then look elsewhere. :)


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