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Sony Vaio SVT1121A4EW

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3 Reviews
  • smart
  • quick
  • Not great in portrait
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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2014 08:08


      • " ultra-fast response"


      A device that virtually eliminates the compromise between laptop and tablet.

      Vaio Tab is a week now used. Here are the first impressions of the device:

      Equipment comes neatly packed in a strong box. In addition to the tablet and keyboard, he, of course, power supply and a high-quality pen with battery.
      The power supply with USB output for charging additional devices. Very handy for mobile phones, etc.

      As with any Windows 8 device will start the Setup Wizard will automatically and within 5 minutes, you're done. Since the tablet shipped with Windows 8.0 (at least for me), then updates are published on a Windows 8.1 only once. This may take a few, depending on the speed of the internet connection. During the download process, but may be working. For me both Windows 8.1, as well as updates published to date have been installed after 2 hours.

      The unit itself:
      This design is very high, the device fits comfortably in the hand. For its size is actually surprisingly easy. For a Core i3 Tablet is truly a milestone. Internal SSD and seems to work very remedy without measuring it directly. Tablet PCs are ready after 2 seconds after the restart you will see the Vaio logo is longer than the boot process takes 
      Great display, vibrant colors. The included keyboard also makes a quality impression. Pressure points for a slim keyboard so surprised. I can use it in any case very well written.

      The wireless receiver is also ok. Just like an Asus Transformer or surface. Both units have already been used and can therefore compare quite well.
      Windows 8.1 interface looks fresh and fast response. Tablet of the class Live Tiles.

      A utility is infrared transmitter built-in. Therefore, it can be operated in practice, TV etc. .. Proprietary software preinstalled.

      Working with devices:
      As I said, the tablet ultra-fast response and no noticeable delay. I bought the tablet mainly because Photoshop can take image editing time. Both Core i3 and graphics card have enough steam to do all the preparatory work in Photoshop. With more complex filters or HDR image, but you can say that this device is "only" have a i3. However, the high whine.

      The fan remains discreet, even when high CPU load. The tablet also is not too warm. With integrated stand and wireless keyboard, the tablet is a laptop replacement fit. Together with USB 3.0 port anything that can be combined with the phone. HDMI is also on board of course.
      In addition to Photoshop, I use Visual Studio. Also it runs perfectly and quickly.

      Software features:
      As usual, Sony makes no exception and has some meaning (less) of installed programs on time. Almost immediately I threw it down again. Even the "free" McAffee scanner. In summary it can be said that Sony will be properly installed crapware. Unfortunately. In addition, there is a collection of tools normally Vaio.

      Where the light is ...
      It is dark. In addition to installing crapware I also peculiar that after waking up from standby mode, the display Livetiles reduced. After reboot everything is normal again.
      I also found that a second USB interface should be standardized. I know others do not have. However, Sony could go a good example here.

      A device that virtually eliminates the compromise between laptop and tablet. It's easy enough to serve on the couch as your skis and powerful enough to be effective. For me, Episode 11 hours to replace a laptop Sony Vaio VGN Z and a surface or Asus Transformer.
      When the display surface for me to turn Atom CPU working too small and the weight was too slow border. So, the Vaio Tap is my panacea:-)


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      03.09.2014 03:08
      Very helpful


      • "Stylus and keyboard included"
      • "Solid battery life"
      • "Thin and light"


      • "Not great in portrait"
      • "Flimsy keyboard"

      Overall strong tablet, but not perfect for everyone.

      The Sony Vaio Tap 11 is a solid competitor with the last generation
      Microsoft Surface Pro 2. This tablet has a number of great things about it,
      but overall it has enough issues to make it an inconvenient product for
      most. Let's start out positive though. The processor is by no means a
      powerhouse, but provides plenty of oomph for your everyday user. Plug a
      controller into it and you can play a surprisingly decent selection of
      games, especially when you start to include emulators. The screen is bright
      enough for me 90% of the time and handles auto-dimming surprisingly well.
      The power adapter (although a little on the short side) has its own usb port
      for charging devices, and has a quick-release style plug that is second only
      to the magsafe adapters that Macbooks use.
      Now for the painful parts. There is only one usb port on the computer, so a
      usb hub might be a good travel companion. The keyboard is nice in that it
      comes included with the machine, protects the screen when connected, and
      charges whenever it's connected. The problem here is that it's rather
      flimsy, and key-travel is a bit short, also if your battery dies in the
      keyboard there is no way to charge it without blocking your screen. The
      stylus is pretty comfortable, but because of the high DPI 1920x1080 display,
      it becomes virtually the only way to navigate the computer. The screen
      doesn't lend itself well to vertical use. The aspect ratio leads to an
      awkwardly tall device, and the screen distorts more than a tablet should as
      the viewing angle changes from left to right in vertical mode.
      This is a decent tablet with a few problems that keep it from being as good
      as it could be.


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      27.08.2014 13:49


      • "smart "
      • simply
      • "family proof"
      • sexy
      • light
      • quick
      • portable


      • white
      • "not comfy"
      • "inconvenent "

      sony vaio great for portable use

      The Sony-vaio is an awesome design and can really be useful when on a train, plane or just on the go. it can fit perfectly in a small bag so it is easy to just pull out. as well if you are laying down and you can detach the keyboard and just use it as a normal tablet. Then when you get back up and want to use it as a keyboard you can.


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