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    1 Review
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      20.01.2011 12:59
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      Well worth getting

      Sony are great achievers in the world of technology. Everything they produce, be it audio or visual, always carries with it some degree of excellence that separate it from any other brand. For example, their TVs tend to have a contrast ratio (the black compared to the white) of between 30000:1 and 80000:1. Most standard flatscreen TVs carry a ratio of between 500:1 and 5000:1, with a few exceptions.

      I was fed up of my old laptop and decided to push the boat out and save up for a mega laptop. A laptop that was the consumer equivalent of a super computer, for a price that was fractional of a Mac. I have grown up with PCs and so for me, with XP being so limited in performance and Vista being so reputably rubbish, I opted to find a Windows 7. Then I decided, instead of just investing in anything with a RAM better than my previous computer's 512MB, I chose to go for something which would last for years and perform phenomenally. So, I did some research and found that there were very few very decent laptops within my price range, even for Windows 7. Many had poor customer reviews. Then I started researching higher priced ones, one's which had everything and then rather than building up, I cut down. And I came across the Vaios - amazing specs, great performance and excellent reviews. Then I pushed it out even more and I came across one with a Blu Ray. Thus began my experience of the CW1Z4E.

      And what an experience. It literally will start up within 60 seconds. If you can't wait that long, there is an option to turn on the computer and run only the internet. This will be running within 30 seconds. On start up, you will hear a whir and then nothing else, because the cooling fan is stealthier than Jack Bauer (the whir being the drives beginning to run).

      2 hours 30 mins of battery life - enough to watch a film and check your emails and Facebook, before you have to put it on charge.

      The keyboard is so easy to type with - I have made very few mistakes on it, due to the spacing of the keys, which themselves are rigid, sturdy and not too clacky.

      The screen has an excellent resolution, well designed for the BluRay capability it holds.

      You can be whizzing round the internet in a blur. Pages loading up within seconds, pages with lots of flash and adobe taking only a couple of seconds more.

      The hard drive is large enough to store 100 films, 160 days worth of music or endless amounts of documents and photos. Windows 7 also makes it very easy for you to organise all of these.

      The 4GB RAM is essential for the running of Windows 7, which is such a shame when it produces the amazing performance this laptop brings (sarc).

      All-in-all, this is a package well worth having, for about half the cost of a Mac and they don't have Blu Ray drives or HDMI outputs.

      Caution is needed in that Vaio's are known to overheat. It happened 2 or 3 times to mine in the space of 2 months, though that may have been due to overuse or keeping it in warm rooms. To avoid this problem, you can ensure that the fan is not blocked. Give it a vac and whenever you use it on your lap, make sure your leg isn't covering up the fan. Keep it in a well ventilated dust-free room which maintains a minimal room temperature. Or you can also buy universal cooling fans, which are USB powered. I have bought one and not had a single overheating problem since. Again, ensure any cooling fan you buy does not cover the laptop's ventilation.

      Aside from this minor inconvenience, the Vaio is well worth having. This particular model may be difficult to get hold of now, as with time Sony produce new models and stop selling the old ones. However, no doubt in time, we'll start to see more and more power laptops on eBay, as new technology proceeds to be developed.


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