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Tiny Mediabook Studio

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2000 00:21
      Very helpful



      Although we have only owned this product for one week, there are a few points we can already make about our experiences with it so far. The camera is a great little toy, and if you love gadgets - this is perfect for you. The images are clear enough on the stills, but video does lack decent image resolution, but you can trade this off against files size, and gain some improvement. However the 4mb SmartCard supplied soon fills up. The system itself is fast, easy to use, and compares very favourably to my desktop system. Tiny do not have the best reputation as a manufacturer, but Tiny Notebooks are essentialy rebadged Mitac systems - a lot of "manufacturers" do this with their portables, so that takes a lot of worry away from having the "tiny" badge on the lid! This morning when we switched it on, we got a load of vertical lines on the screen and no other display, so we rebooted, it then hung going into Win 98, and then next reboot - no mouse!!! So called their tech support - firstly the wrong number was supplied with the system, but the staff we quite friendly enough. When I spoke to the right department, I was basically told that I should "carry on and use the system and see if it reoccours" - good fob off... I'll wait and see.... Saying all this - it is a quick enough PC, plenty of RAM, price is good for the specs', and the display is clear, and the system feels well made (well - Tiny didnt make it!). Buy the Mediabook Performance instead - save the money and buy a differant camera if you really want one. **UPDATE** I am typing this update, still on the same Notebook, and have no major problems, with the expection of the usual PC ownership stuff such as locking system, and fatal exceptions. These errors have been narrowed down (by me) to Napster, and the system is quite stable other wise. The only frustrating thing about this system is the battery lif
      e, and with normal use (no cd activity, no speaker usage, or other major drain) the battery will last for 2 hours maximum, 90 minutes normally. I have tested out the support, and the fact that I own a laptop seems to flummox the tecchnicians, who have to ask for advice from another techie, and is time consuming, but overall, it is a decent enough system, and we are satisfieedd with the ownership experience.


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