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Toshiba Satellite L505-144

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    9 Reviews
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      03.02.2011 19:30



      A laptop with Vista on it. Only for the most expert pc users, or professional software engineers

      Nothing against the Japanese. Koreans. Taiwanians. or any other nationality. But I hate their intrusive software, and lousy, complicated, male-orientated Operating System.
      WHY do manufacturers always ASSUME that you are part of a great big commercial conglomerate?
      WHY do you need a hundred languages, when you only write and read English, in the UK?
      WHY do they insist on putting myriad Microsoft software onto a pc or laptop, notebook, whatever this is called (?) which normal silver surfers like us will never use, don't understand, and don't want clogging up our CPU (and yes, I do understand that one) They refuse access to basic things you should be able to see, access and remove at will.
      They control the pc. You only get to "use it"...
      Well, that is what they think!
      My previous Dell Latitude had a fleeting love affair with a claw hammer, and a brief flirtation with a screw driver before it abandoned hope, and leaped into the empty Pandora's box, in the bottom of my dustbin.
      My partner arrived back from Tesco with the new one.
      Loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium, "state of the art" software, and bang-on techno-bits, was bound to be a better gadget than the Dell I had bashed and dismantled in the garden in a fit of frustrated rage.
      This one is getting a less radical demise.
      I have sent for a couple of discs and a wonderful USB to change it from demon devise to ~ well, what? ~
      well, it will not be CONTROLLED BY TOSHIBA, for a start.
      Neither will it be sending spy stuff to MSN.
      Nor should it attract attention on the internet, from phishers and spammers.
      I am putting it into the Phoenix Fire, and totally kyboshing it.
      Right down to below it's undies, to the naked box.
      THEN I will run one of the discs being sent to me, to wipe it, with at least 7 formatting passes to ensure nothing is left on it ~ halleluiah ~ then reloading it with Windows XP SE2. The only one I was TRULY COMPATIBLE WITH....the love of my life. My unrequited, undemonstrated passion.
      Not until I had experienced this "highland fling" of the past 2.5 years with Toshiba and their Satellite laptop pre-loaded with Vista HP did I appreciate the simplicity and compactness of XP HP.
      So I have sent for it (again) from my past seller.
      Yes, I'm aware that Microsoft no longer "support" it.
      Yes, I'm aware of it's limitations.
      But I understand HOW to use it, how to CONTROL IT, and how to keep my / our computer running safely and efficiently and actually get some work done!
      Ever the optimist, Heather, but if it doesn't work?
      Where's the hammer and the screwdriver!??????
      <evil grin>


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      14.01.2011 17:50
      Very helpful



      It could have been cheaper but overall this is a great laptop and should last me a few years.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
      I have a confession to make. I'm quite a fan of anything Toshiba, be it televisions, laptops or even DVD players. However I was beginning to hate Toshiba after a laptop I bought a few years ago from Currys which had three speeds: slow, really slow and awfully slow. Alas I decided it was time to replace it. But what should I buy? The Sony VAIO S Series? Or perhaps the Samsung R590? Well actually, I decided to give Toshiba one last chance and picked up the Toshiba Satellite L505-144 and do you know what; I don't regret it for a second.

      By 2010 you might think all computers are super speedy or at least they should be. Well that's just not true, however the Toshiba Satellite L505-144 (TSL) is incredibly fast compared to my desktop. The processor speed here is what counts as well as the increased RAM and even running two programmes at once I was able to tab out and get around my computer in a rather quick fashion.

      Straight out of the box you'll notice that this has a nice glossy cover that reminds me of the times I've seen businessmen sat typing in a cafe. The keyboard takes some getting used to, especially for anyone who has only been using desktops for the last ten years. It can be a little too easy to press the wrong button at first but now it's to the point where I'm writing 1000-2000 words without so much as a mistake; something I can't say about my old Tesco keyboard!

      One thing you'll notice is that if you leave it on consistently there is really no change at all. The fan still remains quiet and the base never becomes too hot to touch (which is a bonus for those of us who have small children). The battery on the other hand doesn't last quite as long as I would like but to be fair you can replace this quite cheaply. The battery is still adequate for short train trips, bus journeys, etc. How long can you leave it on for? Well I had a proposal that needed writing as well as a number of other items so I left this on for a good two weeks solid while I ran multiple programmes. During that time it didn't crash once although by the feel of the battery you might have thought it was about to set on fire.

      Windows 7 is a wonderful new addition and compliments the computer beautifully. The computer also comes with a built in webcam which my mother pointed out to me, "anybody could be watching you!" Don't panic though. Webcams don't work like that :)
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
      Processor type : Intel® CoreTM i5-430M Processor
      clock speed : 2.26 / 2.53 Turbo GHz
      Front Side Bus : 1,066 MHz
      3rd level cache : 3 MB
      Operating system
      Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery) and
      Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 32-bit (Toshiba-Recovery DVD)

      Design Colour colour : Precious Black with matt black keyboard
      System memory standard : 4,096 (2,048 + 2,048) MB
      maximum expandability : 8,192 MB
      technology : DDR3 RAM (1,066 MHz)
      Hard disk capacity : 320 GB
      drive rotation : 5,400 rpm
      DVD Super Multi drive (Double Layer) compatibility : CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-R(DL), DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R(DL), DVD+RW, DVD-RAM
      maximum speed : Read: 24x CD-ROM, 8x DVD-ROM/ Write: 24x CD-R, 4x CD-RW, 10x HS CD-RW, 24x US CD-RW, 8x DVD-R, 6x DVD-R (Double Layer), 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R, 6x DVD+R (Double Layer), 8x DVD+RW, 5x DVD-RAM
      type : DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive
      Display size : 39.6cm (15.6")
      type : Toshiba TruBrite® HD TFT High Brightness display with LED backlight with 16 : 9 aspect ratio
      internal resolution : 1366 x 768

      Graphics adaptor manufacturer : ATI
      type : ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 5145 supporting HyperMemoryTM technology
      memory : 512 MB dedicated VRAM (total available graphics memory using HyperMemoryTM technology can be up to 1,530 MB with a 32-bit operating system and 3 GB system memory or 2,810 MB with a 64-bit operating system and 5 GB system memory)
      memory type : DDR3 Video RAM (resp. Video RAM and system memory combined)
      connected bus : PCI Express®
      Internal video modes The following internal video modes are supported:
      resolution : 1366 x 768
      Max External Video Modes Max Resolution : 2,048 x 1,536
      Max Refresh Rate : 100 Hz
      Non-interlaced resolution with max refresh rate : 1,600 x 1,200
      Interfaces 1 × DC-in
      1 × external monitor
      1 × RJ-45
      1 × external microphone
      1 × headphone (stereo)
      1 × integrated VGA Web Camera with built-in microphone
      1 × 4-in-1 Bridge Media slot (supports SDTM Cards up to 16 GB, Memory Stick® up to 256 MB, Memory Stick ProTM up to 2 GB and MultiMedia CardTM up to 2 GB)
      1 (Left) × eSATA/USB 2.0
      2 (Right 2) × USB 2.0

      1 × HDMI supporting 1080p signal format
      Expansion 2 × memory slots
      Wireless communication Compliancy : Wi-Fi®
      Network Support : 802.11b/g/n
      Wireless Technology : Wireless LAN
      Wired communication topology : Fast Ethernet LAN
      speed : 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
      Sound system supported audio format : 24-bit stereo
      speakers : built-in stereo speaker
      manufacturer : Toshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System
      Keyboard keys : 105
      Windows keys : Yes
      special features : Standard numeric keypad
      Pointing device type : Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control
      Battery technology : lithium-ion
      maximum life : up to 2h40min (Mobile MarkTM 2007)
      AC adaptor input voltage : autosensing AC adapter (100/240 V) for worldwide usage
      output voltage : 19 V
      output current : 4.74 A
      Physical dimensions W x D x H : 383 x 259 x 35.4 (front) / 39.3 (rear) mm
      weight : starting at 2.94 kg

      Warranty 1 year EMEA Carry-in including Pick-up & Return in the UK & Ireland. Toshiba also offers a large range of services to upgrade your standard warranty, please have a look at our website www.toshiba.co.uk/services/ to find the right service for your product.

      Bundled hardware AC adaptor
      Bundled software Toshiba Disc Creator
      Toshiba User's Manual
      Supervisor Password Utility
      Toshiba Assist
      Chicony Camera Assistant Software
      Toshiba DVD Player
      Toshiba Face Recognition
      Microsoft® Works, Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2007 (free 60-day trial)
      Toshiba Value Added Package (Toshiba Power Saver, Toshiba Zooming Utility, Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool, Toshiba Flash Cards, Toshiba Components Common Driver, Toshiba Accessibility, Toshiba Button Support)
      McAfee® Internet Security (includes free Internet updates for 30 days)
      WildTangent Games Console
      Toshiba Photo Service
      Toshiba Recovery Media Creator
      Google Pack (Google Toolbar, iGoogle, Google Picasa)
      Connectivity Doctor
      Toshiba utilities and drivers
      Toshiba EasyMedia Easy Entertainment

      Easy Connectivity
      Built-in Web Camera & Microphone
      Diversity Antenna
      Integrated Bridge Media Adapter
      Toshiba ConfigFreeTM
      Toshiba Face Recognition

      Easy Usability
      Eco Utility
      PC Health Monitor
      Toshiba LifeSpace
      McAfee® Internet Security
      Toshiba TEMPRO Performance Tuning Service
      Smart Display Support
      Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control
      Control Buttons
      Security features slot for Kensington Cable Lock
      supervisor password
      HDD password on request
      user password
      Special features SM BIOS compliant
      integrated microphone for Voice over IP
      HD Audio support
      4 mechanical Control Buttons (Mute, Play/Pause, Forward, Rewind)
      ENERGY STAR qualified computer
      integrated VGA Web Camera for Video over IP
      Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® Technology
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
      Brand new you're looking at having to pay £500-600 for this laptop which isn't bad at all. I bought mine from Currys for £349.97 but mine is a refurbished model.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
      As excellent piece of technology that I'll be using for years to come. Once you get used to the keyboard you really can't go wrong. And for all you computer game addicts, yes, it plays games beautifully! Be sure to pick this up the next time you're online or visiting your local electronics store.



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        28.10.2010 02:56



        Very Good Product for the New Toshiba Sattelite Series


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          21.10.2010 21:33
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Fast laptop - ironically ideal for a slow typer

          I bought this Toshiba Satellite laptop and to be honest, i am sorry. The main problem for me is the keyboard. I am typing this review on a keyboard on which it is very difficult to hit the keys you want. The return, or 'enter' key, arrow keys, and space bar are way too small. The number keypad might be useful for some users but it seems to have taken up all the space. Using the laptop is very hard as you spend most of your time trying to hit the right keys. I am one of those people who usually type without looking, but on this laptop it is almost impossible to do that - feels like the keys are all in different places. Besides the keyboard, the laptop seems fine, very quick in comparison to my older Toshiba laptop. Overall though I am quite annoyed with Toshiba that they have created such a poor laptop, which I will now have to hold onto for a long while as I don't usually replace my laptops very often. The only reason I bought this laptop is because my old laptop was a Toshiba and it was brilliant.

          Maybe I'm being too harsh about the keyboard. But only time will tell; maybe I will get used to it.


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            18.10.2010 05:14
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            a great laptop

            I've owned many laptops before, but I think this is one of the most practical ones that I have ever had. Everything about it is great. The size of the laptop, the large amount of ram, the ample space on the hard drive, and the dvd-writer are important items in what i was looking for in a laptop. This laptop is a little lighter than previous models that I have used. The battery holds a good charge and gives you ample time to use the laptop the way you need it when you are mobile

            This laptop was installed with the Windows 7 operating system, which took me some time to get used to. I admit, I was afraid to switch to the new OS at first, but after I used this laptop for a few weeks, I really got used to it. Windows 7 really accentuates the usefulness of this machine.

            The keyboard and trackpad have a great feel. The keys are very responsive, and although the trackpad is not in the exact center of the machine, it is still easy to use.

            Overall, this is a great laptop, and has a usefulness range from a college student to someone using it for business.


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              17.10.2010 04:46
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              I've used Toshiba laptops virtually my entire internet life and when my old one broke down after a f

              I've used Toshiba laptops virtually my entire internet life and when my old one broke down after a few years of solid work, I thought I'd once again pickup a Toshiba. They are still, in my opinion the best laptop brand on the market.

              4GB of RAM included seems to be the 'norm' for laptops these days; it provides for fast multiple program usability. As well as the 4GB of RAM, the 320GB hard drive caters for those needing a lot of space to store whatever they desire, it'll take a while before you run out of hard drive space with this laptop!

              The Windows 7 compatibility, having it preloaded is a great addition to this value filled laptop, it provides for easy surfing and I have grown accustomed to it having it on all computers at home.

              The laptop has a 15" screen, small and compact perfect for anyone on the move. That isn't to say you can't run any memory hogging applications on this laptop, you can quite easily run Firefox and graphic editing software simultaneously easily. Virtually no laptop comes close to this at the current price it is selling for.


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                15.10.2010 05:32
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Overall, it is a freat laptop!

                It is a very good computer. The keyboard is fantastic! The spec's of the computer can very well suit designers, and can absolutely suit the average computer user. The sound is not so excellent as I hoped it would be, but it is not horrible. The battery life of the laptop is very average compared to other laptops. I suppose you could just buy a different one though.

                Pros and cons by aznbiggie616

                Pros: The computer is very fast! Even for my standards, as I am a computer gamer, and we NEED fast PCs!

                1 - The computer comes with a few softwares that I would rather not have. For example: Although Windows 7 is great, I myself, am an XP fan so I did not like that. It also comes with other softwares I don't like, but they're not that much of a nuisance.

                Overall, I believe this is a great computer! Even if it has a few bugs here and there, they're not noticeable.


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                  11.10.2010 03:57
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  The satellite brand has always been great at making laptops.

                  I really like this laptop. Its very fast and Toshiba is always a good company. The satellite brand has always been great at making laptops.

                  This computer has a 2.6ghz i5 processor and 4gb of ram (for those of you who do not know much about processors or speed this is really good). You'll be able to run just about anything you want. One problem I did have with it was trying to get the game "Mafia 2" running on it. However I downloaded a newer driver for it and it eventually worked.

                  Windows 7 works great on it and so does just about everything I have on it such as photoshop, and other editing programs. I would recommend this if you are looking for a new laptop. Its a great deal at £500 when you consider the price of some i5 Dell models. Although one other thought is I think my battery is losing its life (but that is pretty normal with all laptops they start off good and then slowly but surely your battery starts dying faster.)

                  -very fast
                  -lots of ram
                  -big hard drive
                  -toshiba support is great

                  -you might need to download a new video card driver
                  -normal laptop battery that seems to die with age
                  -could use some more ports

                  All in all i'm very happy with this laptop I bought a different laptop before this and I had to return it because it sucked so bad.


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                  11.06.2010 16:28
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  A very good laptop (but not perfect) from Toshiba that I don't regret buying

                  I bought this laptop about a month ago having broken the keyboard on my old advent by spilling milk on it - silly me! On the plus side though my advent laptop was old and slow so it's not like I broke something that was really good.

                  I'm a photographer by trade so when it came to looking for a replacement laptop I wanted something with good memory, fast processor and for a price that wasn't going to bankrupt me. Now I'm not very good with the technical side of computers so I got my boyfriend to help me look for a suitable replacement and we ended up settling on this one.

                  As far as price goes I would say this could be considered a mid range laptop. I bought mine from PC world and here's a tip - if you want to buy it from an actual PC World store, reserve it online first. If you reserve it then pick it up and pay for it instore it will cost you £600. If you just buy it straight from the store it costs £630 (although it was £700 when I bought mine so the price does seem to change regularly).

                  Spec wise this laptop uses Windows 7 (hurrah!) which is a vast improvement over the previous and much despised Windows Vista. It also has a 15" screen, 4GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive, which is perfectly respectable. I am aware that there are cheaper laptops with a larger hardrive, but the memory impressed enough to choose this one.

                  The laptop has a glossy black cover with a thin pinstripe effect across it. The keyboard is more bunched up than I'm used to (I used to have a 17" laptop) and I keep accidentally pressing button that change the size of text on websites and delete a section I may have just written, but I have no idea what I've pressed or how to undo it.

                  Above the keyboard is another row of buttons which includes the power button and buttons associated with playing sounds/film: play/pause, rewind, fast forward and mute. I personally find these very useful as on my old laptop I could be playing some music quite loudly then need to lower the sound or mute it for a reason and find that the onscreen method of doing this would take ages, so having a mute button is particularly convenient.

                  Two small inbuilt speakers are positioned above the keyboard, one on each side of the laptop. These are capable of outputting quite loud noise although, as can only be expected from a laptop, you won't get any sense of bass so it's not the best way to listen to most music.

                  Along the front edge of the laptop is a small orange light that glows to show you the wireless connection is on and when setting up the computer for the first time you will be asked to provide your internet login details, although you can by pass this and connect it to the internet at a later point if you wish.

                  Other features include a memory card slot (perfect for SD cards), a DVD RW drive and 2 USB ports (both located on the right edge).

                  Setting up was easy - I can't remember the exact process now, but even for someone like me who isn't a huge computer fan, I managed to set it up on my own without getting confused or having any problems in less than 5 minutes.

                  Obviously I had a number of pieces of software that I needed to install - including photoshop CS3 and my printer - these were very quick to do and actually amazed me considering how long it took my previous laptop to accomplish the same task.

                  This laptop comes with a built in webcam at the top of the screen. I've only used it the once and to be honest the image quality is quite inferior (very dark and grainy), but it's still better than not having a webcam at all. The webcam controls can be found in a little pop out tool bar in the top left hand corner of the screen, unfortunately though everytime you accidentally move your mouse over that way a little too far it pops out and gets in the way of whatever else you were doing eg. trying to click on 'file' in any given programme. You can right click on the tool bar and close it, but it will be back there again the next time you start your laptop.

                  The mouse comes in the standard form of a little pad beneath the keyboard that you manipulate with your finger, this is only distinguishable from the rest of the laptops surface by the slight texture it has to it. Unfortunately I also find that this texture also makes my finger feel a little sore after I have been using it for a while.

                  When unplugged from the mains the screen dulls to conserve battery power but even with this the battery only lasts about 2-3 hours before needing to be charged up. This isn't so much of a problem for me as I tend to use it at home, but it could prove to be an issue for some people.

                  Overall I would recommend this laptop for anyone who wants decent performance without breaking the bank - it's got Windows 7 and good specs that allow for swift photo editing without any lag and it's also fairly lightweight aswell (I'd say it weighs about half what my old laptop did) which is definately good for my back.


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