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Toshiba Satellite P300D-14E

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2011 15:30
      Very helpful



      Better off buying competly different laptop.

      Right so I'm pretty certian this is my laptop as this looks exactly like mine. I have had this laptop for a few years now and have to say it was the worst thing I have ever brought.

      I shall start with the good points as their are not many. Firstly the overall design is very good and could have been really good. It has a small touch heat sensitve buttons above the keyboard that can control the music in the media player which I found have always worked and also on occasion pause a video on youtube which it's not really meant to do but can be handy. This is a very handy tool for anyone who tends to listen to music while doing other things as it saves you having to bring up the media player everytime you want change something.

      I am trying to think of some other good points about this laptop the only other postive thing is if like me you hate things like the Mac's where they over complicate everything this laptop does keep things realtivly simple but that could be more down to the programes and not neccessarily the laptop itself.

      Right where to start with the negatives. Firstly and the most important is overheating. This laptop is the worst for this and has stressed me out so many times because of this. I am currently on this laptop but have it balanced between my bed and chair as because of overheating the bottom cannot touch any surface. This is a ridiculous way to have it but I find this is the only solution! As a college student this is a very unpratical thing as I have to write essays every other week but it is near impossible with this laptop as if i were to type with it sat on my desk or on my lap it overheats before I can even write the introduction!! So don't buy this laptop if you plan on using it for more than 4 mins at a time. I also know this is not down to just my laptop as my sister brought the same laptop and hers has had the exact same problem; and hers has since broken completly. I also have a friend who has another toshiba laptop and has also had this problem so am thinking this could be a flaw in all toshiba laptops.

      Another design flaw has been the speakers. The speakers were the one thing that really attracted me to this laptop. Within the first week of having the laptop I hated the speakers. The left speaker does not work at all and never has. Again nothing to do with spefic laptop as this also was the exact problem with my sister's aswell and she found the only solution for hers was to stick a booby pin in it but that did also cut a hole in the speaker and it still cuts in and out. The one speaker that does work is average. Does not go as loud as it should but is adequate if a bit tinny at times.

      The volume control on the side has never worked on mine will wack the volume up about 5 numbers before turning it down 10 when I am moving it the same way. I have recently had a problem with the volume button on the side bar as when I click on it the volume controls do not come up so my volume is currently stuck on 6. This small icon will also dissappear from the side bar at times and when trying modify this on the side bar options the volume is un-clickable.

      As for the battery life it highly over-estimates. This laptop will infact only last you just under half an hour when playing music and about 40 mins when nothing is running.

      All in all a very bad laptop especially for any student. I am currently saving up for a sony vaio to get rid of this one and am just hoping a am able to write a whole essay on this one with no overheating.


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