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Toshiba Satellite Pro L770-135

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    2 Reviews
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      25.01.2012 23:08
      Very helpful



      A decent sized screen but poor casing

      The company I work for supply sales managers with a laptop in order to help fulfil our role. The flexibility of having a laptop means that we are much more mobile and can utilise such facilities such as web conferencing from anywhere at all. The company utilises cloud computing so there is a need to have quick internet access in order to have access to the relevant information. Personal data, such as personal figures and documents are stored on the laptops memory and the company allow us to use the laptop for personal use too. Therefore we can download films or store pictures on here too or play games. I tend to prefer to keep my business and personal life separate so I have a personal computer for this; however I store a lot of personal work information on my laptop, such a spreadsheets and files.

      I have never owned a Toshiba lap top before and this probably would not be the model I would pick for a personal laptop; I find it very corporate and a bit boring with its matt finish. The screen is deliciously wide though and comes in full HD so watching films on here is quite impressive.

      ==Price and availability==

      This laptop was supplied by my work so I did not have to put my hand in my pocket. To buy the model brand new it will cost around £600 pounds. As the model is less than 6 months old, it is widely available and comes with a couple of screen sizes that will make it cheaper if you chose the smaller one.

      ==The external case==

      The outer shell of the laptop is black and is finished in a textured matt plastic. It has a very dated feel and look to it, the only thing that makes it look modern is the slimness of the device. There is nothing special about the appearance of the lap top, even the power on button is non descript. The good thing about having a matt finish is that it is not a haven for fingerprints and looks clean and presentable; a perfectly styled laptop for a business and probably one of the reasons my work chose it.  

      The shell feels a bit spongy and cheap as it bends. The number key pad on the keyboard really moves when you push a key and pushes down onto the optical disc drive. I really do not like this about the laptop. Toshiba should be showing off their products and encasing them in something that looks the part rather than the flimsy plastic case they have chosen for this model.

      When you open the laptop, there is no clip that holds the two halves together and the hinges feel cheap and poor quality. I would not be surprised if these give up at some point! The nice thing about the lap top is the tapered design, the front of the laptop is slim and gradually gets wider down the side as it accommodates the optical drive. The widest part of it measures 2.7cm.

      The keyboard again is very boring and corporate but all the keys are of a good size. The buttons are very close to each other but they are big enough and typing is really easy.  The keys are very sensitive and relatively quiet when pressed. At the front of the keyboard is a trackpad this has two large buttons underneath that are very effective and make selecting things whilst using the trackpad an easy task.

      The screen feels huge and measures 17.3"and it is extremely bright. The main thing to notice though is how matt the screen is which takes away the glare you get and stops it being so reflective. I love how bright the screen and I have real success in seeing it outside the house as well as inside, obviously the real test will be on a sunny day. However at the minute when using it in my car I am still really impressed with the brightness of the screen and crispness of the colours. Black is really black and the spectrum of colours is broad and appealing. There are some problems encountered with the screen is the angle of it isn't quite right. There is not much scope for different viewing angles and the colours really fade and blur if you do not angle it right. This would be a problem if you wanted to watch a film from the other side of the room as you would have to spend time positioning it first. As most of my work is done on my lap, then I do not really find this aspect a problem.


      I regularly use web conferencing so it was necessary to have a laptop with a webcam and microphone option. The webcam is fairly good quality, it is perhaps a bit on the dark side and produces slightly grainy images but on the whole it is fairly ok. There are tools such as face recognition and various applications to alter and change the images or pictures you save.

      There are two speakers located above the keyboard, these are really poor and even when turned up full they are really quiet with no depth. I have watched a couple of music videos on here and find the quality of the speakers quite poor.

      A feature that is all the range but this laptop lacks is a fingerprint reader and as a corporate laptop I would have thought it would have been a nice feature to have. Neither does it have GPS or TV tuner options.


      On the left hand side of the laptop are a number of ports and slots. There is one USB 3.0 port which allows extremely fast transfer speeds and boasts that it is over 4 times faster than USB 2.0. There is built in wifi but there is also an Ethernet port and a HDMI port. On this side there is also a multi in 1 card reader and the hole for the AC adapter to charge the laptop up. The wifi radar is really impressive and connects and finds wifi really quickly. The laptop also has the ability to connect via Bluetooth.

      On the right hand size there is a microphone and headphone jack. Using the device with headphones improves the sound quality a lot showing at the problem I have encountered mainly falls in the speaker quality. There are two USB 2.0 ports on this side too, along with the DVD burner drive.  

      ==Battery life, power and memory. ==

      I mainly use the laptop out of the house and find that the battery lasts quite a while without charge. If I am using loads of applications and surfing the internet it soon drops but on the whole, I find this aspect of it quite impressive and it will last a fair amount of hours while on full charge.

      There is 500GB of memory and as most of my work is on the cloud network I will only use a fraction of this. The 2.40 GHz Intel Core processor is uber fast and really impressive. The laptop came with windows 7 which is excellent for business use and does everything I ask for. The laptop is fairly quiet when running and it does not get too hot. Although it is not a model I would have chosen it is really powerful and packed full of features so I should probably have not underestimated it.


      There are some aspects of the laptop I dislike but on the whole it is a good buy. I just think that the power and speed of the internal parts should have been showed off rather than packaged in cheap black plastic frame. There are some great plus points such as webcam, 500GB space, USB 3.0 and a top of the range processor.

      I would not choose this model at all though; it just does not sell itself. As laptops are not only competing with other laptops but with the super sleek advent of the tablet computers, you would think they would try harder to make their products look and feel amazing. This laptop boasts a 17.3" screen; they should really be showing it off.


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        20.01.2012 20:09



        Fantastic looks and Spec

        I had a total disaster with my previous laptop which was dropped from a high shelf and the screen smashed a quick look at my insurance booklet confirmed that i was covered for accidental damage phew!
        the would send someone round to pick in up for inspection then decide if it was viable to repair and if not try and find a similar spec replacement it was a dell machine with a 17 inch screen.

        Received the inevitable call saying it was not worth repairing(could have told them that)and they offered me a similar spec choice of 3 manufacturers,Toshiba Samsung and hp having had satellite pro,s previously i was very happy to get the Toshiba,The Toshiba Satellite Pro L770 is a very powerful laptop for personal,business use and gamers alike,it has good performance with multitasking made easy,it has a lovely 17.3 inch hd display,it also has the latest usb 3.0 which is ultra fast,also Bluetooth 3.0 is bang up to date.

        The first thing you notice is how stylish it is and that it dose not weight very much at all,its made of shiny black high quality plastic to give it a very modern feel over my previous silver dell,they keyboard and number board are perfect and very responsive but you would expect that of a laptop this price,the screen and graphics are probably its best feature they need to be seen to be believed It also features a powerful Intel processor and 750 GB hard drive on board,it has 8g of ram integrated webcam and blu ray player and DVD player with windows 7.

        A concerns i have the sound from the integral speakers could be louder,also i have now owned 3 satellite pro,s and i have to say they tend to be somewhat fragile and could do with being more robust
        ,i would recommend a warranty purchase longer than the standard 1 year just to be on the safe side.

        Another slight fly in the ointment may be the battery life if its not plugged in and on high performance setting with a browser and a couple of other programmes open you will be lucky to get 90 minutes in total,but this can be customized via the power setting to adapt to how and what your using it for.

        apart from that you will not be disappointed at all with the performance for about 6 to £700 its a decent buy.


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