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Toshiba Tecra M10-1K1

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2010 23:04
      Very helpful



      A nice looking, simple, functional lap top

      Where to buy...
      This is my work lap top, so i didn't buy it. I'm assuming my employer got a good bulk order as i work for a local authority.

      I've seen it on various websites, including Amazon and Ebay retainling between £575 - £700. I wouldn't like to say what a good price is. I think they're available at John Lewis as well. But shop around to get a good price.

      The Look...
      This laptop is chunky. I have a notebook at home, that's what i'm using now, and i could probably fit 3 of my little notebooks into this Toshiba.

      It is square and chunky. It is fairly heavy, some of my colleagues use the backpack that my organisation supplies instead of a standard case as they feel it is heavy. I'm OK with it, i just scoop it up, but it isn't light.

      Mine has a silver lid with vlack base. It has TOSHIBA written across the top.

      The lights flash up along the front of the base, so green lights for on, plugged in, stand by, battery wireless network etc.

      The keys are black on a silver background. The on switch is inside the laptop - not on the side like some. It is above the F4 & F5 keys.

      There's a little blue nobble (not sure of the technical name!!!) below the G & H key, which i have absolutely no idea about!

      The mouse pad is in the middle, matt sufrance, easy to use, with left and right mose keys.

      I mostly use this at the office, plugged into the network. The screen is good, i like it, i can see what i am doing clearly and glare is limited.

      The keys do need to be pressed, but i see this as a positive, they aren't easily nudged, so typing is fairly straightforward. Not sure how a touch typist would feel about this.

      When i do bring it home, i sit with it on my lap, and it doesn't heat up too much, so that's good.

      There are 3 USB ports on the right hand side and one on the left.

      There's a wireless on/off switch on the left hand side. I haven't had any difficulties with this, however, it did cause one of my colleagues endless problems as she kept knowcking it accidentally.

      There are headphone sockets in the front of the laptop, as well as volume control - not used these.

      Mine has a DVD multi recorder, CD rewritable and DVD rewritable disc drive. I'm not sure if this is standard or not.

      There's also the power socket, network cable port and monitor attachment port (again, not sure of the technical name!).

      My opinion...
      I find this a very practical lap top. It is functional, simpple, easy to use and set up and i like it. The weight is a slight negative, but it does have a lot of functions, so they need top go somewhere!

      The battery holds well, i can use it for a goiod few hours before it runs out.

      I can't compare to other laptops at the moment, but Toshiba is a relaibale name, as far as i'm concerned, i'm happy with it, and clearly so is the council i work for as all new starters get a Toshiba as opposed to a HP or Dell as they've had in the past.


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