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Brother HL 5240

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    2 Reviews
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      11.08.2010 15:24
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A quick and reliable printer

      ==Brother HL 5240==

      Most of my printing is done at work and I do print a considerable amount of letters out each day doing the referrals from the surgery. Not only does a single letter have to be printed out but also the patient summary from the system which can sometimes be 30 or so pages long and various sized envelopes to put the letter in.

      I wouldn't be able to work so quickly and so efficiently had I not got this wonderful laser printer from Brother. It really does work well (not as well as me though) and even though I have to share the printer with my colleague next to me it still seems up to the job of printing out both of our work at a very fast rate.

      Of course I haven't had to buy the printer myself as it is a work item but having had a little look on line, I can see that you should expect to pay around £150 to £200 for this printer. It won't be for everyone though as it is a monochrome printer, printing only in black by way of a laser cartridge. This is another reason why I would not even consider having one in the home for general day to day printing as these little toner refills cost around £50 to £100 depending on where they are purchased too. Not only do you have to consider the initial pay out of buying the machine and then the toner to keep you printing but the printer also has a drum which does seem to need replacing every so often (this of course would depend on the amount of pages you are printing) and these again cost an almighty price of anywhere between £110 to £175! Because of the amount we print at work we seem to be always changing one or another so I would hate to see how much money is spent per years on all the items needed for the printers throughout the building.

      So that is the expense of owning one of these Brother laser printers, but I would say for an office environment, these printers are second to none and I can't see another printer doing a better job so therefore make it a good value for money item.

      The printer that I share has an extra paper tray on the bottom which allows my colleague and I to have our own paper store which we need to keep topped up personally. The tray itself can hold just under a ream of paper which doesn't last too long the amount I use but I can't say that you can really ask for more paper storage. The extra tray would have had to have been purchased as an extra from the main body of the printer and again you are looking at around another £100 to add this on so it doesn't work out very cheap.

      Not only can the printer hold a lot of A4 sided paper (or smaller if you wish to change the slides on the inside of the paper tray) but it can also hold a good amount of envelopes. I have only just found out that you can put more than one envelope in the slot at the same time and was forever adding a single envelope to the drop down section on the front of the printer. This envelope section can also be altered to take a multitude of different sized envelopes and you can also have the fresh paper being taken in from this section too.

      Once you have dropped down the front section of the printer to allow the envelopes to be placed in and ready for use, you can see the section that then needs pulling down to reveal where the toner goes. This is all very easy to open and the toner itself is easy to replace but simply pulling out the old one from inside the machine and removing it from its holder then swapping it over for a new one and sliding it back in the printer again. It takes less time to fit than it does to get the new toner out from the packaging. Also if you do forget how this method is done, there is a quite clear and concise group of pictures on the front showing you how this is done.

      I can honestly say however that it has always been my colleague who replaced the drum and this is never a task that I have had to do. I have observed her doing it and I can say that again it looks pretty easy to do and again there are instructions included with the new drum if you are unsure as to how this is done.

      The paper from the printer will sometimes get stuck within the machine but this doesn't happen all that much. This is however easily to fix and there are not really many places for the paper to get jammed in and the places that it does get stuck are easily accessible and pulling the paper out is easy and trouble free. Also once the paper has been removed, the printer knows that the paper has been stuck and thus slightly screwed up so will proceed to print a fresh page out for you! Clever!

      The power cables that come for the printer are a good length and the fact that there is enough ports in the back of the printer for both me and my colleague to use it, is again a bonus in my eyes. I didn't have to personally set this printer up but I have had to with others in the surgery and it is as straight forward and as basic as setting up any home printer or the like. Again in the printer box, there was a nice instruction booklet which was of a good size which you could refer to if you got stuck on this at all.

      The actual printing when using this machine is really great. The first print sheet comes out in 8.5 seconds but once up and running the printing speed is around 28 pages per minute which to me is a pretty fast rate to get all the information onto the page and get it through the machine! The resolution of the printed items are 1200 x 1200 dpi which is more than plenty for the word documents that I am printing and all the items always seem clear and sharp.

      There are other technical bits that I will confess to knowing nothing about but I shall lists them hear nonetheless. Perhaps someone would like to let me in on what all this jazz is about and how relevant it is when purchasing a home printer. I will also list down what it displays on the printers page on the website for the company that way if you are interested in buying it, you can see all the technical bits in one place listed clearly.

      * Up to 28ppm printing speed (monochrome)
      * First print in less than 8.5 seconds
      * Up to 1200 x 1200 print resolution
      * 266Mhz processor
      * 16MB memory expandable up to 528MB
      * PCL6, BR-Script, IBM Proprinter XL and Epson FX 850 emulation
      * Optional network (NC-2100p)
      * Up to 250 sheet paper capacity (standard)
      * UP to 500 sheet paper capacity (optional)
      * Up to 50 sheet multi-purpose tray
      * One year on-site warranty (upon registration)

      All in all, I have to say that my personal experience with this product has shown nothing but good things. I have had no major problems and we have been using it for a couple of years now and it doesn't have much of a break! The speed can't be faulted and the amount of paper that can be stored as well as envelopes pleases me because I don't have to continually keep filling it up like I did the previous one. The documents always come out looking very clear and professional which is exactly what I would hope for.

      I think this Brother HL Laser printers are really top notch and perfect for an office type environment where a lot of printing has to be done. I do think they seem to be pretty expensive but I am sure the doctors can afford it if it will work as well as it does.

      I think a top score of 5 stars out of 5 with and exceptionally high recommendation

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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        22.09.2008 15:46
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I love this printer and am so glad i bought it, i recommend it to anyone.

        ++General & price:
        WOW, what a brilliant printer this is. Another great laser from Brother. I have had this printer for quite a few months now. I bought it for around £150 but the prices come anywhere between £140 and £220 from verious online retailers or some high street stores.

        There is so much i could say about this printer but it would take me ages to write it all and i'm not sure if i can handle it all. But i will right all the important parts.
        The design of the HL5250dn is brilliant. In my opinion the best looking printer Brother have ever done. Most of Brother's lasers as well as many others on the market are just a neutral cream colour but this is black and grey which may not sound very appealing but when you see it, it looks great. It is a good size, simple printer that will fit into any office, school or home. It does not take up too much desk space and will fit easily on something such as a filing cabinet or similar.

        It is extremely simple to use as well. Anyone could use this printer. On the back there are ports for USB and Parallel. Whether it is connected by USB or parallel the printer comes with a full step by step guide for each one so anyone should be able to install this printer.
        ++Installing toner unit and paper:
        Once the printer is installed its time to print. This is just as simple as installing, if not easier. First you have to put the toner and drum in, Brother have done this well by combining both parts in one piece. All you do is open the main cover, push in the toner/drum then close the cover, couldn't be simpler. The printer is now ready to print, that's after it has paper in. Paper can be put in two parts; the bottom paper tray which pulls out and conceals the paper, or the pull open tray. This is the bit with the blue brother logo on the front. This opens up then inside there is a slot which pulls out to hold the paper. The printer detects whether there is paper in this part and if there is, unless selected otherwise in the menu, will print from this area. If there in no paper in this part the printer will print from the bottom tray.

        ++Speed and noise:
        Speed of this printer is excellent. 28 pages per minute which extremely quick and is quick enough for any office or school. This speed is partly due to the printer only printing in mono (black) so the paper only needs to go through one toner and drum.
        The noise of the printer is fine as well. When the printer goes into standby mode the printer makes not noise what so ever, and during printing it makes little noise, you can hear the paper being taken up etc but it's not annoying or distracting. Straight after the print the printer goes quiet as well so it is not there whering away even when not in use like so older printer do.
        ++Printer menu:
        The printers menu on the computer is nice and simple as well. There are three tabs; Basic, Advanced, and support.
        The basic tab is things like paper size, paper orientation (portrait or landscape) where you want the paper to be taken from (paper tray or cover) and media type (card, thick paper, thin paper etc). The advanced tab contains five sub-tabs. These are Print Quality, Duplex, Watermark, Page setup and Device options. Print quality is just as it says, you can select quality from as low as 300dpi to as high as 1200dpi with the two other options being 600dpi and HQ 1200 (1200 by 600 dpi). The duplex tab is where the printer prints on both sides of the paper but this printer is not capable of printing on both sides automatically. You must turn the paper yourself but it gives full on screen instructions of how to do it correctly. You can also select booklet duplex. The Watermark tab is to add a watermark to each document you print. This is a faint word printed on the background. This can be a set word such as COPY or DRAFT or you can write your own word. the Page settings is such things as reducing the printing size or increasing it from as low as 50% to as high as 400%. You can also mirror the print. The Device options actually have a lot involved but a lot of it you will not need to use. On this tab are such things as sleep time, print date and time etc but very little of it is very important. Back to the top tabs. the final tab, Support, which is where you can print a test page with all the printers details, you can check the setting of the printer, and visit the Brother website.

        ++Control panel and paper tray:
        OK, that's enough about the menu, back to the printer itself. The printer has a small control panel on the top left. This features two buttons and four lights. The two buttons are Go and Cancel Job buttons. The go button is for such things as to print when you have replaced paper when it runs out or you can hold it for a few seconds to print the last document printed. The job cancel button cancels the current job. The four lights are the status, toner, paper and drum. The status light is a 3 colour LED, Green, orange and red. The light is green when the printer in ready and flashing green when it is warming up, the light is orange when the printer is printing a job, and the light is red when there is some error with the printer or when the toner cover is open. The paper light is a smaller one colour orange LED. This lights when there is no paper in the paper tray or draw. The toner light is the same light as the paper but this shows when the toner is running low or is empty and needs replacing. The drum light is the same again but shows the when drum life is near end is has ended.
        Also on the top of the printer is the output tray. This holds up to 250 sheets of A4 paper and at the front of this tray is a mini tray that pulls up to hold the paper better to stop any falling off.
        Well thats about it. This is a fantastic printer and i don't think i can find any problems with it. I would definitely recommend this printer to anyone looking for a mono laser printer for a school, office or even a home. It is a fantastic printer which prints great quality with fast speeds and hold a lot of paper and if 250 sheet draw is not enough you can buy an extra 250 sheet draw to add to the paper capacity.


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