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Hewlett Packard Laserjet 1020

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    3 Reviews
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      09.05.2009 22:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      HP LaserJet 1020

      The HP LaserJet 1020 is a simple and compact black and white laser printer from HP. It superseded the LaserJet 1010, 1012, 1018 model s but as it has been out for quite a while, has itself been superseded by the LaserJet 1022 and maybe the LaserJet P1006 models, although mine is still going strong. The printer chassis has two shades of light greys and the body is quite curvy. It is small enough to fit in a book shelf, which is where I have mine. The trays stick out when extended but I fold up the paper feed tray when not in use. It only measures 370 x 242 x 209 mm so is probably one of the most compact laser printers you can get. I originally bought mine from Amazon for £45, which was an excellent deal but this printer usually sells for £60 - £100.


      The printer came with a CD containing the driver. This is easy to install prior to plugging in the printer via a USB cable (not included) but even if you lose the CD, the driver is easily found on the HP website, as I've found when installing this printer at work without the CD. It only has a USB as a connection option and even though I would have liked a network connection, I can't complain for the price. The toner is easy to load into the printer by lifting the top cover like most other printers. Paper is also easy to load and I've not had any problems with the printer not picking up the paper like I occasional do with inkjet printers.


      Printing is very quick and it usually shoots out a full page in less than 5 seconds. Specifications quote 14 pages per minute so it is very quick, especially compared to any inkjet printer. I have printed pictures which fill most of an A4 page and the print speed seems to be the same as printing a page full of text, whereas if I used my inkjet printer, it would take probably ten times longer to print the same document. The print quality, obviously, depends on paper as well but on normal paper, the text comes out sharp. Images are grey scaled but are very clear as it manages to produce different shades for each colour in the picture.
      Some offices at my work place were using these as desktop printers before deciding to standardise all the printers to specific models, but while the 1020 was in use, I saw people printing several hundred prints at a time. HP quote that this printer is capable of printing about 1,000-2,000 pages a month. If you print more than this, then I would recommend a more robust printer. However, these printers aren't meant to be used for heavy use and one did start to smoke a bit and there was a burning smell from the printer overheating. After letting it cool a bit, it was back in action though.

      One thing I would have liked though is a 'cancel print' button. That would be better than turning the printer off and deleting the queue.


      An official toner cartridge costs around £50 upwards, which seems quite expensive but considering how it can print over 2000 pages from this, it doesn't seem so bad. Better yet, I've seen compatible toners selling for as little as £15 on eBay so you may as well go for those. Either way, I've yet t o have to replace my toner cartridge despite having used the printer for two years now. Granted, I only print stuff quite occasionally but this printer can be used in a home office with a lot more demand without any problems. When the toner does run low and prints starts to fade, I can always shake the cartridge to spread the powder inside to get a bit more juice out of it, whereas I wouldn't be able to with ink cartridges for my inkjet printer.



      - Quick prints
      - Good quality prints
      - Compact
      - Robust


      - Official toners are a bit expensive
      - No cancel button


      This is an excellent printer and great for those whom need something for low to medium volume of black and white prints. It would be ideal for a home office or good for school coursework that doesn't require colour. The extra print speed compared to inkjets would be invaluable for busy people with deadlines and the print yield makes it much cheaper to run than inkjet printers. I can highly recommend this printer or newer versions.

      Thanks for reading!


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        25.03.2006 16:15
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Excellent value for money

        ~First impressions~

        Remember the bad old days when new appliances came without a plug, and if you were foolish enough not to buy a separate plug, you had to wait till the next day (and the opening of shops) to purchase one and be able to use your brand new toy? Well, I was certainly reminded of this when we unpacked our new HP LaserJet printer. I checked everywhere, no sign of a USB cable. Perhaps a mistake at the factory? The box the printer came in details what should be inside. No, no mistake, this printer comes without a USB cable. After the initial annoyance, I am in two minds about that. OK, people who have a computer at home are likely to have one or twelve USB cables already, from previous printers, etc. And I hate waste, I hate that I have an assortment of cables in a cupboard that I will probably never use for anything. On the other hand, having untangled them all, I find that not one of the USBs I have will match the printer. It’s a bit like giving a child a new toy for Christmas and then telling him/her they have to wait a day or two to play with it because although you have a range of batteries in the cupboard, you do not have AA batteries. Anyway, after much huffing and puffing, we found that our scanner's USB would work with the printer, and we knew we were unlikely to use both at the same time. Problem sorted, but I wish we had known about this when buying the printer.

        We bought this because the printer we had before - and still have - was too expensive to run. This Epson Stylus C44UX was cheap, and produces nice prints, but it gets through ink very quickly and is also quite noisy. Both my husband and I are teachers, and as the printer is used a lot for producing worksheet for photocopying, colour is not necessary. (I don’t think I said this yet, the HP 1020 is a monochrome printer).

        So with a scanner sitting on the desk, our colour printer, an old-fashioned (not flat screen) monitor, and quite a bit of clutter too, space is at a premium. Laser printers are usually quite big, but this one measures 37cm by 24.2 cm and is 20.9 cm high, barely bigger than our inkjet. It looks quite nice and well built, and weighs considerably more than our other printer.

        ~Installing the printer~

        Nothing unusual to report there, this printer comes with a ‘quickstart’ guide which basically tells you to put the installation CD in the drive and follow instructions and not to attach the computer until prompted to do so. The whole process was fairly quick and painless, and soon we were ready to print our first page. Note that a more detailed manual is installed on the computer and can be accessed by clicking on ‘start’, ‘programmes’, ‘HP’. I haven’t really had any need to use that, but looking at it, it seems pretty comprehensive. For instance, if you ever need to print booklets, it explains very clearly, with the help of diagrams how to do this. It also contains advice about using HP media to print on of course, which to me is more to do with advertising than a user guide.


        So now we are all set up, let’s see what this baby can do. We open a word document and hit the ‘print’ button. The printer spring into action, with a slight noise, but nothing we can’t live with. It is certainly quieter than our inkjet printer, as that sounds like a cross between a train and a washing-machine (OK, slight exaggeration, but you get my drift)! The sale pitch for this printer boasts the first page will be out in less than 10 seconds, so the moment I click on ‘print’, I start to count “One Mississippi, two Mississippi, 3…” And sure enough, before I reach my 10th Mississippi, out pops a freshly printed page, subsequent pages following in quick succession. The claim here is 14 pages per minute, which seems about right. Now this was a straight text document, but having tried to print documents with high picture content, I found the speed to be roughly the same. For me, this is a very impressive feature of this printer as I can be a little impatient. Our computer is fairly old and doesn’t have a high-speed USB port and it is quite possible that this would make the printing process even faster, although not by much as it is already very fast.

        ~Print quality~

        Speed, as we know, is not everything. What does the printed page look like? Very nice and crisp is the answer to that. The technical specification is that it has a resolution of 1200 dpi (it means it can print as many as 1200 dots of ink per square inch of paper). It also produces a nice range of greys for pictures. I have printed labels on this too, and was very satisfied with the resuts.

        ~Running costs~

        I was going to wait till our first toner ran out to write this review, but as I said above, I am very impatient… I have ordered a replacement cartridge at £37.94 (as always, it pays to shop around for these things, and to order through a website that offers cash back, but I won’t give you a list of suppliers as they are widely available) and the box informs me that it should print 2,000 pages at 5% coverage. Now, as I have no intention to count how many pages I get from each cartridge, I don’t see the point in waiting to tell you about this useful little printer. The printer itself cost us about £80, and the price included a toner cartridge. I feel this is really excellent value. If my maths is correct, it works out at less than two pence per page, not including the initial cost of the printer as that would depend on how many pages you print during the printer’s lifetime. I also know from putting in the first cartridge that this is quite an easy procedure.

        ~My verdict~

        I am very happy with this little machine as it is perfect for our needs and not overly expensive. Its size, speed and ability to cope with graphics, along with its relative quietness make it a useful tool for producing worksheets. I have no hesitation at all in recommending it for home use, and the reason I only gave it 4 stars is the lack of a USB cable (although I am told this is quite standard, it is annoying all the same). I don’t think it would be ideal for a business as you can only put in 150 sheets at a time.

        So far, I have not experienced paper-jams or any other problem, but I will update this review if necessary as HP 1020 is still a relatively new addition to our home. Similarly, I have not had any need to find out about manufacturer support (touch wood).

        Thank you for reading.


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          16.01.2006 15:45
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Excellent laser printer for the cost-conscious user, delivers high-quality LaserJet printing

          If you are looking for economy laser printer solution, this is the one to go for. After lot of research I settled in for HP 1020, due to various resons, especially its compact size and print quality.

          As always, these days I used to check prices on the web, and for this printer I got a better deal at PC world's web exclusive pricing and grabed the deal at around £85. Booked it online and collected from my local store within an hour, saving another £5 on postage and most importantly the 2 to 3 days wait for the delivery.

          Installation was pretty easy, and it was up and running within 10 minutes of unwrapping it from the box.

          Its usb 2.0 and 15ppm was good enough for my usage pattern. Holds 150 sheets on manin tray.

          The best part is that it delivers the first copy within 10 seconds, thats pretty fast for a laser priter

          crisp and sharp out put makes it a joy.

          I've done almost 1000 pages and no problems at all, not even a paperjam.

          Backed by legendary hp laserjet technology, this is good personnel printer at this price range.


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