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HP Laserjet 1300

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    3 Reviews
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      07.11.2012 18:28
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An old but faithful HP

      For the last three years I have had in one of my offices a HP laser jet 1300 printer.  He is old, I'm not sure how old, my guess would be that he has been around for at least 10 years. But, despite his advancing years my HP Laserjet is my faithful office friend.

      Aesthically he does look like something from the last century, a surviving relic of the 1990s but he behaves well, doesn't jam and prints nice sharp text.  I shall be sad to see him go, but he is no longer "compatible" - I got an update to Windows 7 and ever since he has been unable to connect to my computer.

      HP Laserjet 1300 is a quite bulky and large printer considering it only has one paper tray.  The tray sticks out at the front and is detachable, like printer trays used to be and I think these printers also began life with a grey transparent cover to go over the tray, although my has lost its cover long ago.  The printer is a textured beige colour, again a fashionable colour in the 90s, unlike the later models which tend to be black or grey.  

      Using the HP Laserjet
      This is the most reliable printer I used by far, in three years I don't think it has even jammed five times.  I usually need a new printer cartridge about once every six months and this is all the maintenance it requires.  The cartridge goes in a door at the front, which flips down and pulls the cartridge out with it, which is a very neat idea.  Adding a new cartridge is simple, just slot it in and off it goes.

      The paper tray holds 250 pages, or about a quarter of an average pack of paper.  It takes about 10 seconds for the first page to start printing after sending it from the computer and prints around 20 pages per minute.  If the printer runs out of paper whilst printer, just add more and it happily continues on without getting confused or agitated.

      This printer can be networked through its parallel port and standard USB interfaces, although my printer is just for me.  All the plug sockets are situated at the back on the printer.

      There is only one button on the whole printer, at the front which is for reset and it looks like the the face of a frog, sideways - a big month for the button and two eyes, one red for stop and go for green.

      The printer accepts a variety of paper sizes and types, and the tray size can be altered, although I only ever print on A4, which is the largest paper size it takes.

      Well, he's not compatible with Windows 7, however he is comparable with all Windows which come beforehand.  He is also compatible with Macs and Linux.  The software CD has long since gone but up to how I have always been able to download the relevant software from the web when needed in the past, usually after my computer has re-imaged. 

      Print Quality
      The print is always sharp and consistent right up until the last few pages of a cartridge.  It is just a black and white printer, which is fine for me as I don't need colour.  The quality of images it prints is very high and not pixelated and it also prints things well off the web.  Work provides the cartridges for me, I use HP small capacity 13A which are available on Amazon for about £20.  One cartridge prints probably more than 5,000 sides, depending on what I am printing.

      Cost of Printer
      It is possible to buy used and refurbished HP Laserjet 1300s and they are selling on Amazon for around £50, which for such an old piece of equipment seems quite expensive.  However, may be an old version of a printer but it is very reliable, so I would say worth it.

      I have only ever had one issue with it and that is sometimes it slightly curls the top of the pages as it prints.  This is only a minor issue and doesn't really bother me and can be "ironed out" as it were.

      All in All
      This is a classic!  A great quality printer with great quality results.  I will be really sorry to loose him as he has been a really faithful friend and still working perfectly.  I can only hope my new printer will prove to be as reliable.  

      Bye, bye HP Laserjet 1300, I hope you get sent on to a nice new life.


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      12.02.2007 16:13
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent home/small office printer at a reasonable price.

      I have been using this printer for approx 2 years now and it has been an excellent buy. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. It cost around £250 and was one of Hewlett Packards 'entry level' printers. It looks good and at 8.5kg it is quite light compared to some other laser printers I have used in the past. It has 2 LED's for showing when the printer is ready or if there is an error and 1 button on the front for doing a self test print so it is quite basic in that respect (an LCD and menu buttons would have been nice).
      Size wise, it could have been better, it's not very high or wide (415mmm and 253mm respectively) but the 486mm depth can be a problem if space is tight. This is due mainly to the paper tray that sticks out the front and is one of the printers downsides. It is quite flimsy and feels like it's going to break everytime you fill it with paper. Talking of flimsy, the front door that accesses the toner cartridge also feels very fragile but the toner slides in with ease and it lasts for arount 2500 copies.
      It is a monochrome printer so no colour here, but that isn't what I bought it for. I used it for college work as the 1200dpi resolution, 19 pages per minute capability and the fact it is a laser printer meant that documents and diagrams looked very professional and came out a lot quicker compared to inkjet printers. Also, you can start print almost immediately after switching the printer on. The only down side to the print quality is when printing photos (but most people wouldn't be printing their photos in black and white anyway) they looked a bit grainy.
      The instruction manual is good but not really needed as I used the USB cable provided and Windows XP recognised it and done the rest. It also has a parallel port if required. Hewlett Packard have an excellent website offering technical support and updated drivers if required but although I browsed it, I have never had to use it. It isn't overly noisy in use and with toner cartridges (lasting around 2500 pages) costing from £5 on ebay to £50 in your local supplies shop it is very economical to run.
      Even considering the downsides ,this is a great printer that has been 100% reliable and I would recommend it.


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        04.11.2005 11:53
        Very helpful



        Great quick printer

        I've been using this printer at work for over a year now and decided it was about time that I wrote a review about it.

        **What is it**

        The HP 1300 is a black and white laser jet printer and was designed to replace the HP 1200


        The printer is quite large in size measuring 245 x 410 x 485 mm (including paper tray) and weighing 19lb. This resembles a bread bin, as do most printers, with the paper tray sticking out of the front. The printer is a creamy grey colour so it does tend to show the dirt up. The Hewlett - Packard logo is on the front of the printer with ' hp laser jet 1300' written underneath.
        There is one large oval shaped button, and two LED's on the front. There is a removable side panel where the USB cable and parallel connections can be located.

        ** Specifications**

        Max resolution - 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi (dots per inch)
        Print speed - 20ppm (First page printed in 8 seconds)
        Maximum sheet capacity - 510
        System Type - Apple Macintosh, Linux, PC, PowerPC
        Installed Memory - 16MB
        Connectors - Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A), USB - 4-pin Universal Serial Bus

        **Set up**

        This was incredibly easy and straightforward to follow. The printer box includes nearly everything you need: a toner cartridge, a power cable, a printed setup guide and installation CDs. Two CDs are provided (CD1 for Windows and CD2 for Macintosh). The software was installed on to the computer and there is an on screen wizard with full instructions to follow to install the driver.
        There are currently five people using this printer through the company network and there has been no problem with the installation on any of the five computers.

        ** Toner**
        As this is a black and white printer, it only requires 1 cartridge of black toner.
        The toner cartridge is incredibly easy to replace. The toner cartridge fits behind a removable panel above the main paper tray. Simply pull open the panel, take out the old cartridge, replace it with a new one and close the panel - easy and no mess involved


        In addition to the main paper input tray, you get a manual-feed tray that's located on top of the main paper tray. The main input tray can hold up to 260 sheets of letter, legal and other standard sizes of business paper, and the manual-feed tray can hold 10 sheets, as well as envelopes, card stock, labels and transparencies. An optional 250-sheet paper tray on the bottom increases the maximum input capacity to 510 sheets of paper. The output tray, which is at the back of the printer, holds up to 125 sheets.

        The print quality is very high when printing text but it does struggle on graphics, and tends to look a little grainy.

        Although it only has a memory of 16MB, this responds quickly to requests from the network. I am amazed by how quickly the HP 1300 prints, I only sit about 1 metre away from the printer and the page is always ready printed even if I get up immediately after pressing the print button on my computer.

        The LED's on the front of the printer, used for troubleshooting, are easy to understand and are all explained in the instruction manual.


        This printer costs around £200. The printer cartridges are a little pricey at £42 but they will print approximately 2500 pages.


        Overall I have found this to be a great printer, although I wouldn't recommend using this if you want to print high quality graphics.
        It is incredibly quick and can easily cope with five people using it 8 hours a day
        We have been using this printer for over a year now, and apart from the paper occasionally jamming, we have had no problems with it.
        The printer warms up quickly and can be used almost immediately.
        The only problem that I have found is with the main paper tray, because it sticks out of the front of the printer it is quite easy to 'knock it out of position' and is quite difficult to put back.


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