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    7 Reviews
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      17.11.2011 16:47
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      HP printer with scanning and photocopying

      I have been recently printing out coupons and money off vouchers for our grocery shopping each week.
      I didn't use the printer much before I started as it was at my dads house and he bought it round for me around 6 months ago. We have had it for around 5 years as it came free with our computer when we got a new one. This printer has been great throughout it's use.

      This HP printer is also a scanner and photocopier. It needs 2 separate ink cartridges (unless you don't want colour) and they are very easy to change. I bought my last lot of inks from Cartridge Save for around £26 for both colour and black. This was when I got the printer moved to this house 6 months ago, and there is no sign on them running out yet. I print approximately 20 sheets a week so it's done well so far.
      The scanner is located on top with a lid you lift up, put your desired product in to scan and then on the computer you need to go to your control panel and find the printer and the scanning options.
      It is very fast and very economical. On the front of the machine it has a USB port for plugging in a camera.
      If your digital camera can send things to your printer to print off, then it is a brilliant way to do so.
      The printer plugs into your laptop with a USB cable and can be plugged into any computer as long as you keep the discs to install it. Like most printers, you can perform ink cleaning and head cleaning if you haven't used it in a while and the ink is drying out slightly.

      I've found the scanning quality is excellent. I recently scanned some old photos of me and my family when I was a child into the computer so I had both hard and digital copy of the photos so I don't lose them. If you are looking for something simple, easy to use, light weight and does what's needed, then this printer is definitely something to consider. I can easily print off things in either black or colour and print onto a wide variety of items. I can print onto all different sized paper up to a4 and a handy tool inside where you put the paper helps you to mark the width of the paper. You can also use card (as long as it's not too thick), envelopes, transfer paper and sticker sheets. The only thing I can grumble about with this printer is the size. It is rather bulky yet lightweight, but if it is sitting on or under your desk then you should find no problem with it, whereas we haven't the room for a desk so when I need to use it, I take it out of the cupboard I store it in and set myself up at the kitchen table. I prefer to print photos onto thicker paper or card as when I use standard white paper, I find it to be rather wet and the paper is slightly warped. Card holds the ink much better and also gives a much better finish. You can use photo paper, but as i can't stand the feel of the stuff I opt for a matte finish with card.

      This printer is no longer available to purchase from brand new (unless there are some sellers on Ebay or independent website sellers) but there are some very similar new versions of this printer around and fingers crossed they are slightly smaller than this. In looking on Ebay i have seen 4 of these printers for £9.99 on bidding for them, so you could snag yourself a brilliant bargain and a brilliant printer too.


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        21.08.2010 19:55
        Very helpful



        A great little printer.

        Right, there's already a few technical reviews about this so I'm going to sum up what my personal thoughts of this printer are. For the first couple of years this printer worked like a dream, the quality of my printouts were spectacular and I was impressed. The scanner feature was very nifty and I found it useful, I could now get a copy of my old photos on to the computer - result!

        Unfortunately I am unable to comment on the set up of this printer, it was too much of a daunting task for me so being the mardy I am I got my Dad to do it. I'd say it must be reasonably easy to set up, my Dad did it without any problems and soon my new printer was up and running and ready to use.

        There are 8 buttons on this printer, each does a different job which is clearly stated next to the actual button, this is handy and means no more trying to remember what each button does.

        This printer is not just a printer, oh no! It does much more than that! It prints as you would expect and the printing is done quickly and with outstanding quality - it can print up to 17 pages per minute in black and white and 12 pages per minute in colour, pretty speedy eh? It also scans, initially you might be a little put off and think that as it's an all in one the scanning quality will not be up to much but I can honestly say that's not true! This scanner scans well, with everything I've scanned onto the computer being just as detailed as it was before it went in. We're still not done folks, it also has a built in copier! Copying is simple, put the item under the lid (face down) and press copy. Press the colour you want and hey presto! Done! Note: there's the option with this copier to fit to the page and also to reduce or enlarge, pretty neat. One last feature which I think you will find very cool is the ability to connect your digital camera directly to your printer and print, however your digital camera put be compatible for this to work, if it's not you will see a red light flashing.

        A quick bit about cartridges. One cartridge will print a lot of sheets, much more than you'd think, the quality of the printing is fab too. If you are ever running low on ink then a warning will flash up on your computer screen saying so.

        My overall thoughts of this product are good, it does (well did, in my case. We'll get to the problems I've been having shortly) print with quality. It can be a tad noisy at times but only moderately so and unless you're printing in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep it doesn't really matter. My problems started when I'd had the printer a long time, I went to print and it simply wouldn't print. It would say it was queing and then I'd get a message saying something was wrong with my ink cartridge. I'd try to cancel my prints but it would then say cancelling for ever, without actually having finished the cancelling. I tried changing the cartridge but that didn't work, I tried uninstalling the whole thing and starting from scratch, still with no luck. I cleaned it and made sure there was nothing jammed, still nothing. Unfortunately for the time being I can no longer use it, hopefully I'll find a solution to my problem!


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        25.06.2009 20:55
        Very helpful



        Very good home and office printer.

        Very good print quality even for printing photographs. The HP PSC 1317 is the third all in one printer I have owned and by far the best. I have been using it for 9 months with no problems so far.
        The standalone copy function gives a much easier option than scanning and printing which previous printers have had. The ink lasts much longer than in the other printers I have had (both of which were cannon printers) and the ink can be purchased at good value, especially supermarket versions. The printer is solid and well-built, it has survived several 100 mile car journeys while travelling to and from university with no problems.
        The claim of 17 pages per minute (black) and 12 pages (colour) is easily reached and can be increased by reducing the print quality which still results in good prints when printing in black, though probably not worth the slight increase in speed for colour printing.
        There are occasionally problems with the software provided, mostly with the scan function but regular updates from HP seem to have cured this at the moment and I have had no issues in the last 2 months.


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        12.08.2008 09:33
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A good buy if you're in the market!

        This printer is one of the most functional pieces of computing equipment used in donkey's years! I have previously been a fan of epson, butthis one came free with my new HP laptop, and so I thought I best give it a go.

        It is a beautifully strongly crafted printer - no loose ends or bits and bobs ready to come off - this is pure solid architecture. Having used it on Vista (unlike other reviews), I can state that it works like a charm - and very fast indeed!

        This leads me on to the quality of printing. It is pacey and yet still provides excellent print quality - black AND colour. Copying on this machine is so simple, with a touch-botton system working a treat.

        I would strongly suggest that the main flaw is within the software. Yes - I have Vista - and yes - it works very quickly - but not for scanning! It seems to really take its time and is a bit difficult to use as well - especially if you've got more than one page! Cropping images, though, can be performed whilst scanning - and is relatively easy - so saves you having to open Adobe Photoshop (or similar) to edit!

        Regarding ink use, I feel it does empty rather quickly, but I have been re-filling my cartridges up at the local Cartridgeworld for under five pounds.

        Having been with this printer for nearly a year, I can honestly say its a good buy - but if you are to buy one, check it comes with the latest software and firmware upgrades for faster and easier scanning!


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        13.10.2007 17:56



        Good All round Printer

        This printer is the best i have used. In the past i have used lexmark and epson and was so sick of the price of the ink that i thought i would try an HP. This was the best thing i have ever done.

        I have had mine for 3 and a half years now and it is still going strong. It works well with both PC (have only tried it on XP) and with Mac. The printing it fast and of very good quality and even prints on photo paper extremely well. It is 17 pages a minute for black ink and 12 per minute for coloured ink. The max resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi but i have hardly ever used this.
        The copy function works great, i use it mainly to copy my own sheet music and it comes out perfect.

        Copying using the scanner function is sometimes a little tricky. Open up the task manager, and sometimes it will work and sometimes it doesnt. This is the softwares fault as it works fine with PC but this one feature is a little tricky with the Mac. What i would say it put the quality of the copying up (a higher DIP) compared to what it tells you to as it does make a difference.
        I am considering buying the new version of this printer as it is white and will match my Mac but this is not because it doesnt work, its because it works so well that i would want another.

        One tip, Go to tesco to buy their version of the ink as you can save loads of money. Instead of paying £17.00 for ink i found one in the sale for £4.00. They often have ink reduced, its worth checking out.
        I can honestly say i would never swap from HP now. A great little printer.


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        23.11.2005 16:30
        1 Comment



        Ok for the price, now out dated and wearing out

        I only chose an all-in-one because I didn't have the space for a seperate printer and scanner. Fortunately it didn't stand up to the old adage "If it does two jobs it won't do either properly"

        The qulaity of the Black and white prints cannot be faulted. If you are looking for a printer to print charts and graphs, then again, this is OK. DO NOT buy a 1317 if you want to print photos. I have tried and even with top quality paper and a 5 megapixel camera, it still produces grainy prints.

        Having run the 1317 for 18 months now it is starting to show itself up. The print head keeps jamming, which is a real pain in the backside. Also the scanner has now become erratic and will not always scan a picture. Of course this all happens just outside of the 1 year guarantee period.

        I have just replaced mine with an Epson dx3800 - Spend another tenner and get one of those!


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          12.10.2005 22:06
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Print in style

          We I bought my new personal computer in January this year; I also needed a new printer so the hunt began for the perfect printer.

          **The Hunt**

          Well the hunt for a new printer began at the beginning of January 2005 and ended near to a month later. Yes I know a month looking for a printer is terrible. Well I had a lot to consider when buying this new printer. Not just the quality of the print or the cost of the printer cartridges I also had a serious think about what make I was buying. Hunt over I bought the Hewlett Packard Psc 1317 all in one printer.

          **Getting It Home**

          I love this part it's like Christmas when you open that box of surprises. The box is opened and I see my newest edition to the family all wrapped up neatly and in addition to that I also see the power cord, usb lead, installation disk, a colour cartridge, a black cartridge, a free pack of paper (20shts) and of course a really good instruction booklet.

          **The Looks**

          Ok so not the nicest looking printer on the market but it's still very cute. Looking at the printer you are greeted with a pleasant dark grey at the sides and a light grey/silver at the top. There is a lid at the top which can easily been lifted opened when you require using it. At the front is where you have the paper tray and this is also where you place your cartridges. All the cables well all of two of them are at the rear of the printer.

          **Set Up**

          Well this is a little tricky, well for me it was. First point I need to say is DO NOT PLUG THE PRINTER IN TO THE PC until asked to do so. Ok so pop the installation disk in and hit the install button. You will need to accept the terms and condition and then sit back and what the printer install. You will be prompted to plug in the usb lead at that point and only that point plug it in. Once you have plugged the lead in you will be asked to install the cartridges. Ok usb lead in and now the ink cartridges you are almost there. Your printer will then ask for you to enter paper in to the paper feed and the printer will print a test page. Keep that test page as you will need it at the next step. With the page that has been printed you need to align the printer now. Follow the instructions that are printed on the page, they will instruct you to place the page ion the top of the printer underneath the flap (scanner) and then hit scan. That's it done you officially have a new member of the family.


          There are only 8 buttons on this machine which will allow you to have complete control over the entire printer. Control buttons are located on the top of the printer on the left hand side. Here goes ill explain what the all do. Top to bottom you have the following buttons.

          Light Grey button~ is the power on/off, also doubles up as a resume button.

          Red Button~ Cancel the job that the printer is doing.

          Light Grey~ this is a button that you can use if you want to make more than one copy~ so if you ant 2 press the button twice and so on.

          Light Grey~ is the size button options are 100% or actual size.

          Light Grey~ Paper selection~ Plain or photo.

          Dark grey~ is the button you will pres if you want to make a black and white copy of something.

          Light Green~ Press this is you want to make a colour copy.

          Blue ~ is the button that you press to tell the printer to scan something (copy)

          When you select any of the above buttons the appropriate lights will light up on the control panel. When you press the button to print more than one copy the display panel will display 1, 2, 3, and so on until you stop pressing the button. If there is an error with the printer all lights will flash on the control button, to solve this all you need to do is press and hold the cancel button (red) this will clear the printer.


          This Hewlett Packard psc 1317 is an all in one gives you the following features:

          *Printer~ Perfection every time I print something. Not only is it super fast but that quality is always very good. Even when I am printing pictures on to normal paper you can expect great quality all the time.

          Print speed~ Up to 17pages per minute (Black and White)
          Up to 12pages per minute (Colour)

          Printer speed is very accurate and I can honestly say that I have managed to print 17 pages of writing in black and white within the 1 minute. I have never needed to print so many colour pages but I have printed 6 pages in 38 seconds which is super. Now I know that this printer is fast at printing but you can be guaranteed that you will not lose the quality. Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi colour with 1200 input dpi.

          *Scanner~ this is a little bit trickier to use but the quality you get is absolutely super. I thought that the scanner would not be as good as others due to the fact it's an all in one product, but how wrong was I. A simple to use feature that will give you a great scan of any thing that you want. The scanner is a flat bed scanner situated on the top of the printer. To use all you need to do is lift up the lid and put the item in and then close the lid again and press scan. Your image then will appear on your computer before your very eyes. The resolution is 600 by 2400 ppi max

          *Copier~ the most amazing part if the printer by far. I never thought for a second that I would be able to copy documents and pictures so well. Its once again so straight forward to use all you do is place the item under the lid face down and press copy. Be careful you select the correct colour, so if you want black and white you press black and of course if you want colour you press colour. When copying you can reduce or enlarge the target to 25% or 400%. It also has the ability to fit to page which is also another great feature.

          *PictBridge~ I have used this feature a few times, this allows you to connect your digital camera direct to the printer and print pics. Your digital camera must be PictBridge compatible if it is not you will get a red light flashing at the bottom of the printer. The file format is JPEG and you can use photo or plain paper


          Ok so not the cheapest cartridges on the market but if you buy HP cartridges you will continue to receive a superb quality print. When you first put your ink cartridge you will think I am not going to get long out of this, but believe me you will be surprised how many sheets you will be able to print from one cartridge. When the ink is running low you will get a warning on the screen each time you print telling you that the ink is running low and that the quality many not be as good. If you continue to print with the low ink warning you will still get good quality prints but not as good as you would expect. I suggest that when you get the warning you change the printer. It's fairly easy to change the cartridge when you pull down the cartridge protector the cartridges will automatically come to the middle of the printer to allow you to change them. When this has happened all you need to do is slide the cartridge in place and close the lid again.

          Prices~ Black Cartridge~ Hp 56~ £12.49 on eBay brand new
          Colour Cartridge~ Hp57~ £12.49 on eBay brand new

          On hp website it reads~ 1,000 printed pages per month maximum

          **Paper Sizes**

          You have a good choice of what you can print on with this printer. You have four different choices for this printer.

          *Plain Paper A4 you can have a maximum of 100 sheets in the tray at the same time for continuous print capability

          *Card up to 200gsm you are able to have up to 20 sheets available for continuous print.

          *Envelopes up to a maximum of 10 in the tray at one time

          *Labels in sheet format up to 20 sheets in the tray.

          When you are printing in different paper all you need to do to adjust the size of the printer feed tray is slide the little grey bar along whilst you have the paper in. This will hold the paper in place.

          **How Noisy**

          The printer is a little noisy when you are scanning a document as the light has to warm up you will then hear the printer scanning the document. This printer is not any noisier that the next. Whilst printing you will hear the printer cartridges going back and forward. To be honest I tend to forget that I am printing items.


          I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the prints that this printer spits out at me. You can expect a sharp picture or a crystal clear letter to be sitting in that tray after you hit the print button. I have printed pictures on normal paper on a few occasions and I have always be surprised with the overall quality of the picture.


          Ok something we all hate doing but we have too. Always make sure that the power is switched off~

          To clean the glass~ you can use a class cleaner, but don't spray directly on to the glass, spray on to a cloth then clean.

          To clean the exterior~ all you need to do is take a dry cloth and rub gently, ensuring that you do not scrub as you may mark the surface?


          Height~ 16.97cms
          Width~ 42.57cms
          Depth~ 25.91cms
          Weight~ 4.53kg

          **Where to buy/ where I got mines? **

          I bought mines from my local curry's store for £89.99. Searching the net today I found the following prices:

          www.pcworld.com £99.99 free P&P

          www.ebay.co.uk £70.00 Brand new in package £10.00 P&P

          www.ebay.co.uk £26.00 current bid BNIP £12.00 P&P

          www.currys.co.uk £82.49 web exclusive only £6.99 standard delivery

          **Help available/Instructions**

          The instruction manual should answer all your questions and also help solve all your problems that you may have with this model. A very well presented and easy to follow instruction book is included with this model. The instruction covers every aspect of this printer with great detail. Should you be unable to find your answer in the instruction book you are able to visit HP website for further help/advice.

          **Minimum system requirements**

          o Intel Pentium III or higher processor
          o 256 MB RAM
          o 1.1 GB (1.4 GB Japan only) free hard disk space plus additional 50 MB free for full colour scanning for Windows 98, 98 SE, and Me; 1.2 GB (1.6 GB Japan only) free hard disk space plus additional 50 MB free for full colour scanning for Windows 2000 and XP
          o SVGA 1024 x 768 display resolution with 24-bit colour
          o Internet access
          o Sound card
          o Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or later

          o G4 processor or higher
          o 128 MB RAM for OS 9; 156 MB RAM for OS 9.1 and higher
          o 256 MB RAM for OS X
          o 1024 x 768 display resolution with 24-bit colour
          o Internet access
          o Sound card
          o Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or later
          Macintosh OS 9.0 and earlier not supported


          When you in stall the printer you will also install a programme called Hp director. This is a programme that you will require when using the printer. You can send pictures direct from this programme. So when you scan a picture in to your pc using this printer it will store a copy within the director meaning that you can then decide to do what you like with it. Another great feature of this super printer.


          You get a standard one years warranty with the printer that is supplied by the manufactures. Please note that you are not covered for accidental damage, you will need to either claim your home insurance or take out a separate insurance. If you register your purchase you will receive a letter 12 months later inviting you to extend the warranty.


          I am absolutely delighted with this printer I would go as far to say that this is the best printer that I have ever owned. In my experience of printing I am delighted with the overall quality of the printer the fact that it is fast at printing and still I get the great quality I expect. My printer sits on my desk without too much problem, now I know it's not the smallest printer on the market but I can assure you that the performance of this printer is as big as the size.

          **Contact Information

          www.hp.com/support this is the site for UK and Ireland

          Can I just add here that they have support in most languages so there in not problem if you don't read or speak English

          A real performer when it comes to quality~ Robert


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