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Bosch Rotak 34

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bosch / Type: Rotary / Motor Capacity: 1400 W / Cutting Width: 34 cm / Cutting Height: 20 - 70 mm

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    4 Reviews
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      08.12.2012 11:20
      Very helpful



      A good quality, light weight lawn mower for small to medium sized gardens

      I purchased the Bosch Rotak 34 lawn mower earlier this year when my old mower decided to expire on me!

      One of the main reasons why I chose this mower was the quality of other Bosch products that I own and when I looked at the Bosch mowers in the shop I was very impressed with the look and the feel of them.

      The mower comes boxed and has to be put together, but this only took around 20 minutes and was fairly straight forward.

      The Rotak 34 has a 34cm cutting width and it also allows you to cut close to the edge due to the inset front wheels and has a cut height adjustment of 20-70mm. The 'Ergo-Grip' handles provide excellent comfort and control when mowing and the weight of just 10.5kg means this mower is suitable for most people. There is also a built in rear roller if you require stripes on your lawn.

      It has a 1400 electric motor and a 40 litre grass box. The grass box can be a bit tricky to get all of the grass out as there are a few areas for the grass to get stuck in, but overall it does the job.

      This is an excellent lawn mower for small to medium sized lawns and is very good quality. It also has a 2 year parts and labour warranty for added peace of mind.

      The cost is usually between £100 - £120.


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      14.07.2012 18:30
      Very helpful



      Lightweight sturdy little mower that comes with a grass box!

      This is the first Lawn Mower i've ever brought and before deciding which one to buy i read through a lot of reviews on Amazon and this was rated very highly and still is so i was confident it would be a good purchase and i've not been disappointed.

      Brought for £83.74 in march last year with free delivery (As i took advantage of the Amazon prime free delivery 30 day trial they had running). This mower is now on sale for £116.99 with a staggering 4.6/5 stars from 429 reviews, it was delivered the next day via courier and came well boxed leaving me to feel like a child in a candy store! Anyway here is my review i hope it helps.

      --> Assembly <--
      The mower came in several parts but with easy to follow instructions, taking around 15 minutes to fully assemble with the hardest part being building the grass box.

      --> Build Quality <--
      Overall very good as you'd expect from Bosch, the majority of the mower is made from hard plastic with a steel (metal) blade and handle. The only complaint i have is the black plastic cable stays that secure the cable to the handle they only push in and as such often fall out. (I think it would be better with a screw in cable stay).

      --> Features <--
      Rear roller - for the posh stripes though i think this is just a selling feature as it's not really heavy enough

      Grass combs - for cutting (Close) to the edge which work pretty well but are not perfect and you will need to tidy up after cutting against solid objects like a fence or wall with shears.

      Built in sturdy carry handle making it ideal for moving about or putting in the car

      --> Specifications <--
      1400 watt motor
      Rotary blades
      Cutting width 34cm
      Cutting heights 10 (20-70 mm)
      40 Litre grass box capacity
      12 meter orange cable
      10.5 kg in weight so very light and easy to carry around

      --> Cutting heights <--
      This mower has 10 different cutting heights which is great but probably too many for such a cheap mower.
      It can take a while to get used to changing the height but to be fair mine i usually leave mine on number 4 for the summer and 7 late summer leading into winter.
      To adjust the height you push down on the red leaver and push away from yourself slightly and either forward or back depending on the height you require.

      --> Grass box <--
      There is no grass box full indicator so when the mower starts getting heavier to push, stop and check otherwise you risk the mower over heating and cutting out (Thermal cut out) which your have to wait a short time before you can use it again.

      --> Starting <--
      I can't comment on the "Ergoflex-System" handle as mine uses the Standard handle but the newer ones have the "Ergoflex-System" handle and to start the mower you have to push the switch in then pull back the handle. (Opposite to a electric drill). I think this is a good safety feature as the second you let go the mower cuts out.

      --> Cleaning <--
      Unplug from the mains, remove the grass box get a old hand brush and go all over the underside of the mower and around where the grass box attaches lifting the hatch and getting in and around there also.
      Due to the design of this mower there are lots of nooks and crannies where grass can get stuck and without a blower or paint brush are hard to get grass out.

      --> Putting away/getting out <--
      To put away first i wind up the cable and then secure it with the "Freezer style ties" that came with it,unscrew the 2 red hand screws on the handle so it folds down flat and grab it by the handle and place back in the shed

      I think this is a pretty good sturdy mower which if looked after and regulary cleaned should last a fairly long time.


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      02.04.2012 00:47
      Very helpful



      A neat little mower that gives good results every time and leaves little mess!

      When my old, trusty Flymo went off to that eternal lawn in the sky, I needed a replacement and, having heard good things about these Bosch mowers, decided to invest in one of my own! After all, it is rapidly getting to be that time of the year ~ not quite Spring, not yet Summer ~ and with the weather currently promising most days to be nice, myself and my daughter have started spending more and more time in the garden. Which is hard to do when your lawn has begun looking like a jungle!

      Of course no one had mentioned to me about having to put these together and this was something I hadn't factored into my equations!

      I have to say that this was something of a bitch to get together! The handle was relatively easy, consisting mainly of just slotting one bit into another, but the screw they provide to hold it in place is a little tricky to tighten and, like many people I have since discovered on Amazon, it did give me a little bit of trouble. But it is was with the Grass Box that my patience was really tested! It is all about properly aligning 11 locking tabs correctly and pushing together and I was glad I did this early on in the afternoon because if I had done it in the failing light that I ended up mowing the lawn in , then I think it would've taken me even longer to put this together correctly. I am ashamed to admit that at one point, I even had to ask my wife to lend a hand! Sorry Guys......

      Of course, once this is together I was able to see what all the fuss is about. In my opinion, this gives a much closer, cleaner cut than any Hover mower that I have used and is considerably lighter too! I am also impressed at how easy it is to change the height of the blade; it took me a couple of goes to find the height I personally wanted for my lawn so a bit of messing about was involved but, a bit like putting it all together in the first place, once you have found a setting suitable for your preference then it is unlikely that you are going to want to change it again!

      I found this to leave nowhere near as much mess as my previous mowerr and though it is a tad noiser, there really isn't much in it to be honest. I do think that this paticular Bosch model is a little flimsy and the fact that it took me a bit longer than I ideally wanted to fix togetherkind of put me off a little, but overall, I must admit that I am largely impressed!

      At a price currently of £99 or so on Amazon, it is a reasonable price but my advice would be to put it together early on in the day if you get this as, no matter how confident you think you are at putting it all together, I DO think that anyone would struggle and it really WASN'T just me!

      But definetely this is a much better mower than many of the Hover models out there and Bosch have so far, three weeks into me using this, far surpassed my expectations at just how good my lawn is looking right now after using their mower!


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      07.08.2010 12:38



      Great for any smaller lawn and garden bosch build quality in action.

      This a very well made small lawn mower, its construction is mainly of very strong shock absorbing plastic.
      Its delivered in a large box which some construction is needed, the fiddle bit is putting the grass collection box together. The instructions are clear and simple to follow.
      It comes with a large amount of mains lead but no RCD which I would recommend you buy if you are using this on a unprotected circuit.
      The main handle folds down to make it smaller for storage and the grass bin easy comes off it you want store it on top.
      Operation is simple enough, two big wing nuts to lock the handle up and to turn on a big safety button and pull the handle. The main handle is large and smooth, it can be hard to pull just move your hand nearer to the middle and the lever action makes life easier.
      The machine is quiet, a loudish voice can be heard over but you can talk normally over it, the supplied cable is bright red which helps visibility on the grass. The height selector does have a knack to get it too work, its spring loaded to its flies up which is a pain when trying to lower it, Its not something I do regularly but its a flaw in the design.
      The cut is smooth and very near the edges of the machine, I can confirm this when the blade lost an argument with the washing line pole. The blade is a single piece of metal with very shape blades at each end. Only the last two inches are sharp the rest is just support/fan and works very well.
      The grass collection works really well, even with the smaller size mower its a single box load for me, you can tell when the box is full as the machine gets front light. The box is easy to remove just by lifting a flap and lifting off tipping to empty.
      The motor is powerful enough, in longer wet grass I slow down as you can hear the motor slow but not enough to impact performance.
      The built in roller works well and can create the classic stripes without any trouble, the wheels cover even our uneven grass well and don't scape the grass often.


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