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Brill Classic 30 Lawn Mower

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Manufacturer: Brill / Type: Lawn Mower

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 09:48
      Very helpful



      An aid to memories past


      Over the years, my back garden has been changed many times. At one time most of it was lawn, but now that medium sized lawn has shrunk, by design, to a patch that takes about two minutes to mow.

      The original mower I had was very efficient, but far too big for the job in hand and so I looked for a smaller machine. I tried a cheap hover mower, which, because my lawn resembled a miniature mountain range, rather than a bowling green, hopped rather than hovered and the grass box hindered my ability to mow to the edges without having to turn the mower before it reached the edge.
      Then I saw this lovely little push-pull mower in a local garden centre. It was lightweight and when demonstrated took me back to those halcyon days when noisy, domestic, electric or petrol driven monsters were just an inventor's dream.

      Oh how I love the sound of those lawn mowers, the two-toned purr and rattle, as its blades rotate back and forth with every push-n-pull action; the stripes left as the roller at the rear flattens the remaining grass and the smell of newly cut grass, often overpowered by fumes from petrol driven machines. It was a long time since I had used one of these beauties, so was in seventh heaven when I tried it out for the first time and took a leisurely stroll down memory lane.

      Availability and cost:
      I cannot remember how much I paid for it, a few years ago, but it was in the region of about £48. They are still available from various garden centres Mowerwarehouse and Garden Machinery Select websites. Priced at around £60. Non are available at this moment on Amazon.

      The Brill 30 Classic Lawn Mower.
      Cylinder, rotating blades with a cutting width of 12-inches (30cm)
      Six cutting heights from 17mm to 43mm
      Weight: 5.4Kg (9lb 11oz)

      I believe it is named the Brill 30 model because its cutting width is 30cm. The model I have has the green, ladder handle with two removable sections, held in place with orange wing nuts, all of which can, if required, be easily dismantled for over winter storage.
      It features five, 12-inch rotating, toughened-metal, blades on a spindle. On each side of the frame are two large, 8cm wheels . The bearings, which give it that well oiled purr sound, are maintenance free.

      The stationary blade at the bottom, which completes the cutting action as the grass is caught between it and the rotating blades, is also made of hardened steel.
      Above the blades, at the front is a narrow hood to protect any overhanging shrubs or flowers from accidental lopping.

      At the rear is a small roller, made up of seven plastic pieces equally spaced along a rod, which rotate and flatten the cut grass remaining, this will give a stripe effect if the mower is pushed continuously in one direction along one length of lawn and continuously in one direction on the return. I however, I tend to push-n-pull the machine, in short bursts rather push continuously so do not get the striped effect.

      The blades are adjustable to six settings and are guaranteed to remain sharp for many years, providing, of course no twigs or stones are caught up in the blades. Apart from cleaning any remaining grass from the blades and wheels, it is virtually maintenance free.

      A grass collection box was not supplied with this machine, but could be bought separately. The grass catcher is not the conventional metal/plastic box, but a bag which clips onto the mower and when not in use folds away, taking up very little space. I never did purchase one for I rarely, if ever, let the grass grow so long that when cut lies on the surface in great clumps. I was informed that by allowing short shavings of grass to remain on the lawn it would help nourish the soil.

      My Opinion.
      I can truthfully say, that in the time it takes to extract a big electrical mower out from its corner, extend the cord and plug it in, I can whip out the light-weight Brill 30 and have cut the grass.
      This is an ideal little mower for small lawns, recommended by the manufacturers for areas up to 100 square meters.
      I have been using it for three years now and it still cuts the grass evenly and cleanly, no tearing or yanking out young grass shoots. The blades do seem as sharp as when I first bought it. It is very easy to clean. There is no sign of rusting and it still purrs beautifully..... Lovely.

      Yet another year has swiftly passed, yet another season this mower has served and still as sharp as ever.


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