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Challenge Xtreme 1400w Rotary

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Brand: Challenge

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2008 15:58
      Very helpful



      Small lawnmower to do a big job

      August 2011
      I was curious to see how long I had been using this lawn mower so checked just when I wrote the review. I see that it was May 2008 - longer ago than I would have guessed. That said, I am even more impressed with the machine as its performance is just as good as it was three years ago. It has had very little attention other than thorough cleaning when used. I would certainly have no hesitation in buying another - although hopefully NOT in the near future! I believe my previous review covers most points needed.


      Following an extremely wet spring, I was certainly NOT looking forward to cutting the grass for the first time this year. Every time I worked up the enthusiasm to make the attempt to get the mower out, it rained again - and the grass grew even longer! We have a reasonably large garden with lawns in the front, at the side and back. I have to admit that the back is looking decidedly threadbare at present but nevertheless it still has to be cut.

      I was not looking to buy a new lawnmower as we already have three in varying states of repair but, when I received an email from Argos, offering one at half price with a grass trimmer included, I was tempted to find out more. The fact that I had accumulated enough Argos vouchers to more than pay for it certainly helped!

      Did we really need it? I suppose not, although we had been most dissatisfied with the result of last year's efforts to make the garden look tidy. Realistically, the hover mower we inherited from an elderly neighbour wasn't really suited for the amount of work it was required to do. That argument out of the way and we were off to collect the new one!

      The Challenger Xtreme GLM32A2 1000W Rotary Mower to give it its full title is an impressive looking machine for its size - and, joy of joys, it actually has a grass box! Having managed to get it home, we then had to assemble it which involved fitting the handle bar together - done in no time at all - and fitting together the two halves of the grass collector. This was less easy as the plastic it is made of isn't rigid and as fast as one clip was fitted another moved out of alignment. Frustrating though it was, even that didn't take more than about ten minutes - probably a lot less although it didn't seem like it at the time. By the time all this had been completed it was raining again so it had to be put away for future use!

      The big day for cutting the grass finally came last week - would it be better than our old mower? One improvement was that there was a better height adjustment giving heights of 25, 40 and 60 mm. As our front grass is partly under trees we decided that the middle setting would be suitable.

      The first thing that impressed me when we started was that the lawnmower was very much quieter than our previous ones. Also, having wheels rather than hovering made it a lot lighter to use, especially on long grass. In previous years we have also had to go over the grass twice to make it look reasonable - not this time. I have to say that it managed the task very well, took less time and made less noise. Am I pleased with it? Oh yes I am!

      There were one or two mishaps - if you can call them that. The machine would stop and refuse to restart. On close inspection we found that the grass box was full to overflowing - therefore blocking the blade. This, of course, will not happen on normal mowing but this was the first cut of the year. Another thing I notice is that the grass box has a 35 litre capacity - quite a lot more than some other mowers so they would obviously overflow a lot quicker.

      I found removing the grass collector is extremely easy. It is held in place by a 'discharge flap' which will close when the box is removed. As the box has a handle on the top this is simplicity itself both removing and putting back.

      I could lapse into loads of technical details but I'm not going to - for one thing I don't understand half of them and for another anyone interested enough can find out for themselves. Suffice it to say I am very happy with this machine and I would recommend it to anyone wanting one of a reasonable price. The price I paid, by the way, was £49.99 (apparently the usual price being £99.99) from Argos and this included the grass trimmer.

      I hope this may have been of help and I thank you for reading it.


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    • Product Details

      Electric Rotary / Power: 1400 Watts / Metal Blades / Cutting Width: 38cm / Cutting Heights: 5 / Collection box size: 40L / Roller / Cable length: 10m.

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