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Flymo Chevron 34VC Electric Lawnmower

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3 Reviews
  • Operates Effectively
  • Good Price to Quality Ratio
  • The Cable is a Bit Short
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    3 Reviews
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      30.07.2016 07:13
      Very helpful


      • "Good Price to Quality Ratio"
      • "Easy to Use"
      • "Durable Design"
      • "Operates Effectively"


      • "The Cable is a Bit Short"

      Great value product, cuts grass and collects it.

      After a short amount of research I plumped for the Flymo Chevron 34 VC, because it seemed the best compromise on price vs functionality from the wide range of reviews out there.
      My old Flymo Compact Vision 330 had failed and with the repair cost of around £30 ( drive frame snapped ), it seemed to make more sense to put this towards a new machine.
      OK, onto the machine, which arrived a day early, make sure you check your order status, mine was out for delivery a day earlier than I had expected!
      The assembly instructions are not the best, but with reference to the pictures on the box, it really is a 10 minute experience, with the collection box and lid taking longer to line up and snap together than anything else!
      Used once so far, really good cut, collection worked well, cable a bit too short, but of course an extension lead fix' s that.
      I expect to have a shorter lawn this year, as the old hover mower never cut short well and needed the blade removing and extra spacers putting in to raise / lower the cut, this new one with a 5 stage height adjustment on the rear wheels is just ridiculously easy to adjust for each cut and on my first experience it collected 2 box fills with no effort at all.


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      26.08.2013 23:06
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A first class mower

      I bought one of these today, having borrowed my father in laws and accidentally mown through the electrical wire, I felt it necessary to replace it and also to mow the lawn whilst the weather was stunningly warm and inviting.

      I bought a Flymo Chevron 34VC from B&Q for £108.99, i'm not sure if it is cheaper elsewhere as I was in a hurry, having searched since I understand it might be possible to buy one on Ebay for £98.99 but this price is actually around the norm for this higher range Flymo mower.

      The mower came in a reasonable large box around 1m high by 60cm in diameter, it was possible to fit it in the boot of my car without problems.

      On returning home and opening the box, the mower needed some assembling. The mower, the basket and the handles are separate, bolts are provided to fix the handles to the mower, the instructions are reasonably vague therefore I felt quite proud fitting this together. Fitting the mowing box to the back was easy to do. Fitting the mower together took roughly 10 minutes. It looks good when fully fitted.

      Following fitting, the instructions suggest moving the mower rotors to a height suitable for the grass, this worked well as our garden had tall grass, by moving the rotors it was easier to cut the grass and then cut again with the lowered rotors to give a sharp finish.

      The mower was excellent, it was easy to cut through the long grass with the high rotors and then cut the grass shorter, the mower moved smoothly, it is necessary to push down a lever on the handle to power the mower motors but this feels very natural. After my accident cutting through the previous mower wire I was very careful when mowing to hold the wires well away from the mower, but this was probably the only awkward issue I had with this mower.

      The mower looks really good, it is sleek, looks very sharp in the traditional Flymo Orange and Black and has a lovely design. The mower has a handle so you can pick it up, the basket can be easily broken down and placed on the mower and the handles can be easily removed if required for ease of space.

      The mower comes with a one year guarantee from Flymo. I feel as though I had a masterclass in how to use (and not use) the Flymo Chevron 34Vc today, it is an excellent mower that gets through a lot of heavy movement with ease, the basket is perfect for holding grass and is simple to empty and the mower is easy to store, carry and push.

      Overall one of the more expensive products in the Flymo range, but definitely worth the money.


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        24.04.2012 11:02
        Very helpful



        Excellent lightweight lawnmower that is brilliant to use.

        Flymo Chevron 34VC 34cm Electric Lawnmower

        My flymo hover mower finally croaked it this year and as the grass was begging to be cut I started to think about getting a new one. Co-incidentally an advert came on the television that evening from Homebase stating an extra 20% off over the weekend which I thought would make it quite a bargain.

        Having looked on Homebase web site I found the mower I wanted the Flymo Chevron 34VC 34cm Electric Lawnmower and found that it was available for £99 after the 20% discount was applied. However after checking with B&Q I found exactly the same mower was available for £89 with no sale or offers in place so I hot footed it down to B&Q to buy it.

        The mower is not a hover mower but it is on four wheels which after reading reviews about it stated that it made it really easy to manoeuvre to cut the grass. I had actually found that the hover mower was becoming a bit of a chore to mow the grass and thought I would go for this one this time and see how I got on with it.

        Whats in the box?

        I was a bit surprised how lightweight the box felt the mower weighs in at a very light 10.8KGS which I thought was incredibly light and this raised my suspicions a little I must admit thinking hmm I wonder if it is sturdy enough for what I want it to do. The mower was in pieces which needed to be put together. Usually I get the hump about putting things together but on this occasion it was fairly simple to do. Attach the bars to the mower unit by slotting them in a hole either side of the unit. The most difficult part was putting the grass collection box together but it went together quite easily to be honest it just needed to be lined up so that the slots were together so that it could be pushed until they went home in each slot. The collection box has a capacity for 40 litres of grass clippings.

        The main unit is orange and the grass collection box is a brown colour. There is also a clear plastic cover which you can see through to see how full the grass collection box is. There are four plastic wheels one on each corner of the mower unit and a roller at the back of the mower to give your lawn a nice striped finish.
        As it is an electric mower the cable is 12 meters long. I could have done with another 3 meters without having to worry if it was long enough but I can reach the edges of the lawn quite easily with it so I shouldn't grumble really. The mower unit has a 1400w motor fitted which is quite powerful for my needs.

        The handle of the mower is made of metal with plastic handles that need to be gripped and a button needs to be pressed to get it started whilst depressing the control handle. Once you let go of the control handle the power stops and you have to repeat the same thing to get it started again.

        The mower has a 34cm grass cutting blade with a cutting height of between 2cm to 6.5cm and can be set at 5 different levels depending on how short you wanted to cut the grass. What impressed me most was that the cutting blade came right close to the edge of the mower so that you could actually cut up really close to the garden furniture without having to move it to cut the grass growing around the feet of the garden swing and garden bench.

        I carried the mower out to the garden and I must admit I was really pleased that it was so light and in fact I found it much lighter to carry than my previous hover mower.

        Using the mower.

        I set the cutting height roughly the sixth cutting height as it was the first cut of the year this was quite simple to do by just moving the cutting height lever near the back of the mower near the left hand back wheel. I mowed the lawn in straight lines turning and returning the mower back and forth until I finished cutting the grass. I found that it was really easy to push with the aid of the four wheels helping to move it across the lawn quite easily. I only needed to empty the box three times which was quite good I thought bearing in mind the grass had been quite long. I found that I did not miss any bits of grass like I had done with the hover mower and looking at the lawn you could seen the striped effect although not quite as good as I thought it would be however bearing in mind this was the first cut I was impressed enough. I have cut the grass several times now and at each cut I have lowered the height of the mower unit. After cutting the grass I must say that it does give a really good striped effect and a nice looking lawn with minimal effort.

        So would I recommend this mower?

        Yes absolutely I would. It is easy to use and extremely lightweight to carry and store away in the shed. It also comes with the manufacturer's one year guarantee. So far I am really pleased with it. I think I paid a lot more for my previous hover mower. I would think that this mower is suitable for small to medium gardens. If my garden had been much bigger then I think it may have struggled with it but to be honest I think it is just right for my reasonably sized garden. It is actually quite a pleasure to use and an added bonus is that my lawn looks really good. I would give this mower a five star rating due to its performance and ease of use. For £89 I think it is a bargain at B&Q. I would object to paying £129 RRP Homebase reckons it would cost although they are currently selling it for £109 which is £30 more expensive than B&Q. It pays to research a little and not be taken in with their 20% off advertisements.


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