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Flymo Vision Compact 330

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3 Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Long power cord
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    3 Reviews
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      02.01.2015 12:49
      Not Helpful


      • "Good grass collection"
      • Lightweight
      • "Long power cord"
      • "Adjustable cutting height"


      Great product, great price!

      This is a fantastic mower for the price! I've had it for a couple of years now and use it for a garden that really warrants a heavier, petrol mower. This Flymo handles it quite comfortably though. It takes time, but that is purely down to the size of the garden.
      When buying a Flymo, make sure you buy one that has the metal rotor and not one of the cheaper ones with the plastic rotors.
      There's no reason why this mower won't last you for years with no hassle.


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      10.08.2013 20:58
      Very helpful



      A good all round mower

      I have a medium sized garden which I really enjoy looking after and making as nice as possible. During the summer this means regularly mowing my lawn to keep the grass trim and green and it is important to me that I have a mower that is lightweight and easy to use as I am not that strong. I have therefore chosen to use Flymo mowers for several years as they meet these requirements.

      The Flymo Vision Compact 330 mower has a number of different features including:

      - Power: 1500 W
      - Cutting width: 33cm
      - Cutting height steps: 4
      - Cutting height, min-max: 12-32mm
      - Blade type: Metal
      - Cutting height adjustment: Spacers
      - Collector volume: 30 litres
      - Cable Length: 15m
      - Easi-Reel Tangle Free Cable Storage
      - Vision Window

      When I first bought the mower it needed to be fitted together. This mainly involved slotting the handle to the main section of the mower and tightening it with the provided screws so was not difficult at all.

      On using the mower the first thing you do is attach the power cord. You then have to press the start button and hold down one of the handles at the same time to turn the power on. This is a useful safety feature as it means that it is very difficult to turn the mower on by mistake (and thus prevents you mowing over the lead or your foot!)

      The blade height for the mower can be adjusted using the supplied spacers to between 12 and 32 mm depending on how short you want to cut your grass. This is useful especially at the beginning of the season when you don't want to cut the lawn too short.

      I have found the mower to be easy to use and maneuver over a variety of different types of grass and up and down the gentle incline I have on my lawn (I am tempted to call it a hill but I know it is not really!) It works very well on short grass but is a lot heavier to push when cutting through long grass (say for the first mow after the winter) but this is to expected.

      Generally the mower picks up grass cuttings well and it rarely leaves any behind. However when the grass is very wet or a bit long it can regurgitate and deposit some grass from underneath the mower which you then need to mow over again.

      The grass container unit is quite large and easy to empty. It holds quite a lot of grass as it compacts it as it collects it, so you don't have to empty it that often. One of the reasons I bought this particular mower was due to the vision window so I could see when the mower needed emptying, but in reality this is not very effective as after a few mows the window gets (and remains) so dirty with stained grass cuttings that you can't see through it at all. It is easy to tell when the box is full though by how heavy the mower gets so if I ever buy a replacement I will not bother with this feature again.

      The mower is very easy to store. I really like the Easi-Reel system which quickly winds the cable into a storage section in the lid and you can also fold down the handles on top of the mower to make it even more compact especially when you are storing it over winter.

      The only negative I have found with this mower is that it can be quite difficult to clean and often it can take me nearly as long to clean it after mowing the lawn as it does to mow to begin with. This is because the inside has a number of grooves that accumulate grass and can't be reached and even with tipping the mower upside down and banging it the grass often does not come out.

      The mower costs between £70 - £100 depending on whether you can find it on offer and can be bought form a number of retailers including Homebase and Amazon. I would recommend it for anyone with a medium sized garden who needs a lightweight and easy to use product but I would probably get the version without the vision window (which is slightly cheaper) in the future. However for now the mower has always been reliable so I hope I won't have to replace it for a few years yet!


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      29.06.2009 00:01
      Very helpful



      Great for medium sized gardens

      One day I was mowing my lawn with my old Black and Decker rotary mower and really getting frustrated with it. My kindly neighbour lent me his Flymo and after speeding through the rest of the job with ease I decided I had to go and buy myself one.

      Flymo produce many models of lawnmower and the one I decided on was the Vision Compact 330 which is currently selling for £97.95 in Argos but I made a saving of £40 by buying it from a business seller on Ebay who sells catalogue returns and I still got a years warranty. The Vision Compact 330 features a 33cm cutting blade, integral grass collection box, a vision window to allow you to see when the box needs emptying, adjustable cutting heights and the Easi-Reel system to store the power cord.

      When you first get your lawnmower home you need to build it up, I remember it being fairly fiddly to do but if someone as impractical as me can do it then anyone can!

      Hover mowers are light and easy to manoeuvre and are great if you have uneven surfaces to cut and using this lawnmower to cut my grass has made the task a lot less of a chore than it was before. To use the mower is simple, just press the button and depress the handle to start the motor and start cutting the grass. When you start the mower up you feel it start to rise up on a cushion of air making it feel a lot lighter than its 11.7 kg as it glides across your garden. The fact that you need only hold one side of the handle to keep the mower operating means that you can cut the grass one handed which makes things like swivelling round corners very easy. Although the mower is light and easy to use mowing the lawn still seems like hard work to me, I make it a little bit easier by telling myself it is good exercise and my arms certainly feel like they have had a good workout after I've finished in the garden!

      The quality of the cut using the metal blade is really good although it does not get into corners very well so you will need a strimmer too. The blade height is easy to adjust using the supplied tool to insert spacers so it sits between 12 and 32 mm, replacement blades are also readily available should you need them. I have had the best results using the mower on reasonably short grass which it gobbles through with ease and efficiently picks up all of the cuttings. I have successfully used the mower on longer grass too, although the mower cuts through longer grass easily it really struggles to pick it up leaving the lawn look a bit messy.

      The vision window is not much use as it quickly turns green as grass cuttings fly up and stain it. The fact that you cant see when the mower needs emptied is no problem though as the mower feels heavier to push and stops picking up the grass so efficiently when it needs emptying. One of the tasks I hated the most with my old rotary mower was having to detach and reattach the grass box every time it needed emptying so the fact that all you need to do to empty this mower is flip the lid open and pull the grass box out to empty it is a huge bonus. I live in a corner house and have three lawns to cut and have to empty the grass box several times so this makes the task a lot easier.

      Since lawnmowers spend most of their lives tucked away in a shed then a mower that is easy to store comes in very handy. The Easi-Reel system means that the 15 meter orange cable is wound up neatly into the lid of the mower so is stowed away safely. It also means that pulling the flex out for use is really easy and there are never any kinks in the cable. The handles fold down on top of the mower and as the grass box is integrated then you have a neat shape which sits on its side in the corner of a shed taking up hardly any room.

      There's a couple of niggly little things which annoy me about my mower; the screws to adjust the handle broke and I now have to use pliers for this task. The inside of the mower can also accumulate grass due to the design and I need to tip it up to empty it out however the downsides are really minor.

      Flymo are one of the most popular brands when it comes to choosing garden tools and after using my Vision Compact 330 for over a year I can see why. It is an affordable mower which is easy to use, reliable, gives a quality cut and stores away easily when not in use. My only regret is that I wish I had bought a slightly bigger model as I have a lot of grass to cut but this model would be brilliant with someone with a medium sized garden.


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    • Product Details

      Hover Lawnmower / Power: Electric / Power output: 1400W / Collection capacity: 30L / Cutting System: Metal Blade

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