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Anatomicals Gorgon Gone Gone Gone Zola Soothing Foot Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Anatomicals / Texture: Cream / Type: Foot Cream / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Soothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      03.03.2010 10:16



      A good moisturiser that also refreshes tired feet.

      This modern, trendy company that uses humour as a major selling point appeals I would imagine to similar modern, trendy (and probably therefore particularly youthful) types. I am sadly neither trendy nor youthful, hence had never heard of anatomicals until I received one of their foot and hand cream treatments as a gift.

      The packaging and the tube are bright and covered in writing. The tube is green and has a flip top lid at the base to allow for easy dispensing of the product. The cream is white and quite thick and sumptuous.

      The blurb on the back of this product made me smile which was a good start. (Mary Whitehouse types might not appreciate the not very subtle humour i.e. several references to cheesy smelling feet):

      'From the bedroom to the gym changing room, it is just like a French waiter's walked in with a huge cheese board....'

      The product itself is a lovely rich moisturiser although to me smells more mildly antiseptic rather than really minty as stated but you can detect the peppermint oil that it contains and it absorbs really well and leaves your skin feeling very soft after use. It is also very refreshing and if you feet are tired after a long day this does revitalise them and leaves them feeling rejuvenated which is a must for a foot moisturiser so it does do what it says on the tin in the most part. I don't know whether this does help with aches or pains in the feet - I think the massaging you do whilst rubbing the cream in probably plays a larger part in any relief you may feel but I could be wrong!

      This moisturiser contains peppermint oil, vaseline and vitamin E which is a vital vitamin to keep skin in peak condition whatever part of the body you slap it on.

      I do sometimes, unfortunately suffer with sweaty feet and although this does help to refresh tired feet and keep them fresher for longer, it is not a cure for really problematic feet. I would recommend slathering your feet in this at night, popping on some warm cotton socks and letting your feet get a real softening, refreshing treat whilst you sleep. You will be amazed upon waking just how soft your previously rough or hard skin feels although if really bad give them a good pumice before applying for even better results.

      An 80ml tube costs around £2 I believe so it doesn't break the bank and it does work very well.

      Thanks for reading. x

      will also soon be listed on ciao.


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      26.06.2008 19:52
      Very helpful



      A fabulous soothing cream that will forever be in my travel bag.

      What the website says...

      '"i love you with the ferocity of an exploding thousand megaton nucluer bomb". "your eyes are like deep pools I could jump naked into and save you from drowning". " you are my rock, my pebble, my grain of sand on the beach of life where I dream of us walking hand in hand forever". if you think these lines are cheesy, take your shoes off after a hard day of being on your feet and you'll then know exactly why you need this ultra cooling, refreshing, soothing and deodorising cream. some new tights or socks wouldn't hurt either.'

      What the package says...

      'Run! Go on run and don't you stop running. Run for your life, run to and from work, run marathons, run half marathons, run up hills, run down hills, run through forests and while you are running, make sure you wear trainers. That way, come the end of the day, you will have just about the smallest feet in the neighbourhood and be forced to keep buying this refreshing foot cream to stop the dog fainting every time you remove your socks or tights. Into the bargain, you'll also help to make us nice and wealthy, so that we can afford to go everywhere by chauffeur driven limousine. After all, the last thing we want to do is have to run for any horrid form of public transport.'
      'From the bedroom to the gym changing room, it is just like a French waiter's walked in with a huge cheese board. As shoes and hosiery are removed, folk are keeping over in their millions. Apart from hoping that everyone around the world has a permanent cold and can't smell a thing , the solution to this planetary pong is to keep ones walking gear clean and fresh. So before you put your socks or tights on, wash your feet and afterwards apply our mint fragranced cream. If this still fails, then email orders@pegout.net. 1,000 clothes pegs are a very reasonable $12.50 (inc. postage and packaging).'

      What I say...

      Everybody has feet that smell cheesier than a Westlife song at some point in their life, but not only that, we've all suffered the presure pains and burning sensations after you've been on your feet all day. Well this is a product that can help.

      Anatomicals get it right again with their colourful packaging and funky slogans, which makes it somewhat less embarassing to own a bottle of anti-cheese therapy when it looks like that.

      I decided to put it on only one foot so I could see if the effects (along with any smoothness) were genuinely noticable at the time or by the end of the day... and they were.

      Firstly the ingredients include peppermint oil and vitamin E. Then lets start with the smell, it simply smells fabulously minty! And it's minty fresh smell means that foot odour can just waaaave goodbye instantly. As far as relief of pain and discomfort goes, it works in a very similar way to '4head', the tingling sensations block the pain so your feet feel comforted straight away. These soothing and refreshing sensations last along time too.

      Not only does it soothe the pain and rid you of foot odour, but it softened the skin dramatically. After having it on all day I compared the softness and it felt well and truly pampered! And all I did was apply this, put on socks and walk around all day... fabulous!

      So break out those flip flops for the summer guys, because with this foot cream you won't be needing to hide those little tootsies any longer!!

      This will also be a valued Anatomicals product that I will be keeping with me at my brothers wedding, because standing around in heels all day in the height of summer is the prime example of when my feet will be pleading with me to rub a little 'Gorgon (gone, gone, gone) Zola' on them!


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      06.05.2008 17:19
      Very helpful



      Lovely soothing cream

      I have to admit, for the most part, my poor little feet (emphasis on little: size 3!!), are highly neglected. I trudge around on them all day every day (well actually I lie, I'm pretty lazy, the furthest I walk is from my front door to my car), they barely ever see the light of day (I hate bare feet!) and when it comes to nights out I wear shoes that require drinking a minimum of 10 shots just to block out the pain. When it comes to summer and opened toed shoes lead the way, they may get the odd lick of nail varnish but that's my limit.

      Added to this, I absolutely HATE feet. Seriously. It was one of the things that made me quit beauty therapy (along with having to use my bare fingers to pop other people spots, and having to massage people who hadn't even shaved their legs - eurgh...), I just couldn't hack rubbing my lovely hands all over the most disgusting part of other peoples bodies.

      I'm a bit better at coping with my own, but since they aren't on show very often I tend to leave them be and forget all about them, with the exception of a day before holiday when I go for an emergency pedicure and airbrushing (which always gets chipped on the first day of holiday grrrr!).

      So that said, foot cream isn't something high up on my list of priorities. It isn't even something I would normally own and when it was included in my lovely set of goodies from anatomicals it wasn't something I was too excited about. In all honesty I thought I may as well give it away but luckily I never got round to doing so.

      Have you ever had one of those moments where someone asks you to do something, and before your mind has time to process what it is you're agreeing to you find the word "yes" has already slipped out of your mind, and then slowly it dawns on you what you've just agreed to do, and there's nothing left to do but regret your mouth working quicker than your brain? Well this happened to me last week, when I got asked if I'd accompany my daughter's nursery class on a school trip, which lasted a full day, walking around some boring park in the freezing cold.

      So after a day of walking up huge mountains (I'll leave it up to you to decipher fact from large exaggeration), in what must have been about minus 30 degrees, not even wearing a coat (cos I'm smart like that), and generally just walking around none stop, with loads of noisy school kids (teachers deserve to be on about £80k a DAY I swear) when I came home I was absolutely knackered. My three year old daughter, who incidentally had done exactly the same amount of walking, was seemingly fine, not tired and dancing around all afternoon; give me some of what she's having! I must be getting old. Needless to say as soon as I could have a bath I did, which helped relax me a lot, but didn't help the fact that my feet looked and felt about five times their natural size.

      So anatomicals "gorgone (gone, gone, gone) zola" to the rescue it is. Being that my boyfriend is allergic to giving massages (or you'd think so) I massaged my own feet (get out your violins for me now) with this cream. Now I have to say, being that I did endure the horror that was learning foot massage (pass me the sick bucket) I'm actually pretty darn good at it, so having my hands being the one that applied the cream may have helped somewhat, but I have to say this cream was excellent.

      It actually reminded me of Deep Heat (omgosh I love that stuff) as it left my feet tingling, a lot! Whether it was actually stopping the pain, or using that other method of, "only one set of pain can get through to the brain" I'm not sure, but all I could feel was the strong tingling sensation, and no pain. It was strange because it felt both cooling, and hot at the same time, and very very tingly! Tingly is such a mild way to put it, it was a strong sensation, but it was good that it was. My feet felt instantly soothed and so much better.

      What I will say is that no matter how much I washed my hands after applying this, they too wouldn't stop tingling. This is probably because the cream is absorbed so quickly, it had probably already absorbed into my hands by the time I tried to wash it off. It wasn't such a great feeling on my hands as my feet so I would recommend washing them sooner than I did, unless you want tingly hands.

      So what is it that works its magic then? Well the main thing here is peppermint oil, which soothes and cools and gives the skin that lovely tingling sensation which blocks out the pain coming from your feet. The cream soothes, relaxes and eases away aches and pains, while nourishing and moisturising and working its magic on rough dry skin.

      The cream is white, and has a minty fresh smell (from the peppermint oil), so is also great for helping out pongy feet. Speaking of which, this cream is totally unisex. The green tube comes in a red box, both very unisex colours, and won't make you look girly if you have a tube of it. This is great because no matter how good looking/rich you are; if you have horrible smelly feet then we're still not going to come within a mile of you.

      The packaging as always is very funky, totally modern and completely unisex. It's funny as always witty text being the main feature. On the box it informs you that you should run: for your life, to work, in marathons, through forests and the like, all the while in trainers, ensuring your feet get as smelly as possible. Why would you want to do this? Well that way you'll have to keep buying this cream, which in turn will help make anatomicals nice and wealthy so that they can afford to go everywhere in a chauffer driven limo; "after all, the last thing [they] want to do is have to run for any horrid form of public transport". The tube is equally witty offering this cream as a solution to all the smelly feet in the world, instead of just "hoping that everyone around the globe has a permanent cold" and also offers an alternative solution of a site selling 1000 pegs for a very reasonable $12.50!

      This cream is only £2 for an 80ml tube, or you can get it in a package with the hand cream for £3! Absolute bargain! It really did soothe my feet completely and I don't know what I would have done without it after the day I'd had. For the price I'd definitely have some at hand for those days when you've been on your feet all day, or danced in crippling shoes all night, or simply been hot from the sun (if we ever get any). All in all it's a complete bargain and really did its job well.


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