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Avon Foot Works Beautiful Lavender Comforting Soak

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Brand: Avon / Type: Foot Care / Suitable for: Foot

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2012 20:26
      Very helpful



      A rather disappointing foot soak from Avon

      Since undergoing a botched up operation on my right foot several years ago, I suffer the most horrendous pain, which often wakes me in the night. In addition to the puffiness that appears a couple of hours of being on my feet, I'm unable to correctly walk, as the majority of my body weight is being placed upon the outer part due to me being unable to place my foot firmly on the ground. As a consequence, I like to soak my feet to reduce any swelling and subsequent pain. For the last couple of years I had been using a product made by Boots, but my attention was drawn to Comforting Soak, which belongs to the Avon Foot Works range and this review discusses my experience with using it.

      The deciding factor for my purchase was due to the fact that the soak contains lavender, which is my favourite scent for promoting calmness and relaxation. Whilst there are dozens of products that I've tried in the past that claim to contain a lavender scent, I've had so many disappointments due to their lack of authenticity. We are provided with 100 ml of Comforting Soak, which is contained within a sturdy plastic white coloured bottle with a flip top lid. Whilst the hinged section is fairly sturdy and keeps the lid firmly attached, it is not necessary to flip the lid open; the reasons of which will be explained further on in my review.

      Appearance wise, the packaging is rather basic with an image of several foot prints in a lilac colour, which I presume are intended to depict the lavender aroma. As with the majority of Avon products, the directions for use are not included on the label contained on the reverse. This is always a real frustration of mine, as in order to find out how to use the product it is necessary to gently pull back the label to reveal the inner section. Avon use the tiniest of text and whilst I do not wear corrective lenses I struggled to read the small writing, which resulted in me having to use a magnifying glass.

      As the soak belongs to the aromatherapy range it should not be used by those who suffer with diabetes or poor circulation unless they have initially consulted with their GP. My husband was a little disappointed as being a type 1 diabetic he was afraid to use the product. The directions for use are that four capfuls should be mixed into a bowl of warm water although they do not specify the size of the bowl. I suspect these measurements to be in relation to a washing up bowl (a clean one of course!). Whilst the cap was easily unscrewed I couldn't understand why Avon has decided to include a small dispensing hole within the upper section of the lid, particularly as the product cannot be accurately measured when using this method.

      The comforting soak offers a pearly white appearance and is slightly thicker than a high quality bubble bath. I swished my hand through the water to ensure the product was fully mixed and as a result, the water offered a milky appearance together with a mountain of fluffy white bubbles. Whilst I was greeted with a very favourable refreshing aroma due to the tea tree content, I was unable to detect any lavender, which I found bitterly disappointing, particularly as this was my main reason for purchase. Furthermore, I was only able to witness any fragrance by placing the bowl directly below my nose. However, determined to enjoy my comforting foot soak I placed my tired and aching feet into the warm water and relaxed until the water was no longer warm. The negative point for me is that the feet need to be rinsed after using, so it was necessary to have another bowl of water by the side of me.

      Whilst the soak was soothing and offered a relaxing experience for my feet where it assisted in reducing the aching and discomfort, I cannot admit to it being anything special, particularly as I can achieve similar results by simply placing my feet in a bowl of bubble bath water. As the soak contains tea tree I would suspect that it would assist those people who suffer issues with odour although I cannot admit to suffering with this problem myself. I cannot speak of suffering any dryness with using the soak although I regularly use my Emjoi Micro-Pedi Hard Skin Remover followed by a good application of moisturising cream. I used the soak several times for my aching feet, but due to my disappointment, the remainder of the bottle was used as a bubble bath, which was a much more favourable experience.

      I cannot see me rushing to purchase this product again although at the time of writing, Avon has temporarily removed it from their catalogue. I must have been mad to have paid £4.50 for my 100 ml bottle and if you are interested in purchasing after reading my review, I would advise that brand new bottles are available on ebay. Due to the reasons discussed above, I feel a two star rating is appropriate.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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