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Avon Foot Works Berry Vanilla Moisturising Cream

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Brand: Avon / Type: Foot Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      08.07.2013 14:56
      Very helpful



      Good for a day-to-day average foot cream

      I love giving myself manicures and pedicures and as soon as I saw Avon's Footworks moisturising cream in Berry and Vanilla I was very tempted. I love berry scents but I'm not a fan of vanilla.

      When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. When opened it give off a refreshing scent, somewhat sweet and berry-like but not much of the vanilla came through. This was ideal for me, but if you love the vanilla scent you may not feel it gives off enough of the vanilla scent.

      I suffer from dried cracked heels and a slight build up of hard skin on the odd place on the balls of my feet. After an exfloliation from a file I slap this thick dark pink cream on my dry parts and let it dry. It's lovely and thick so it feels like it will moisturise very well. And it does!

      For the following couple of hours after applying the cream my feet smells summery and fresh and feel super smooth. It dries relatively quickly so there's no need to hang around and you can pop socks on after about 5 minutes.

      In the long run (a couple of days) I would need to re-apply the cream to get those difficult areas back to feeling smooth again. The 'normal' parts are my feet remain silky smooth for days and days afterwards, but the hard or cracked skin areas needs a more powerful cream to keep those parts smooth and supple for longer periods.

      For a cream that costs around £1.89 (what I paid) it's a lovely product, just don't expect it to work miracles.


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      03.02.2013 16:37
      Very helpful



      A really impressive foot cream from Avon

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      As a non driver I spend a lot of my day walking back and forth on the school run, food shopping and general running errands. Because of this I try to pay special attention to my feet by pampering them as much as possible and this includes using a good moisturising foot cream every night without fail. I've used several different products and brands in the past and whilst I'm not loyal to one particular product I do tend to favour Avon's foot works range as I've yet to be let down by anything from this range.

      I'm making up for lost time with Avon as for a while there were no local Rep's in my area, and as I've mentioned in previous reviews a school mum friend has just started running Avon so I've been able to continue buying old favourites as well as test out some of the up and coming new Avon items. This foot cream - Berry Vanilla Moisturising Cream from the Footworks range - instantly caught my eye whilst browsing through a brochure in early Dec of last year and I wasted no time in adding it to my order.

      As I've now just finished using this up in it's entirety my review will now discuss my thoughts and opinions on this product.

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      Berry Vanilla initially caught my eye due to the bright packaging it is ensconced in, being a 75ml tube which can be stored upright standing on the lid (if you so wish). The tube is made from a soft plastic which has a wider appearance from the front which is patterned with berry images in red and flowers in a beige like yellow to represent the vanilla with footprint images in amongst. These images contrast brightly with the stark white background of the tube and it was this that stood out to me whilst perusing the Avon brochure first and foremost. When I saw this was fragranced with a berry & vanilla scent it sounded different from the usual menthol/ mint foot products that I've used in the past, and the fact it was on offer at the time costing just £1.25 made it even more appealing.

      This can be ordered directly from Avon through their website @www.avonshop.co.uk though there is normally a charge for P&P. I order my products from a Rep as I find it quick and convenient to do it this way as it's delivered to my home (or passed to me in the school playground) with no waiting around for parcels to be delivered.

      The RRP of this foot cream in the last brochure was around £3.50 but as with most Avon products they disappear for a while before popping back up again on some kind of offer such as 4 for £5 or 99p, so it's worth keeping an eye out for future promotions.

      **My experience of using this**
      I really liked the sound of this berry and vanilla fusion as a foot cream and wasted no time in trying it on the day my order arrived. Like most of my toiletries I tend to have two or three of the same product on the go at any one given time, as I find using the same fragranced item day in day out boring so I like to add a touch of variety and vary what I use.

      On unscrewing the transparent plastic cap that protects the nozzle I was instantly greeted with a rich berry scent that had a hint of sweetness to it. The cream itself is quite a deep pink in colour and reminded me of the Germolene medicated ointment at first though thankfully without the accompanying aroma.

      On squeezing the tube the cream emits slowly due to it's quite thick consistency which for me was a positive sign that it would be rich enough to give my feet plenty of moisturisation. The cream has a slight greasy texture but I hoped this would disappear once it was fully rubbed into my skin as the thought of greasy feeling feet slipping and sliding about wasn't very appealing!

      Because I walk a lot I literally live in trainers and whilst they cushion my feet adequately I am still prone to getting callouses and hard skin so I exfoliate once a week. Once I've removed any hard skin I follow this weekly foot ritual with soaking my feet in warm water and then generously applying layers of whichever moisturising foot cream I come across. I was eager to test this particular product out mainly because of the beautiful sweet berry aroma it offered as it made such a change from the mint based products that I usually use.

      I first used this product once my feet had been exfoliated and soaked so were ready to absorb some much needed moisture. I squeezed a small pea sized blob out and applied to the underneath of one foot and found that on rubbing in it was instantly disappearing so I squeezed around the same quantity out again and this sufficed for the top of my foot as well as another layer on the sole area. I proceeded to do the same again with my other foot and found the cream felt less greasy like whilst I was applying it which was a relief.

      **Results and recommendations**
      I always wear a pair of cotton socks after applying foot cream to help it soak in and by the time I'd finished applying cream to my other foot the first foot felt velvety soft. There wasn't a hint of grease like residue, nor did my feet feel sticky or tacky like some lotions and potions can cause.

      The berry aroma was very evident when I was applying the cream, though it wasn't too strong and overpowering, it was just noticeable enough to leave a nice fresh scent on my feet whilst softening them at the same time.

      The morning after using this cream I removed my socks and found the skin on my feet felt really soft, in fact they felt at their softness as I've used so many different brands and foot products in the past but I don't think they have ever felt as velvety soft as they did when using this.

      The berry vanilla scent was still slightly detectable and I could smell the beautiful aroma infused into the skin on my feet and ankles which I was pleased about as it was the fragrance that won me over when buying in the first place. My feet felt really smooth and moisturised and I was really pleased with the effects that it had on my first experience of using it so I was well and truly won over.

      I've been using this cream around 4 times a week and have been alternating it with my other foot treatment products and I have to say I'm really impressed. A small amount is all that is needed for each foot, and the cream soaks in almost instantaneously so you don't have to spend ages rubbing each feet. The aroma has the right balance of berry fruit to vanilla ratio and actually has a very fresh scent to it that lingers when applied. The cream feels cooling when applied to my feet and adds a comforting and soothing feel as soon as it's applied whilst invigorating at the same time despite the lack of 'menthol zing' and to say the product is a bright pink it disappears instantly into the skin without a trace of colour, nor does it mark any material as my white cotton socks will vouch for.

      I would highly recommend this product as I've used many items from the Avon Footworks range in the past and have never let down with this being no exception and at the moment it's my number one choice for pampering my tired feet on an evening.

      Top marks from me


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