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Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray

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Brand: Avon / Spray / Type: Foot Spray / Suitable for: Foot

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    6 Reviews
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      08.08.2011 12:48
      Very helpful
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      A refreshing product for hot tired feet from Avon that I would recommend!

      Many regular readers of my reviews will know by now that I work part-time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means I have great access to a lot of the brilliant offers and new products that the Avon Company has to offer.

      One item that I had tried in the past was from the Avon Footworks range, which is a range of products from Avon dedicated to caring for your feet. The item in question was the Avon Footworks Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray, a product that is aimed at giving a refreshing spray 'mist' to cool and refresh your hot tired feet.

      This particular product appealed to me initially when I was travelling abroad to Mexico for my honeymoon last year. I knew from experience that my feet can become uncomfortable in hot weather and so was looking for a product to take away to help cool them down after a day's sightseeing and walking around. I initially bought the Avon Footworks Cherry Ice Foot Spray to take away with me last year and absolutely loved it.

      What I liked most about the Avon Footworks Spray was it's convenience and ease of use. I found that I could quite easily use the 'pump' dispenser on the top of the bottle to spritz the cool spray over my hot tootsies and this was something I managed to do without any problems or difficulties. I also found that the spray could be used on my toes and on most of each foot whilst I was wearing flip-flops or open sandals and this was of course great at saving time and well, effort on a hot lazy day by the pool!

      I found the cool mist of the Avon Footworks spray to be extremely refreshing and liked how it sort of 'soothed' my hot tired feet. I also really liked the way that my feet felt quite revitalised after I had spritzed the Avon spray over them and the fact that the spray wasn't overly 'wet' was something of a surprise to me, given that I had used similar products in the past and felt I had to dry my feet off using a towel after use. The Avon Footworks Spray in comparison seemed to be absorbed much better than similar products I had used in the past.

      The fact that the Avon Footworks spray didn't feel overly 'wet' to me was something I considered a bonus in terms of the 100ml bottle of spray lasting the whole time I was on holiday last year too, as I was somewhat concerned about the bottle of spray lasting for the duration of my holiday, given how much I was enjoying using it whilst being away! I needn't have worried and found that only a couple of sprays on each foot was more than sufficient to give the pleasant cooling feeling I had grown to love.

      The fragrance of the Avon Footworks Spray wasn't one that I found was too noticeable, well not to me anyway, but this didn't put me off too much as I was using the product during the day only, when sun tan lotions and creams and other skin care products were being used in abundance... I was neither worried nor concerned that the fruity, sweet aroma of the Avon Footworks Cherry Spray was short-lived and seemed to disappear a short while after it had been sprayed on my feet.

      I thought that the 100ml bottle of the Avon Footworks Spray offered pretty reasonable value at the price of £4.50, which is what I paid the first couple of times that I bought the product. I was then delighted to find it being sold at a reduced price of £3, a couple of times earlier this year, and again in a recent 'sale' brochure within a recent campaign from Avon. I have taken the opportunity to stock up on this great product at the reduced price and plan to take it away with me when I go on holiday later in the year.

      I would highly recommend trying out the Avon Footworks Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray and think it is a product that is worth every penny, especially when travelling abroad to a hot climate. The refreshing feeling that it gives to hot, tired feet is something that you can't really put a price on in my opinion and it has become a vital part of my 'holiday toiletries shopping list'.

      There is a whole range of Avon Footworks products available, which can be purchased online at www.avonshop.co.uk, and you can find alternative fragrance options of this foot spray available to purchase here, with prices starting from £1.49, although the Cherry fragrance is not currently available to buy online. Alternatively, you can purchase Avon products directly from your local Avon representative, and the Footworks Cherry Ice Foot Spray is available in the current brochure for £3 which I think is a really great bargain price.


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        22.07.2011 10:12
        Very helpful



        A nice enough foot spray

        Because I don't drive and tend to do a lot of walking throughout the day my poor feet tend to take a slight battering. Though I try to look after them as much as I can sometimes after a busy day I find I just don't have as much free 'pamper' time as I would like so need a product that will take minimal time but give maximum results.

        This is where Avon comes in. Though I am a fan of Avon I do tend to find some of their products can come across as a bit 'hit or miss' as I have stated in previous reviews, though one range that has rarely let me down is their Footworks collection and I have a plethora of their products in my bathroom cupboard to prove it.

        The product that I am focusing on here is the Ice Cherry Cooling Foot Spray..

        What drew my attention to this articular product has got to be the key factor of it containing cherry - anything coconut or cherry fragranced and I'm sold! I really liked the sound of a product for feet that wasn't just the usual generic peppermint or menthol fragrance and I thought it sounded genuinely different.
        Having been let down by certain Avon products in the past as they promise but don't deliver, I actually had high hopes for this as mentioned I have yet to be disappointed when it comes to any foot care items so was eager to test it out.

        As I do a lot of walking I wear trainers and though they are very comfortable they can make my feet feel warm and over powered so a cooling spray sounded ideal. Because this is available in a 100 ml size bottle it is not too big or cumbersome for popping into my bag for when I'm out and about and the fact it's made of a reasonably sturdy plastic means it isn't going to get broken or too bashed about if it is in my bag.

        Price wise this is normally around the £4.50 mark but anyone who reads my reviews will know I like a bargain and very rarely pay full price for beauty items and this was no exception. As it is sporadically available in the Avon brochure I last picked up a bottle of this for just £1.50 which I deemed to be fairly reasonable but the question is does it work?

        The foot spray comes housed in a basic, upright standing plastic bottle. The bottle is predominantly white and matches the other Footworks Ice Cherry range by having the same red and white logo and a picture of a a few cherries. Very basic as mentioned but it's how the product performs I'm interested in at the end of the day.

        To access the spray there is a simple to use pump spray nozzle which is situated directly on top of the bottle. I found that I needed to 'activate' the spray by pumping said nozzle for several attempts before the foot spray emitted but once it did it came out in a blast of clear liquid spray.

        Once I had prepared my feet (after a shower) by ensuring they were clean I sprayed a few short, sharp blasts of the spray to each foot mainly concentrating on the underside. I found the fragrance was beautiful and had a very strong cherry scent that didn't smell artificial at all and had a really fresh aroma to it.

        The spray initially felt cool on contact with my feet but disappointingly once the liquid had dried after a few minutes the cooling sensation also disappeared. Luckily the beautiful cherry aroma lingered for at least 2 hours ( I was wearing sandals at this point so could detect the aroma whilst walking ).

        I would recommend trying this if you can get hold of this product as it really smells divine..that is assuming you like cherries. It definitely left my feet smelling clean and fresh and made such a change from the usual mint foot sprays that seem to dominate the market.

        As for it's cooling claim then I feel it was a bit of a let down there as the effect was very minimal. I would happily buy this again as a general refreshing foot spray though as it dried quickly, caused no rashes/soreness and didn't leave my feet with a sticky residue as the spray just absorbed into the skin but most importantly of all it revived and refreshed my tired feet.

        4 out of 5 from me.


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          21.10.2010 11:29
          Very helpful



          A good foot spray

          I ordered the Avon foot works cherry ice cooling foot spray a while ago now when it was on offer in the Avon book for about £1.50(I think). I was quite pleased when I seen a new variety in the foot works as I had used the brown sugar moisturising cream and I thought they worked really well so since it was summer, this cooling foot spray sounded ideal.

          The foot spray comes in a white 100ml bottle with a clear pump action top that enables the spray to be easily dispensed. The bottle has a picture of a foot and some cherries on the front. The bottle looks rather attractive although I probably wouldnt have chosen it off a shelf in the shop.

          The first thing I noticed about this spray was the scent. I firstly sprayed a little bit into the lid to smell and I thought it smelled disgusting, it was really floral and smelled like a sickly vanilla unfortunately I couldnt smell the cherry at all. I decided to use this product on my feet anyway and I was surprised as I felt it did really cool my feet down and amazingly when applied in a brisk spray the cherry smell becomes a lot more noticeable and in fact it is rather nice like black cherries. After a while the scent becomes a lot more subtle and the vanilla notes shine through again.

          Each pump of the spray releases quite a lot of liquid so only a few spays are needed for both feet. The spray dries in almost instantly and it does really cool down the feet which is great after a day of standing at work.

          Overall I like this spray, I do think that it works to cool the feet down however I would have preferred a nicer smell which was fruitier and less perfumed.


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          15.09.2010 11:20
          Very helpful



          Would Only Consider Buying If On Offer

          I was given Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray as part of my leaving present from work when I was moving to Turkey. The filled the bag with all sorts of trinkets from Turkish Delight (like there wouldn't be enough where I was going), to bracelets, hair care and then a foot spray. A little baffled, I read the bottle to find out why they had put this in the bag. It described how this was a product designed to cool your body down. I knew that cooling your feet lowered your overall body temperature, and in temperatures of 40+ degrees in the day I thought this was a really great idea. We all know there is nothing worse than being over heated and uncomfortable which is inevitable in temperatures like that so anything that may help I was more than open to trying. I do not do very well when too hot, or too cold for that matter.

          So whilst I was in Turkey, the heat was unbearable and taking 4 cold showers a day still wasn't constantly keeping my cool. However, when using the Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray, I felt relieved at a temporary and more practical way of cooling myself down. You spray on your feet direct from the bottle, a couple of sprays being sufficient. The spray dries immediatley and does not leave your feet feeling greasy and does not leave behind any residue. However, this does make me ask the question, would a spray bottle with water inside have the same effect? The cooling sensation does only last a few seconds, but again is alot more practical than taking 4 showers a day.

          Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray is currently available HALF PRICE at http://avonshop.co.uk for £2.25. Making the usual price £4.50. I would not pay £4.50 for this product at all. At the half price mark I think is acceptable and would recommend it to take on holiday. As the origional price does seem rather steep for this product I would advise of other methods. I was given this product as a gift and was happy with it, however I feel if I had paid £4.50 for it I would not have been so pleased with it.

          There are many methods of cooling yourself down in uncomfortable temperatures, some again are more practical than others but are worth a try. As Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray only offers a temporary relief I would think about other ways to help. Such as :

          *** Try Rinsing a pair of cotton socks in cool water. Wringe them out until they are damp and put them on. I suppose this wouldn't be a very good idea in bed, leaving you with soggy sheets, but might be an idea to sit on your balcony and cool down for ten minutes.
          ***Chill a pillowcase. If you put your pillowcase in a freezer bag and into the freezer for the day, when you take it out it will have been protected from the water and will be lovely and cool. This has been said to help you fall asleep faster also as it reduces uncomfortable heat. I can't imagine I am the only one forever turning over my pillow to get the cold side.
          ***Sleep NUDE!! Some people say this works wonders, however others believe that your sweat stays on your bed sheets and makes it more uncomfortable. What a lovely thought??!!

          Thank you for reading.


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          12.09.2010 21:38
          Very helpful



          worth trying if you see it going cheap/ on offer

          From being fairly young I always remember having hot feet and the older I've got the hotter they'e become. I'll be brave and tell you than despite caring for my feet they do smell a bit whiffy so when I saw this product for just a quid in one of our (many) local charity shops I decided it was just what my feet needed.

          The brand new spray (still sealed) was a great find because I remember seeing it once in the Avon catalogue for over £4 for this 100ml size. I've used other footwear lotions and sprays from Avon and was fairly pleased with the results but it seemed a bit more of a treat to find a cherry-smelling one rather than the usual mint/ eucalyptus/ menthol type.

          The sray looks as it does in the pic and the spray is quite straightforward to use. It states 'spray each foot' but I'm a bit generous when it comes to hot feet so I used it far more liberally than I guess I need have done.

          Sure enough there was a nice initial smell of cherries although this soon wore off. My feet DID feel cooler and stayed fresher for longer.

          The product desription states it 'helps revive and cool tired feet with this quick-drying deodorising spray' but I think the fact that it's called Cherry Ice Cooling Spray is a bit misleading. I was expecting my feet to be really cold but the actual above description, in my opinion, is honest.

          The spray has lasted me about 3 weeks now and, although I use it twice a day, there's still enough left for a few days more I reckon.

          Would I buy it again? If I saw it at a quid then yes, but if I had to pay more I probably wouldn't bother and it's not something I'd add to my Santa wishlist either.

          However, because of the nice cherry smell, the instant cooling and deodorising effects I would say it's worth having a look at. The spray works well/ doesn't clog up whilst the packaging of the bottle is good enough to leave on display if unexpected visitors turn up.

          - great for £1
          - does what it say from my personal experience
          - nice cherry scent even though this doesn't last long.


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            10.09.2010 16:49
            Very helpful



            Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Spray that does not work!

            As stated in a previous review I purchased some Foot Work items from an Avon catalogue. As I love fruity smells they really appealed to me; most of the Avon products I've had in the past have been pretty rubbish, have irritated my skin etc and sadly this one is no different. It doesn't irritate my skin but just doesn't do what it claims it should.

            Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray 100ml:

            'Help revive and cool tired feet with this quick drying deodorising spray with cherry extract' (So they say!)

            I do like to look after my feet as with hospital and physio appointments they are on show a fair bit. My physio is quite intensive and does leave my feet feeling rather warm/hot tucked up in my trainers so I thought this would be a handy little spray to have. Also for using it when I've been on long walks with my dog or even to cool my feet down on a hot day (not that we have had many hot days this year!)

            My Findings:

            Well I had just come back from an eight mile walk with my dog Joshy the weather wasn't to bad got back in my home took the trainers off my feet were rather warm so I got my foot cooling spray, followed the directions and sprayed a few squirts on each foot.

            It smelt absolutely wonderful a very strong aroma of cherries which stuck around for a while before it started to fade away. However the main reason why I was using this foot spray was to cool my feet down, the spray was a little cool at first but this was manly due to it being left in my bathroom and it's always a cold room.

            On my feet there was no cooling effect at all my feet still warm, so I sprayed a few more squirts onto each foot but sadly there was no cooling what so ever! So I waited a couple of minutes thinking maybe it would be like some heat sprays where it slowly warms up, but after about ten minutes still nothing I may as well of sprayed cold water on my feet!

            So this has turned out to be another failed product from Avon, I now use this just to freshen up my feet before I go to the hospital or physio as it does smell truly divine. Just a shame it doesn't do what it claims it should; otherwise this would have been a wonderful product.

            How to Use:

            Well all you have to do is spray each foot (it doesn't say how many times though) and leave to dry and then you should feel your feet cooling down, so they say!

            Please note if you do use this product it is flammable and needs to be kept away from heat and flames otherwise you may end up with red hot feet!


            The packaging is again very simple like the last Foot Works item I had and just like most Avon products in different languages on the bottle. It looks just like the photo above. Like with the Cherry Ice Exfoliater that I recently reviewed this is also made in Poland, and I always thought that Avon products were made in England.

            Price and Availability:

            As this is an Avon product it can only be purchased from an Avon representative or from the Avon website. However if you do order from their website delivery costs apply, starting from £3.50 as price is based on your location.

            You can also pick up Avon products from eBay as if it's only the one item you want you may get it cheaper from eBay.

            The normal price of this Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray is £4.50 however it is on offer most of the time. Right now it's on offer for just £2.25. When I purchased mine they had it on another special offer of only £1.80 each which I think is more justifiable than £4.50!


            I have to say that I am really disappointed that this product didn't do as it should, but the again should I be surprised? I've never had any luck when it comes to Avon. I will not be purchasing this again and nor do I recommend this product to anyone.

            One of out Five Stars
            (One star just because it does smell nice!)

            Additional Information:

            For people that have not heard about Avon before it is a company that started out over 120 years ago by a man called David McConnell doing door to door sales. Since then has come along way and Avon now sell their products around the world.

            Some of the items they sell are - cosmetics, Anti-aging creams, Shower/Bath gels, Foot care items even clothes and toys.

            You can also work for Avon my becoming an Avon representative by selling their items and earning yourself commission. (Not something I fancy doing however) More information can be found on their web site.


            Postal Address
            Avon Cosmetics Ltd
            Earlstrees Road
            NN17 4AZ


            Tel: 0845 6014040


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