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Avon Footworks Berry Mint Foot Soak

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Brand: Avon / Type: Foot Soak / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      17.03.2009 23:01
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      I often use products on my feet and find that Avon Footworks Deep Moisure cream works really well, so I have been trying other things in the range to see if they work as well.

      Avon brought out a couple of Berry additions to their normal Footworks scent. The normal scent smells quite odd, so I was wondering how the Berries mixed with the fake kind of smelling Mint would work. It is alright though. The Berry smells a bit like watered down Blackberries with the usual fake Mint scent.

      This is sold in 100ml bottle and the bottle isn't that exciting looking. It is a thick white plastic and has the Footworks branding on the front, which is a blue band with the writing in white through it. The blurb on the bottle just tells you a bit of what it is meant to do - soften and scent. Annoyingly i've found a few Avon things have the instructions in Polish, so how are you meant to know how to use some things? This normally cost £4,50, which is the dearer end of the Footworks range, but in Avon there is offers every other book and I got this when it was 3 for £5.

      The liquid is thicker than what I thought and a little goes a long way. I think I got 7 goes out of my bottle. The gel is a pink-ish colour.

      You put this in some warm water and it softens, disolves easily and gives off a gentle scent. I left my feet in this for about 10 minutes and then patted them dry and applied foot lotion and then put on some fluffy socks.

      So did this work? Well I think this helped, but I use foot lotion anyway, so unsure if this was what worked or if it was the lotion. It was a good enough product and I would buy it again while on offer, but I wouldn't pay £4.50 for it


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        26.01.2008 14:01
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        It's ok!

        I'm very much someone that neglects my feet until I have to notice them and that's always when I get out some strappy heels and notice I have cuticles running half way up my nails, broken bits of nail and my heels and pressure points have disappeared under a mountain of dry skin! So I do buy products and have them in a drawer ready to whip out and use for emergencies, which granted isn't often cos I'm lazy!

        However I requested this link so I could write this review and I saw I could write here a couple of days ago but I thought I'll leave that I don't know what to say and I cant be bothered to soak my feet right now, I actually thought I wouldn't bother as I didn't think I could write that much about it after all lol

        However I had an accident that very day. I'd actually been on here talking to other reviewers and having a giggle. I noticed I had pins and needles and was quickly typing a message to someone and gritting my teeth and sent the message and jumped off my bed with the plan of grabbing my wardrobe and gently pressing my pins and needles out of my foot . However I lost my balance, couldn't feel the foot and completely twisted it. I couldn't sort it out as I had no feeling in it and it just kept twisting till I threw myself to the floor to get off it. As the pins and needles subsided then came the agony. I couldn't believe it hurt so much I sobbed my heart out! Long and short of it is I can still barely stand on it. It's bruised and puffy and all the tendons hurt especially under my foot and I'm currently wearing a foot support! Stupid accident.

        However after I had this accident my mother got me a bowl of water and fetched me this Berry Mint Foot Soak.

        I've used it a few times but I have to admit I haven't took any notice of it really and it lives as I stated earlier in a drawer with a load of other stuff for hands and feet lol

        The Packaging....

        100ml white recyclable bottle with white almost see through screw on/off and off cap. The labelling on the front tells me clearly what it is and who it is by as on the review photograph. Just very plain and simple. The back label is paper (who thought of putting that on a product you use with water lol) and it tells me nothing but the size and contact details for Avon.


        Well it pours out easily and smells fresh with a hint of undescriable berries (blackberry and cranberry) but you can smell the mint. It's a thickish pinkish liquid and you don't need much at all to get a few bubbles. I have used it in a foot spa before and I haven't found it too bubbly with just a blob (that's how it comes out). However in my bowl I had a fair old amount. The water does feel somewhat softened but not overly so or luxurious. You can smell the pleasant aroma but its not in your face or anything.


        It softened my feet a little. Not hugely, it's not a miracle product at all. It's not harsh and its nice cos you can just dry feet off with a towel and not worry about having to rinse them off or anything as feet don't feel sticky at all. The smell on the feet doesn't linger and my feet didn't feel 'minty fresh' as I expected.


        It' nothing special. It's ok if you like to soak your feet and feel like your achieving something but I think the results are mainly in your mind lol Personally I can see the point of using it if not just to soothe tired feet but you'd get that feeling sticking feet in to a bowl of warm water and having a hot chocolate lol

        It didn't help my bad foot any but come on, state it's in nothing would anyway so my review isn't based on that I was purely looking for moisturising and as I said it did a little but not to great standard. It's ok but I'm sure there is better around for the price!

        £4.50 Avon (sometimes on offer).


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        Cleanse and soothe tired feet /

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