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Avon Footworks Cherry Ice Exfoliating Scrub

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Brand: Avon / Scrub / Type: Foot Scrub / Subcategory: Exfoliator / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Exfoliates, Exfoliates,

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    3 Reviews
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      06.10.2010 17:10
      Very helpful



      Good, but not great

      I ordered the Footworks Cherry Ice Exfoliating Scrub from my mothers Avon brochure a couple of months ago. My feet have been taking a bit of a hammering due to my love of highly impractical shoes and the skin on the soles of my feet can get quite hard and generally horrible! I thought this exfoliator might be a good way of sloughing away the dead skin to leave my feet soft and smooth.

      I must admit I've tried quite a few products from Avon's Footworks range over the years and on the whole not been impressed. Still, this was on special offer at the time, and as I love the scent of cherries, I decided it was worth a shot. I also quite like the name Cherry Ice, and I'm a sucker for a cute name.

      Packaged in a white tube with a cartoon like picture of a cherry, the packaging is fairly simple and boring if you ask me. It doesn't particularly stand out, but then I suppose you can't expect too much given the price. One thing I did find is that when the scrub arrived the white tube was streaked with black and grey marks which made it look dirty, and they wouldn't wipe off either, which quite frankly doesn't give a great first impression.

      To use you simply massage this into dry areas of skin and then rinse away. I tend to use it in the bath, as that way the water has had a chance to soften the skin slightly before I start.

      The scrub itself is a very deep red in colour, and is slightly translucent like a gel. I was a bit concerned that it didn't appear to contain many 'bits' as I thought it wouldn't be harsh enough to get rid of the dry skin on my feet.

      The smell is quite intense and although it's fairly easily identifiable as cherry, it's quite a synthetic scent. I think it's similar to cherryade, but it also has a quite bitter, chemical-ness to it too, which I am really not a fan of.

      When it came to using the scrub, I was surprised at how exfoliating it felt on my feet. It's quite a thick gel, but spreads across the skin easily and it feels very 'scrubby' without being at all harsh or uncomfortable on the skin. It doesn't tickle too much either, which is something I've found when massaging in foot scrubs in the past! I find the scrub rinses away easily, and the exfoliating grains don't stick to the skin which is a big plus point.

      After using this, I do find that my skin feels softer after using this. It doesn't remove some of the tough hard skin, but it definitely exfoliates to some degree, and my feet feel smoother and less dry. If you have really dry, hard skin on your feet it's probably not the best option as it's not really strong enough, but if your feet just have a few patches of dry skin, then I think it should be fine.

      A 75ml tube of this costs £4.50 from Avon, but it's almost always on offer. I paid £2 for mine and there's currently an offer of 2 Footworks products for £4, so no doubt you can pick it up cheaper.

      Overall, I'd say this is quite an average product. The smell is a bit chemical for my liking, and it does exfoliate to some degree, but it's not going to work miracles on very dry, rough skin.


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        07.09.2010 11:56
        Very helpful



        A great feeling a smelling foot scrub :o)

        As some of you may know I have a lot of problems with my knees and hips. I'm in and out of hospital and physio so my feet are on show most of the time. When I used to be a personal trainer I did one on one sessions which means I saw a lot of peoples feet and ugly feet at that.

        Which is one of the reason's why I've always looked after my feet as having cracked dry feet is just not a good luck for anyone! Lucky for me I've never suffered with cracked heels or dry skin on my feet and the reason being I think is because I've always look after them.

        Normally I'm not a fan of Avon products at all I find most items irritate my skin, there overpriced, overpowering smells and they are never as good as it claims to be. But I took a chance on some foot products and very pleased I did; for me these are the best things Avon has done.

        Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Exfoliating Scrub:

        'This scrub containing cherry extract will help sweep away dry skin to leave feet feeling softer and smoother'

        This cherry foot scrub has so far become one of my favourite editions to my foot care routine. It's simple to use and smells great. It only comes in a small 75ml tube with a heavy price tag of £4.50 but from what I've found a little goes along way using this every other day I found that one tube will last around two months.

        My Findings:

        I like to use this after having a hot soak in the bath as your feet will be softer from the water and will give you better results especially for people with rough feeling feet. After my soak I sit on the side of the bath and use a small blob on each foot.

        I rub it all over the bottom of my feet paying close attention to my heels, once I've gave my feet a good scrub I pop my feet back into the bath to wash off any remaining gel. The aromas from this foot scrub hits you as soon as you unscrew the lid it's a gorgeous hint of Cherry which if it was edible I would certainly be pouring it over some ice cream!

        The exfoliating scrub is a light red colour and feels like an exfoliater should, the exfoliating beads are very small and are easy to wash off and wash out your bath. As with some exfoliaters you're finding beads in your bath the next day! Also it's not a harsh exfoliater I find it mild and non evasive but still gets the job done.

        My feet are left feeling soft, smooth and refreshed ideal if my feet were aching I think this would help considerable. Like I said I've been lucky that I don't suffer with hard skin but my mom does so she has also been using this product and so far she is very happy with the results; her hard skin has become softer and less noticeable.

        The description of this is 'Cherry Ice Exfoliating Scrub' to see the words cherry ice to me thinks this would have a cooling effect on you feet. However it has no cooling effect at all, unless you want to exfoliate the bottom of your feet in cold water that is.

        Price and Availability:

        As this is an Avon product it can only be purchased from an Avon representative or from the Avon website. However if you do order from their website delivery costs apply, starting from £3.50 as price is based on your location.

        You can also pick up Avon products from eBay as if it's only the one item you want you may get it cheaper from eBay.

        The normal price of this foot scrub is £4.50 however is on offer most of the time. Right now it's on offer for just £2.25. When I purchased mine they had it on another special offer of only £1.80 each which I think is more justifiable than £4.50!


        The packaging is very simple and with like most Avon products in different languages on the tube. It looks just like the photo above. One thing I found out is on the tube it states this product was made in Poland, and I always thought that Avon products were made in England.


        Personally I'm really happy I came across this yummy foot scrub, as it smells great and leaves my feet feeling smooth and refreshed. I would certainly recommend this product to people that have a light case of dry/hard skin, but also if you don't have any hard/dry skin as it will act as a preventative plus you'll also get the benefit of nice soft smelling feet.

        I wouldn't buy this product at full price however if I see it in special offer again I will more than likely stock up.

        A big five out of five stars from me!

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        For people that have not heard about Avon before it is a company that started out over 120 years ago by a man called David McConnell doing door to door sales. Since then has come along way and Avon now sell their products around the world.

        Some of the items they sell are - cosmetics, Anti-aging creams, Shower/Bath gels, Foot care items even clothes and toys.

        You can also work for Avon my becoming an Avon representative by selling their items and earning yourself commission. (Not something I fancy doing however) More information can be found on their web site.


        Postal Address
        Avon Cosmetics Ltd
        Earlstrees Road
        NN17 4AZ


        Tel: 0845 6014040


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          30.07.2010 13:25
          Very helpful




          I don't often use Exfoliators, and especially not on my feet. Not sure why though as I use foot Lotion on my feet to try and keep them soft and moisturised. After all my feet are in trainers for most of the day, so sure they will get that bit moist and perhaps a bit not nice looking.

          There has been a few different Avon Foot Works products out over the last few years. There is the normal scented range which has a bit Minty scent, There was a Green Tea one, and this is the latest scent which is Cherry Ice. Sounds nice enough in my eyes. I get a vision of a light Cherry scent with Crushed ice mixed through,

          You get this in a 75ml tube and I think it is well overpriced at £4.50. I would ever spend that on something like this. In the latest book this is on offer for £1.80, and it is usually on offer around this price, or on a 3 for £5 kind of offer as well.

          The tube looks ok. Easy to squeeze and ok to hold. This is mostly white in colour with a little Cherry picture on it.

          When you squeeze a blob out of this it is a light pink colour and you can see lots of grains through it. Quite fine grains but they are rough enough as well.

          You just apply this to wet feet and rub just that little bit. You don't have to rub too hard, but I like to push hard now and again so it feels like it is buffing the skin away.

          This seems to take care of the little dry patches of skin and the lightly scented Cherry scent is nice. Nicer than the kind of fake Minty scent of the original one.

          A little goes a long way of this and it's a good product to freshen up your feet.


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