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Avon Footworks Green Tea & Mint Invigorating Spray

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5 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Spray / Type: Foot Spray / Suitable for: Foot

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    5 Reviews
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      09.08.2013 19:48
      Very helpful



      Best for Feet in need instant invigoration or soothing, not long term relief.

      Avon Foot Works Green Tea and Mint Invigorating Spray

      Size: 100ml

      Price: £4.50 but frequently on offer

      Spray recyclable plastic bottle An icon that informs us that the shelf life is 12 months once the product is opened.

      The rear label has a peel to open icon, but I have not been able to find a second page or instructions on the bottles I have had.

      Claims: Invigorating Foot Spray.


      I am a fan of Avon products and love anything that will soothe and pamper my feet, so this product is in a big box with all the other Foot Works products I use. I have found though, that although the Green Tea and Mint spray offers instant relief to tired aching feet, the relief is short lived. To that end it is about to become a work handbag product for quick sprucing on the go. I used this frequently during the recent hot weather, but at home found an application of the Green Tea and Mint Cream more effective, unless I just needed quick relief.

      The Fragrance:

      The fragrance is subtle benefits from not having an over powering mint tone.

      What I like about it:

      The spray has a vigorous jet and cooling properties for tired feet. It is quickly absorbed, without leaving any film or sheen. The subtle fragrance is just right, not being overpowering.

      What I don't like:

      Invigoration and soothing is short lived.

      Best for:

      Feet in need instant invigoration or soothing.

      Not for:

      Long term relief.


      Quick and easy to use, sociable, not only as it refreshes tired feet, but because it does not have an overpowering or lingering smell.


      Short lived relief.

      There are better products.

      Price and Availability: Usual price is £4.50 for 100ml bottle, however Avon frequently have offers on Foot Works products. Available via a Representative from the Avon Catalogue, Avon on-line, Sometimes outlets such as eBay or Amazon (see the Dooyoo links).


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      24.07.2011 16:04
      Very helpful




      I tend to use a lot of Feet products. I basically live in my Trainers so am concious of my feet being all bundled up at times, or I sometimes wear Boots with a bit of a chunky Heel, but this isn't the best for my feet either, so a good slick of Cream and the odd Spray I feel does wonders for my clammy feet.

      This is part of the Avon Footworks range which has been steadily expanding through the last few years. There is a good few different scents out in this range. There is the Original one, which has quite a few different products in it, The Green Tea range (Which this 1 is in obviously.) which seems to be more found in the sale books thesedays, and a few other ones. But this is about this product, so let's hear about it.

      This comes in a 100ml pump action spray bottle. Not sure how much this was normally, think the higher end of £3, but I got this in the sale book a few books ago for £1.40, so a nice little bargain to be had.

      The bottle for this looks alright. It's just a white bottle with the Footworks branding on the front. The colouring is an ok green colour and this has a little lid on the top which is pretty sturdy and seems to stay on ok even when I have carried this around in my bag.

      To use this all you do is spray this onto your Feet. I find that this is nice and cooling, but it isn't as cold a blast as the footworks Aerosol is, but this is a nice cool feeling especially if your feet are hot after being in socks and shoes for a bit. This dries quick enough and I tend to use 3 squirts on each food. This sprays out a good amount as well so I can cover my soles easy enough with this amount.

      The smell of this is nice enough as well. I do like the scent of Green Tea and this you can smell this more than the Mint. This is just a nice refreshing smell, and this seems to keep my feet gently scented as well.

      A good Foot spray that will last a good lenght of time and something to soothe your feet in the Summer months.


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      07.03.2010 18:44
      Very helpful



      A more appropropriate name is eau de toilette for the feet. No difference to the feel of my foot.

      Avon prices are so very hard to review on Dooyoo because they are constantly fluctuating, though I will do my best. I paid the offer price of £1.25 for this spray but I have seen the price elsewhere of something stupid like £4.

      *WHAT IS IT?*
      It is supposed to be an invigorating pump action foot spray of 100ml that covers the smell and refreshes overworked feet. It is meant to cool them down and generally make your feet feel better and cleaner. The smell is green tea and mint supposedly. It is quite a big spray bottle, Avon have been very generous with this product. It can be used on the feet or directly into shoes. Concentrated 12M.

      *WHAT IT DID*
      My boyfriend never used to have awful smelling feet but if he so much as looks at his shoes now then they stink. So I originally got this for him because I am luckily blessed with neutral smelling feet, even after exercise. I decided to try it out myself, I used two sprays per foot, for top half and bottom half of the foot. It dries so very quickly and has a lovely smell. Now, it smells absolutely nothing like what it says on the bottle or in the brochure. It in fact smells like concentrated lemon water and I am sure that is all it is! Not even the tiniest hint of mint in this product and some people may be able to smell tea if they try hard but unfortunately I cannot. After about an hour and a bit of general walking around the house, my feet smelt quite strongly of the product still. It did not moisturise or leave a greasy feel on my feet, if it were not for the smell there would have been no difference to my feet.
      Spraying it on and in footwear is the better option as it lingers for a while without leaving them damp. Though after a hard day the smell has completely gone. Each spray is rather generous, not too much that it drenches your feet or footwear and not too little that you end up using half a bottle for one application, has a little cap that covers the spray pump.


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      12.10.2009 16:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A Rubbish Product From A Range That Is Normally Very Good

      One of the most useless Foot Works products from Avon's range is deffo this Invigorating Spray which is supposed to refresh and invigorate your feet as well as getting rid of any nasty niffs!

      I got it when it was only 99p instead of £4.50 and believe, if I'd paid that much for it then I would have been gutted!

      It's a pump spray that you spray on your feet and the bottoms of your legs, it's fragranced with mint and tea tree but the only one I can smell is the tea tree and to me it seems a very stale version of tea tree and not the heady smell most of these products have.

      It comes out proper wet but even with the mint in it there's not much of a cooling effect from it. I don't get smelly feet but if I did I can't see that this would make a lot of difference because even though the smell of the spray is quite strong at first it soon disappears and just leaves that weird stale tea tree smell.

      I did a 3 mile walk with my mate and when we got back our feet were killing so I got this out and sprayed a bit on, it made no difference at all apart from making my feet and legs feel wet an a bit sticky.

      I don't know why they brought this tea tree and mint range out because I've used 2 different things from it now and they've both been crap but the normal Foot Works stuff is really good and works a lot better than this rubbish gimmicky range.


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        14.09.2009 21:12
        Very helpful



        Not for my tired cheesy feet as too strong an alcohol smell

        Even those closests too me would be hard pressed to love my feet. They unfortunately aren't a thing of beauty and I don't think any one is going to be sucking my toes like they did for Fergie. One of the many reasons they are not great is because in a word no matter what spray or lotion or potion I try come the summer they end up as cheesy feet! With this in mind I am forever trying different foot sprays to de-stink them. I wear cotton socks only natural footwear and trainers only at the gym but they still cause a bit of a whiff.

        So the latest weapon against cheese that I tried was Avon footwork's green tea and mint spray.

        What is it?
        This is a product in the Avon footwork's range. They claim this is a cooling foot spray that freshens and sooths tired feet.

        What does it look like?
        This comes in a 100ml bottle with a spray nozzle on it for you to squirt your feet. The label is a pleasant green and pink design with a foot and mint leaves on it.

        The price and where from
        I bought this when it was on special offer from my Avon representative for £2.25 it is still this price on the Avon website. The normal retail price is £4.50

        What is its purpose?
        The purpose of this is to cool down your feet on hot days and if they are getting a bit whiffy to neutralise any offensive odours.

        What it smells like?
        Despite it claiming to be mint and green tea the main smell is that of alcohol. Think about those alcohol gel hand rubs to clean your hands in hospitals and you won't be far off. The smell when you put it on your feet does waft up towards your nose as it is very strong and pervasive initially. As these starts to disappear and the alcohol dries off you do almost then do get a lingering smell of mint. This isn't mint in the sense of polo mints but a light mint in the same way your hands would smell minty if you rubbed a mint leaf in them. I personally never ever have smelled any green tea notes in the spray.

        How long it lasts for?
        Well the alcohol smell and cooling effects fade very fast in my opinion. Within 15-20 minutes the coolness has all but disappeared. The alcohol smell disappears within a few minuets and the minty smell after notes very quick after that too. Depending on the heat the sweatiness starts to re appear any where from an hour onwards.

        SD ALCOHOL 40-B
        C12-15 ALKYL BENZOATE
        WATER/EAU "Taken from the Avon website"

        Overall opinion and whether I would buy it again.
        I am not a huge fan of this product and feel let down by how effective it is for all the following reasons.

        The high alcohol content of this product is very noticeable and I probably would be better in just using the alcohol hand wash on my feet from a smell perspective as the mint and green tea notes are too soft and barley noticeable.

        Because of the high alcohol content if you have any cracks on open cuts on your feet this spray stings to high heaven causing tears to appear in your eyes.

        The alcohol is obviously intended to kill of the smelling bacteria and dry out the feet but the effectiveness of this are too short lived for my tired stinky feet. In the interests of this review having applied this too my feet at the end of a trying day at work I allowed the dampness to dry out I asked my dearest husband to give them a sniff. Now sniffing my feet is generally regarded as a punishment in our household so with reluctance he gave them a go. The verdict well they smell better than normal but they still smell! So the smell test failed from all angles with this product.
        The cooling effects of this spray this was another area I had hopes for but the cooling soon wear off within about 15 minutes there are again feeling throbbing hot on a warm day so not long lasting by any stretch of the imagination.

        The few things I like about this product relate to the packaging the bottle is small enough to be in a large handbag to use throughout the day. The ease of the pump action again making aiming this product all around your feet very easy.

        I won't be buying this again it just isn't up to the job to elevate the smell of my poor tired feet. The cooling effects are too short lived for this to out weigh the lack of effectiveness in the smell department. So my quest for de-chessing my summer feet continues and another product is consigned to the bin.


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