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Avon Footworks Lavender Intensive Treatment Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Texture: Cream / Type: Foot Cream / Subcategory: Foot Treatment / Texture: Cream / Suitable for: Foot

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    3 Reviews
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      09.08.2013 21:23
      Very helpful



      For people who love their feet


      Avon Foot Works Lavender Intensive Treatment Cream

      Size: 150ml

      Recyclable Plastic Tub

      The icons on the bottom of the tub inform us that the shelf life is 12 months once the product is opened, that we should dispose of litter in a bin and that the container is 5 pp recyclable.

      The rear label has a peel to open icon, underneath is the ingredients list and instructions in two other languages other than the ones on the front of the label, none of them are in English!

      Price: £5.00 but Foot Works products frequently on offer

      Claims: Not sure as I cannot read any of the languages


      Intensive overnight foot treatment in a recyclable plastic tub.


      I love Avon products and look forward to getting my catalogue; I also love anything that pampers my feet, so I am working through the entire range. I was looking forward to opening the Lavender Intensive Treatment Cream when I finished the previous container of night time foot moisturiser. I opened the screw top and peeled back the plastic seal to reveal a mauve coloured lightweight cream. I inhaled the aroma finding it to be subtle and relaxing. Scooping a bit up on my fingers I relished the first application on my feet. This is a really nice product, probably meant to be used occasionally or once a week, I used every night for a few days and recently have been using it every other night both to make it last and because I don't feel my feet require intensive treatment every night any more, it is really, really nice to use. The lightweight soft cream, is a sensuous pleasure to apply, smells lovely and absorbs easily.

      The fragrance:

      The fragrance is a subtle blend of lavender and I suspect watermelon.

      What I like about it:

      The wonderful sensuous pleasure of applying it to my feet.

      What I don't like:

      Lack of instructions.

      Best for:

      Feet in need of love and pampering.

      Not for:

      Anyone who feels their feet are not worth it.


      Sensuous and easy to use, applying it is a real pleasure


      None, it's the best night time foot moisturiser I've found.

      Price and Availability: Usual price is £5.00 for 150ml tub, however Avon frequently have offers on Foot Works products. Available via a Representative from the Avon Catalogue, Avon on-line, Sometimes outlets such as eBay or Amazon (see the Dooyoo links).

      6 months on: As I start a new container - I am so glad I tried this product.


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      04.08.2010 20:21
      Very helpful



      A good treatment for any dry areas.

      Avon Footwork's Lavender Intensive Treatment Cream a sweet smelling repairing treatment!
      Lately my feet have been through hell and its so nice to take time out and buy a good working treatment cream for my feet and some relaxation for me and my new sandles need a pair of good looking feet in them so this helped alot.

      I love to pamper myself and believe my feet do go through hell when I stand up for long periods of time or do lots of walking. Sometimes our feet need a good rest and a good treatment. I usually use this cream in my pedicures I do for people and they love it. The smell is very nice a lavender sweet smell that smells fresh and clean. That's the kind of smell you want to use on your feet lavender, though it can be intense it hides any foot odour. The cream itself comes in a round 150ml tub and is priced at £3.75 by Avon.
      The cream is not in this month's brochure but is always usually in others.

      I tend to use the lavender foot works soak first then dry off my feet and then apply this cream and it works wonders. Apply just a small amount into your hands and rub into the damaged areas of the skin like the soles of the feet and the heels where there are any cracks. Work well into the dry areas because afterwards that where you will get a good result. After 5 days your feet will feel noticeably better in the skin colour and softness.
      Sometimes I even wrap my feet in two hand towels after the cream is applied just to lock in the moisture faster. They do say its better to soak in moisture before bed but as a beauty therapist I would say that really does not matter any time of the day is good to put moisture back into our skin and for £3.75 this is perfect.

      Avon does a range of foot works treatments such as lavender foot masks and also sprays for foot odour control. It's a keeper for me and its better to pay for something not to expensive that does a better job than the top stuff you see on all these TV channels.
      Get your feet sorted with this intensive treatment cream and you don't need to worry about reactions to this it can be used on even sensitive skin.
      Overall great product and a brilliant result for my feet they are feeling smooth and looking well.
      5 stars!


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      19.04.2010 18:55
      Very helpful



      worth buying


      This was one of the first products I tried from the footworks range and I have almost ran out although I saved a bit for when I review it so I can tell you what it's like.
      This one comes in a wide, cylinder shaped, white tub which contains 150ml. The lid is also white and screws off very easily.

      This is marked in the brochure as being normally £4.50 although it's almost always on offer. The normal price per 100ml is £3.00 which is a very good price, even without the deals on.

      This is supposed to get rid of any dry or rough skin you might have on your feet, and make them feel much smoother and softer.

      The cream itself is a nice lilac colour. It smells quite nice, like lavender a bit although the smell is subtle and not too strong.
      The way in which I personally like to use this is by smoothing lots of it all over my feet and then put Avon moisturising socks on (from the Planet Spa range). I do this before bed and the next morning when I remove the socks my feet are much smoother and more moisturised. So, yes, this does live up to its claims.
      As there is 150ml in the tub this does last a good few weeks, depending how often you decide to use it. I find this works best when used about three times a week.

      I recommend this intensive cream because it works well, comes at a really good, low price and there is lots in the tub so it is sure to last you a good few weeks.
      It doesn't take up too much time to use, I described the way in which I use this cream and it takes almost no time at all. So this is great for those of you who don't get much time to yourselves.


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