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Avon Footworks Shea Foot Souffle

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Brand: Avon / Type: Souffle / Suitable for: Foot

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    4 Reviews
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      29.08.2012 20:13
      Very helpful
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      A lovely foot cream that is well worth it if you ever find it online.

      When I went to visit my Nan a month ago, she gave my sister and I a gaggle of Avon beauty products as 'going back to uni' presents (mainly for the sister since she is going to Japan in September for her year abroad). Most of my presents were part of the Avon Footworks range. I tend to suffer from dry skin on my feet, especially around my heels, so I think my Nan was giving me a hardly-subtle hint that I should take more care of my them, especially with summer approaching!

      One of these gifts was the Avon Footworks Shea Foot Soufflé, soufflé just being a fancy name for 'very creamy moisturiser'. Since I received this is a gift I didn't know the exact price my Nan paid it and according to Avon's website the product has since been discontinued. The RRP was apparently £4.20.


      The soufflé comes in a 150ml white plastic tub which can be recycled after use. The packaging isn't at all eye-catching, with the front label on a white background with only 'Avon Footworks Logo', some coloured footprints (the only colourful bit) and the name of the product. It's like the developers were focusing on showing the Foot Souffle as part of the Footworks range rather than a product of its own.
      The ingredients are hidden under another label on the bottom of the tub. I'm not going to list them all here, but I will say I didn't notice anything particularly harmful.

      ==---Using It---==

      Opening the tub you will see that the soufflé is white, quite airy and very thick. I'd say it has the consistency of whipped cream. The smell of shea butter is present although it isn't that strong but I prefer this to it being overpowering and compensating for a poor quality product. All in all the soufflé certainly gives off the impression of a moisturising product!
      Thankfully this product is as effective as it looks. I tend to use the soufflé daily (or at least every other day) on my feet after showering. I apply an amount the size of a £2 coin to my hands and rub it into both feet focusing on my heels and in-between toes. The cream rubs into my skin quickly and leaves it feeling very smooth and supple. It doesn't feel greasy or oily either; once it's rubbed into my skin I don't feel the need to wash my hands to get rid of excess.

      Avon's Footworks Shea Foot Souffle is a great moisturiser as part of your daily footcare routine. It feels great on your skin and keeps your feet moisturised throughout the day. As I said earlier the product has been discontinued (although I believe a similar product is available), so if you come across this on eBay or an Avon sale then by all means you should give it a try!

      (Review also on Ciao under the username Anti_W)


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        12.08.2012 15:47
        Very helpful



        A fab foot souffle that does all I want a foot souffle to do!

        I never used to suffer from particularly bad problems with the skin on my feet but this summer with a combination of ridiculously high temperatures on holiday, lots of hiking and walking around barefoot much more than normal my feet have not been in what you might call tip top shape. My husbands feet are always horrible and I generally tend to stay as far away from them as possible, they're rough, flakey, covered in hard little bumps and don't even get me started on the state of his toe nails! I decided it was time to start looking after them more, especially when I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis in my right heel (quite painful but apparently very common - if it's that common Mrs Doctor Woman, how come I'd never heard of it?!) and so started looking out for something that might do the trick.

        As luck would have it, that very same week an Avon catalogue plopped onto my doormat. YES!!! I'd been reading loads of reviews of Avon products and was feeling slightly miffed by the fact that there was no rep in my neighbourhood, so it looked like it was a sign from fate when a local lady decided to become a rep and dropped me a catalogue round. It was an even bigger sign from fate when I discovered they had a whole range of products designed especially with caring for your feet in mind and that in this particular catalogue said footcare products were on a ridiculously special special offer of any 3 for £4.99. When you consider that this foot souffle alone normally retails at around £4.25 and I got this and two other tubes of different products for only 74p more than that I was a very happy bunny.

        I think that the Footworks range is one exclusive to Avon and so can only be bought either via their catalogue from one of their representatives or from their online store, although obviously delivery costs will also play a factor when ordering in that way.

        The Footworks Shea Foot Souffle comes in a squat, circular tub which is all plain white plastic and stands around and inch and a half tall. It has a screw top lid and the branding on it is all pale pink and blue. To be honest it is about as basic as you can get with packagaing and I'm not particularly taken by it, but at the same time I'm not usually bothered by packaging on toiletries and cosmetics (unless they're going to be out on permanent display in the house somewhere) so I don't mind that it's very basic, as long as the product inside does what it's meant to. For the price you pay you get 150ml of product and when you've finished the packaging can be recycled. Thumbs up to Avon for that as it's shocking how many large companies STILL don't make their packaging recycleable. Shame on them.

        The lid is very easy to unscrew with just a couple of twists and as soon as you take it off you're greeted with quite a strong, fresh, citrussy and almost herbal smell. I'm always a bit wary of trying new foot products as many of them tend to smell quite strongly of mint, which I hate, but this one doesn't at all. It still smells very fresh, but not a hint of mint. It smells more or less identical to the Sanctuary foot souffle, which can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned, beinga big lover of all things Sanctuary!

        When it first arrived my husband (not being in any way, shape or form anything resembling a "metro-man" and tending to the rugged, outdoorsy "man" side of male) immediately started taking the mickey out of the idea of using a special cream for your feet and why was it called souffle and no thank you very much I could just use it on myself. Being the understanding wife that I am I told him to shut up, take his socks off and put his feet on my lap. He did as he was told and I got to lathering his (freshly washed and dried!) feet with the souffle.

        You can straight away understand why they call this a souffle rather than a cream as it is really light and quite fluffy and airy and well, much more like a souffle than a general cream! It's a very pale cream colour and almost pearlescent in quality and when you dig your fingers into the tub to scoop some out it feels lovely and soft but rich at the same time. It's really easy to apply, simply by rubbing it into your feet, paying extra attention to any problem areas, and feels lovely as you apply it. It doesn't feel greasy either to the touch or on your skin and is absorbed really quickly. Well, I say that, but for some reason it seems to take about 4 times as long to absorb into hubby's feet as mine. He thinks this is because his feet are already soft enough (pah!) and he doesn't need it, I think it's because the skin on his feet is so hard and hideous that it takes longer for the souffle to break it's way through!

        We've been using this foot souffle for about 2 weeks now every night after showering and it really has made a difference to the state of both of our feet. The skin on my feet is noticably softer and smoother and they're flaking a lot less now than they were. My husbands feet are just a hundred times better than they were. The flaking skin has almost gone now, the skin is much softer and the hard bits of skin he had on the outsides of his big toes are also a lot better. They're still there, but muc less pronounced and it doesn't actually hurt to run your hands over them any more! I'm not going to call it a miracle product or anything like that but I think that it definitely does what I was expecting from it, making our feet generally much more pleasant parts of our bodies and makes them feel healthier and more cared for. The fragrance also helps them feel a lot fresher too.

        The tub is lasting really well and I would guess we've now used about a quarter of it. So that would make about 2 months full use out of one tub for two people with daily use which I don't think is bad at all and I would happily pay full price for this foot souffle in future, although obviously would prefer to pay the special offer price! Unfortunately this product is not said to be no longer available on the Avon website. Whether this means that they've just sold out or whether they've stopped selling it all together I don't know, but I sincerely hope it's the former option. When even my "manly" husband says his feet feel "nice and soft now" when asked if he thinks the souffle does work after all then you know it must be good!

        The one and only downside I have found with this product is that it comes in a tub rather than a tube and when you've used it and got the souffle all over your hands it is very difficult to screw the lid back on without getting the residue from your hands all over the tub. I also think tubes are more hygienic as you don't have to stick your fingers in them all the time! But that is a personal preference of mine and some people will probably prefer the tub.

        All in all I am more than happy with this foot souffle and would recommend it without hesitation. It smells lovely, feels nice to use and makes your feet look and feel a lot better. What more could you ask for from a foot cream? The tub v tube factor isn't enough for me to deduct a star, so 5 fabulous stars it is from me :)


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          28.06.2012 11:57
          Very helpful



          A foot care product from Avon that I would highly recommend..!

          Many regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work part time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means that I am very familiar with many of Avon's products and I do enjoy purchasing items from their various ranges to allow for a little pampering at home.

          One range in particular that I really like is the Avon "Foot Works" range which is of course a range of products aimed at caring for your feet. This range has developed over the years and it is currently undergoing a bit of a 're-vamp' from the Avon company, though many of the 'old favourites' from the range remain in the product range today.

          One of my favourite products from the range that I have purchased many times now is the Avon Foot Works Shea Foot Soufflé. I like the product and have found it works really well on my tired feet so it is a product that I have repurchased many times as a result. As @ June 2012, the 150ml tub of Shea Foot Soufflé is available to buy directly from your Avon Representative for around the £3.50 mark, though the price does vary and you can expect to pay anywhere from £2 - £4. It is available to buy on the Avon website (www.avonshop.co.uk) for £2, and I have seen it on ebay with prices starting from 99 pence.

          The tub is fairly basic, in line with the rest of the products in the Foot Works range. Comprising of a plain white tub with a screw-off lid, there is a small animated image of a bare foot surrounded by pink circles and the name of the product, together with the relevant information appears on the white tub in a pale pink-coloured font. There is nothing particularly 'unisex' about the product and I do think it has been aimed purely at the female market.

          This theory is confirmed when I unscrew the lid from the tub. The product itself is a luxuriously thick cream that is an off white colour but it has a very pearlescent shine to it, making it look rather glossy.

          There is a faint aroma evident from the Shea Foot Soufflé as I apply it to my feet which reminds me of soap, but with a faint mint or menthol fragrance lying behind. As I rub the thick cream into my skin, the aroma seems to develop further, taking on a heavier mint-like fragrance that is not altogether unpleasant but doesn't strike me as being particularly spectacular, either.

          The soufflé feels very light and rather 'whipped' when I am applying it to my feet. I feel it instantly begin to absorb into my tired feet and it does so with ease. There is no need for me to continually rub the cream to make it disappear.. It does this all by itself. Additionally, I find that a little goes a long way with this particular product and the soufflé spreads easily over my feet, so I feel that the product is quite economical and will last for a reasonable amount of time before the tub runs out.

          My feet feel instantly 'soothed' by the use of the soufflé, although I don't find the product is at all revitalising or anything. I find the product has a very comforting feel when applied to sore or tired feet after a long day and I like how the scent remains whilst the product is being applied, and then for a short time afterwards. Once all of the cream has been absorbed, the scent becomes much more subtle, but is still evident.

          My feet feel suitably moisturised after use, and are immediately softened. I don't suffer from any hard skin on my feet but I am fairly confident that if any were present, the Foot Soufflé would soften these areas considerably, as the moisturising properties from the product are so evident. One point that I would mention is that there is a sort of 'powdery' residue left behind on my feet after use and this feeling remains for several hours after the product has been used. The feeling is not unpleasant, nor does it feel heavy in any way, but it is there. I usually apply the foot soufflé at bedtime after a relaxing bath and I have noticed a powdery footprint or two is often evident on my flooring after I have padded through to bed, although this can be removed easily. The use of slippers or moisturising socks removes this little problem altogether.

          After using the foot soufflé for a couple of weeks, I have noticed that the condition and softness of my feet has improved overall and I feel that my feet are much softer than they were before. I like the fact that the tub has lasted for quite a reasonable amount of time and it feels like an economical purchase, especially when the reasonable price is considered.

          For the reasons I have outlined in this review I can only award the Avon Foot Works Shea Foot Soufflé full marks and it is one Avon product that I will continue to repurchase.... highly recommended!


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            02.03.2010 14:20
            Very helpful



            see review

            I do like my pampering products, but nothing deserves a treat as much as my poor feet. By the end of the week having pounded the streets on the school run, back and forth to the shops (I don't drive) and just general running of errands my feet need some serious TLC.

            I do pride myself in my foot care, and make sure that every night I smooth a foot cream into my tired tootsies to help revive them for the following day.

            Because of this I tend to go through quite a lot of foot creams, and so I frequently buy them. I find that the ones from the Avon Footworks collection always seem to be of good value and do the job, so when this new 'foot souffle' came out a few brochures back I bought some to test out..

            Price and packaging~

            This is a luxurious sounding foot cream and I was tempted by

            (a) The name - I mean foot souffle? How soothing for your feet does that sound?


            (b) The price. Well we all love a bargain don't we? At the usual price of £4.50 for a 150ml tub I probably wouldn't have looked twice, but it was on an introductory offer of just £2 so I had to buy it really as it would have been rude not to.

            The 'souffle' comes housed in a rather basic plastic tub with a screw top lid.
            It's quite short and stubby and is predominantly white; as is the other products in the Footworks collection. There is lettering on the front in blue and pink, and on the back of the tub is one of those annoying sticky labels that you peel off to tell you how to use it (in about 20 languages).

            As it is just a foot cream - sorry souffle - I opted out of reading 'how to use' and decided to wing it and try it on my own (daring I know).

            My experience of using this cream~

            The first thing I noticed on opening the lid was there was no plastic film over the top of the tub. Because of this half of the cream was stuck to the lid and some of which dropped off onto the bathroom floor - not a good start!

            Never mind, after scooping up the dropped cream and putting back into the tub (waste not want not. Anyway my bathroom floor was clean) I was surprised by the scent. Or should that be lack of it?

            The full official title is 'Footworks Shea Foot Souffle' and is supposed to contain shea butter for it's moisturising properties. Great - except there was no shea butter smell but it seemed to rather emit a strong peppermint scent instead. Nothing wrong with that, that's just me being picky!

            The colour is a fairly boring opaque white, whilst the consistency to the cream is very thick and whipped so only a small amount was applied at first - a small blob around the size of a 10p coin seemed sufficient.

            I applied to both my feet and it seemed to rub well into the skin. I used last thing at night and have worn cotton socks to intensify the cream and this does seem to help it absorb deeper into the skin.

            I bought this about 2 weeks ago now and have been using it every night. It does leave my feet feeling soft and smelling fresh (even if it is of peppermint) but I wouldn't say it works any better than some of the less expensive foot creams that Ive tried.

            This does leave your feet soft but I wouldn't be prepared to pay the full price of £4.50 as it really isn't that special. For that reason I am deducting one star. By all means try it whilst it's on offer but don't waste your money when the price goes up.


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