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Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Treatment Easy Pack

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Brand: Baby Foot / Scrub / Type: Foot Scrub / Subcategory: Foot Treatment / Exfoliator / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Exfoliates,

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      25.03.2012 17:57
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      Avoid this. It doesn't work!

      My sister gave me the Baby Foot foot exfoliating "easy pack" as from the pictures on the package she thought it looked a bit of a faff and didn't think she would get around to using it herself. I am always happy to try new beauty products so I looked forward to trying this quite novel product from Japan.

      Baby Foot promises to intensively treat your feet, stripping away all dry skin to reveal a fresh layer of new, baby soft skin underneath.

      The packaging is a soft cardboard box with instructions on the back and some rather alarming pictures on it of peeling and flaking feet! This is the stage your feet are supposed to go through before the fresh skin is revealed. I have to say that these pictures did not attract me to the product at all - although I suppose it does give an accurate idea of what is involved in the treatment. Most of the text on my box was in Japanese but there were also instructions in English on the back. Inside the box there are two large clear plastic socks full of a watery gel, and some stickers intended for adjusting the tightness and fit of the socks.

      Because the product is intended to have such an extreme effect, stripping away a layer of skin, the packet warns that you should carry out a patch test on a small area of your foot before using it all over. To do this you apply a very small amount of the product onto a soft part of your foot such as the under arch, leave it for two hours then rinse off with soap and water and allow to dry naturally. This is slightly impractical as you have to cut open one of the socks to get some product out, then you have to make sure you reseal it somehow so it does not dry out or leak out. I closed it up again with some of the supplied stickers. As recommended I waited 48 hours after the patch test to see if I would get any side effects and as it looked fine I went ahead with the main treatment.

      To do the treatment you put each foot into a plastic sock containing the gel. If it is loose you should tighten it with the stickers. This feels quite cold and unpleasant, a bit like when you are stuck wearing wet socks and shoes after standing in torrential rain. It is quite difficult to walk in the socks as you are prone to sliding about if on a wooden floor. I put my feet up to watch TV while I waited and after a few minutes I did get used to the socks. After two hours I washed my feet with soap and water, and air dried.

      There was no immediate effect, but the instructions tell you it can take 3 or 4 days for anything to happen. For me, it took more like 5 or 6 days until my feet started dramatically peeling. This was quite an unpleasant stage. My feet were very soft and huge flakes of skin were basically falling off. This continued for a few days. Once this was over, my feet were not soft underneath. Most of the skin was the same as ever, but the heels and sides were much drier and are still slightly prone to flaking now, about two weeks later. I was very disappointed with this, as I put up with the horrible process hoping for good results which did not come.

      I have now had to use more traditional products such as thick foot creams and butters to try and improve my skin again, reducing the dryness that has been left by Baby Foot. I am glad I didn't pay money for this product but even for free I wish I hadn't touched it!


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