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Balm Balm 100% Organic Foot Balm Tea Tree

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Brand: Balm Balm / Balm / Type: Foot Balm / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Smoothes, regenerates, Nourishes / Quality Standard: Organic

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2012 21:52
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      A lovely foot balm for soft smooth feet

      Whilst we are having this lovely weather I refuse to wear anything other than FitFlops on my feet, not only are they the comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned, I find them easy to walk in and they go with everything, which for me makes them the perfect footwear.

      One downside to wearing Flip flops is that your feet end up covered in dirt, whether that is because I live in London and it is quite dirty and grimy anyway, I don't know, but every day without fail the soles of my feet look like I've been running along my allotment barefoot, then through a coal mine via a muddy field, which I can assure you I have not, its just old fashioned everyday dirt and grime. So with that in mind, I am shoving my feet into a foot spa almost every night to clean them, which for most people shouldn't be a problem, but for me I don't like feet, they are just wrong.

      Feet hatred aside, for my birthday I was given a lovely set of products from Balm Balm who are a 100% natural and organic company who sell skincare products. They actually have an enormous catalogue of products ranging from Lip Balms, Face Balms, Hand and Foot Balms, Massage and Bath Oils, baby Products, Essential Oils and many more besides. They even have their own website so you can look their products up for yourself.

      In my package was 5 items, specially chosen by a very good friend of mine who really likes Balm Balm products and as she knows me so well she assumed I would like them too. They arrived neatly packaged in a box and the first product I set my sights on was Balm Balm Tea Tree Balm which is found in a pastel blue coloured box which clearly displays the company logo and inside the box is a tub containing 30ml of the product. Now I am not a fan of Tea Tree Oil at all, I once used an Original source shower gel and it put me off for life because the fragrance was so strong. But I am always willing to give something a try and as I removed the lid, which twists on and off, I was pleasantly surprised not to be blown away by an overly strong Tea Tree aroma, it was definitely evident as an ingredient there was no doubt about that, but there was another ingredient holding back the full strength of the smell and I think that is the Shea Butter, a wonderful smell which reminds me of Caramac bars and is a pure pleasure to use on your skin.

      Once I had cleaned my feet and sat back and relaxed with the foot spa going, I got the Balm Balm cream and read that you need to ensure that your feet have been thoroughly washed, cleaned and dried before using and then you apply a 50p sized blob of this cream which is a white colour onto your feet and gently massage it in. The cream itself is a fairly thick texture, similar to Heel Genius from Soap and Glory, and it glides onto your feet effortlessly and absorbs almost immediately, which for me is brilliant because I then don't have to spend too long touching my own feet. As you massage the cream in you are hit with a lovely aroma of fragrances, nothing like the horrific Tea Tree Oil in the product I have already mentioned, but instead a much lighter scent.

      So given that this product has Tea Tree Oil as one of its main ingredients, it is used because it helps to fight off fungal and bacteria which can often be a problem for feet. Add to that Shea Butter which is well known for its moisturising properties. The final oil to mention is Jojoba Oil which is rapidly becoming one of my favourite ingredients is used because it quickly absorbs into the skin helping to lock in moisture leaving your skin soft and smooth, but it also smells really sweet and is quite a lovely fragrance. There are further ingredients for this product which can be found listed on both the box and the tub of product and online.

      Once you have massaged the cream into both feet, I would suggest, if you have them, using some cotton socks and putting them on your feet over night to allow the cream to really work its magic on your feet. I have some socks that I got with a Soap and Glory gift set once and I always use them when using a product like this because it achieves the most brilliant results. The following morning I could smell a hint of Tea Tree oil which was quite pleasant but my feet were so soft and smooth you would never have known that before going to bed I had black soles.

      So as a gift this is a pure luxury and one that I am enjoying using. To purchase you are looking at spending between £6 and £8 per 30ml and you can either buy these products online via the Balm Balm website or places like Amazon or if that isn't your thing and you want to smell before you buy then you are likely to find these products at places like Waitrose and Fenwicks. But it is a lovely product and I am working my way through all the products I received in my package.


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    • Product Details

      Ingredients: are all 100% Organic & 100% Natural / Approved by the Soil Association / Balm Balm do not test on Animals / They are endorsed by the British Union Against Vivisection / A multi purpose balm for feet, hands, lips, face, elbows and knees / Shea butter, sunflower, beeswax, jojoba, calendula & tea tree essential oil, gently melted together to create a medium soft balm formulation to soothe, moisturise and condition your feet or anywhere else that might need caring for / Tea Tree essential oil is antibacterial & antiviral so can help to clear up all sorts of little problems / This product is a favourite with many reflexologists / Directions for use: Smooth onto cracked, dry feet or any area that needs moisturising and nourishing / Spend a little time massaging Tea Tree Foot Balm into all the little nooks & crannies of your feet each evening / All Balm Balm products should be kept cool (below 30 degrees centigrade) / This is because they are 100% natural and will melt if kept too warm / Massage into feet before soaking them in warm water to let the oils really sink in / TRY / Adding sugar or salt to a little balm before rubbing into feet and soaking to remove any rough skin /

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