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Boots Gel Heel Socks

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Brand: Boots / Care Accessory / Texture: Gel / Suitable for: Foot

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2010 20:20
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      A pair of gel heel socks to soften hard skin on your heels.

      I always seem to have hard skin on my heels and the undersides of my feet, no matter how many lotions and potions I put on them the hard skin never seems to go completely. Now as the weather is getting warmer and it's time for wearing flip flops again I've decided that this year something has to be done with my feet. About two weeks ago I visited my local Boots and stood in front of the foot care counter with a grim determination on my face. About fifteen minutes later, after picking up and sniffing lots of different products, I left with a heel cream and a pair of gel heel socks. These socks had caught my eye straight away and once that's happened there wasn't a chance I wasn't going to buy them! So rather optimistically I left Boots and went home with an evening of pampering planned to get my feet in tip top condition for the summer!

      The gel heel socks are basically two blue socks which come in a little cardboard box. It's instantly recognisable on the shelf as it's one of the only foot care products that wasn't a cream or a gel. The socks themselves are nylon and are very similar to any other socks I've ever owned, they're elasticated around the rim which means they won't fall down or come off easily. They feel really soft to the touch on the outside and the inside is very smooth and almost plastic like which means the cream won't be absorbed through the socks but stay inside and therefore work on your feet. The main reason I bought these socks was because when I applied cream or gel on my feet in the past and then put socks on, the majority of the cream or gel was actually absorbed by the socks themselves and didn't do much at all to my actual feet.

      The principle behind the gel heel socks is simple; they're a sock that contains a moisturising gel which will leave feet softer and smoother after wearing them. The gel isn't really noticeable, as I've already mentioned the insides feel smooth and a little sticky so it is evident there is something in there but it's not moist or anything like that. It's got quite a pleasant smell to it which smells a little of almonds although does retain that kind of medical cream smell which is typical of foot creams. It's also recommended that for a more intensive treatment you apply a heel softening balm or cream prior to putting the socks on. In addition you can also wash them in warm soapy water and it's recommended that you sprinkle the inside with talcum powder following this to preserve the gel inside. Oh and one size fits absolutely everyone's feet!

      The first night I put the gel heel socks after my bath without applying any additional cream to my feet or heels at all. It was a rather strange sensation at first; my feet felt a bit like there were in those verruca socks you can buy for going swimming! The socks were quite comfortable and spacious to wear (my feet are a size 7) and after a while I didn't even notice I had them on. Towards the end of the night my feet did start to feel a little clammy in them and when I took them off to go to bed they were ever so slightly moist but this soon disappeared. After repeating this for a couple of nights I couldn't really feel or see any overall improvement, my feet certainly felt smoother and softer when I took the socks off but by morning this had disappeared and they certainly didn't make any noticeable difference to my cracked heels.

      After persevering for about three nights I decided to go for the double attack - cream AND socks! I applied a Scholl cream to my feet and then put the socks on straightaway; the socks certainly stopped any cream from soaking through onto the socks or, even worse, my floor. My feet felt quite sticky at first and the cream took much longer to soak in that normal, I presume this was because half of it wasn't absorbed by the sock. After about an hour things started to feel less squidgy in the socks and I left them on for about five hours (it is recommended you sleep in them but I can't bare things being on my feet when I'm asleep). After I took them off my feet felt much softer and even my heels did a little too, the cream was still evident on my feet suggesting wearing the socks made the cream work much more intensively than without them. The socks themselves still had a little cream in the insides of them but nothing much.

      I've now been applying my Scholl cream and wearing my gel heel socks for over a week and I can honestly say I'm starting to see an improvement. Not only do my feet feel softer and smoother overall but my heels look much healthier, there are less cracks on them and the hardened skin does seem to be disappearing slowly. I would argue that these socks alone won't make much of a difference, but when you use them with a heel cream and also some sort of hard skin remover (I've got a enlarged nail file type thing) then the effects are clearly evident. The socks cost me £7.99 although I only actually paid half price for them due to a special offer on foot care at Boots at present. Alone they really won't do much but with other products they can work, arguably they're better than normal socks and so I would recommend them... 3 stars from me.

      Thanks for reading.


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