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Boots Gorgeous Feet Soothing Foot Soak

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Foot Soak / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Soothes,

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    4 Reviews
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      16.04.2010 00:48
      Very helpful



      One I will buy again!!

      It may sound silly to say that I always have neatly painted toenails even in the winter when nobody can see them. I think it is that little feeling of doing something small and wonderful for yourself that only you appreciate. I do not always have much time to myself but I do enjoy giving my feet the odd treat.

      I was given some money for Christmas and headed off to Boots to find myself a little beauty treat to pamper myself with. I decided that I wanted to try something I had not used before and decided that seems as I was running low on my No7 foot moisturiser (yes I know, I moisturise everywhere... even my feet) I would find something to treat my feet.
      Wandering around the store I came across what I call the feet isle. I was drawn to a range by Boots called "Gorgeous Feet".

      ~ The product ~

      There are quite a few products in this range... I purchased more after trying this one first as I liked it so much.
      The product I am reviewing is the soothing foot soak.
      In a cylindrical pot type glass container with pink label and lid this looks perfect on any ladies dressing table. I am a pink lover and was instantly attracted to the packaging and colour, I found it simple yet eye-catching.

      ~ It states ~

      On the side of the pot it reads:
      "Works to soften tired and aching feet"
      This appealed to me as I am on my feet with my job for the best part of the day and sometimes nearing 8pm when my shift finishes although I myself and happy my little feet are not, they feel tired and in need of a rest.

      "Take a step in the right direction and give hardworking feet a soothing treat."

      ~ Price and availability ~

      This product is exclusive to Boots and is priced at £1.99. I found this to be a lot better than other foot soaks I have seen on the shelves. I have always found it to be available (thank goodness).

      ~ How to use ~

      Put a small amount in a bowl of warm water and soak for ten minutes.
      It then recommends to follow with the moisturizer in the range, any will do though to be honest.

      ~ My verdict of my feet ~

      Although I do not have any problems with my feet, they are not dry or anything I do notice a significant improvement in the softness of them which is always nice.
      My feet feel more relaxed and a lot less "achy" after soaking for around ten minutes.
      One thing I must mention is the wonderful smell of this foot soak, it is one that I find quite hard to describe. I would almost compare it to the smell you would expect from a miracle cream or health spa type product, if that makes sense???
      I have brought this in a set for a close friend for a recent birthday and she was very happy indeed.
      I HAVE HAPY FEET!!!!

      I hope this review has been helpful!


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        24.01.2010 17:14



        A litte bit goes a long way.

        I am a firm believer in looking after your feet, after all we do spend most of our time on them. I never really suffered with hard skin on my feet until I got a bar job and my feet were regularly getting wet and i was standing on them for long periods!

        I like to make sure I have well manicured feet whilst on holiday or wen im going out with fancy shoes on. I have used loads of different creams and soaks and will review them all in time.

        I decided to try this boots own brand in the 50ml tub which cost £1.99. You can buy this in a larger 150ml tub which I think costs about £5, but the smaller one is ideal as a tester size. This is only in Boots, as it is a Boots branded product.

        I liked the tub this was in. A hard plastic pot and a handy enough size to put in your bag, or even pocket! The tub is a light Pink colour and has a dusky pink/gold screw on lid. Looks nice on the bathroom cabinet.

        The smell is a light french vanilla fragrance but is not sickly. I tend to use for about 10minutes a few times a week, i can defo notice a difference and will use again, and probably even use the large tub.

        Great for the money and a little bit goes a long way.


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        09.07.2009 13:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        I ended up trying this product after reading it by xxfoxy-redxx - read her stuff, as I think she's great! Anyway I like to use products on my feet, as they tend to be in my cosy socks most of the time. I perhaps should air them more at home, but I like my feet to be nice and toasty!

        I tried the 50ml tub which cost £1.99. You can buy this in a larger 150ml tub which I think costs about £5, but the smaller 1 was the ideal tester size. Available in Boots, as it is a Boots branded product.

        I liked the tub this was in. A hard plastic pot and a handy enough size to put in your bag, or even pocket! The tub is a light Pink colour and has a dusky pink/gold screw on lid.

        The liquid is sort of like a cream, and quite runny enough. You just put a scoop of this into some warm water and you see it leaving a white-ish trail through the water. There seemed to be a hint of bubbles in this as well, but not that much.

        This smelt a bit like Vanilla and was pretty sweet smelling, but not sickly. This scented my feet well enough and afterwards they didn't stink as if they had been stuck in trainers all day.

        You just soak your feet in the for about 10 minutes and then pat dry. When I took my feet out of this I felt that my feet seemed nice and soft, and any harder bits like the annoying parts up near my toes seemed softer and easy enough to clip away, therefore hopefully removing the problem. I will buy the larger one of this and hopefull use this once a week.

        A good high street buy that makes me think of a Body Shop of Lush product without the higher price tag.


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          27.06.2009 11:39
          Very helpful



          Worth a go at the price it costs!

          When it comes to looking after my feet I'm sure they're the most neglected part of me. Which is why the other day (at a hint of sunshine outdoors) I rushed out to Boots to see what foot treatments I could buy to get slabs of meat worth shoving in some sandals and peep toes shoes with my pedal pushers and stuff lol.

          I had very dry flaky skin, discoloured yellowy heels, just not very nice looking feet really and I was shocked to see what bad condition I had let them get into so I bagged a few products to try in Boots and this was one of them!

          The Packaging....

          The product comes in a glass see through round pot (in my case I own the s 50ml size but it is also available in 150ml and it has a shimmer pale pink screw on/off lid to the top of it. On the pot there is a light pink label on there and I'm told it is Boots 'Gorgeous Feet' Soothing Foot Soak which 'Works to soften tired and aching feet' and there is a drawn on small picture of a black show on there, contact details for Boots are given, size and the recycle symbol are displayed as well a bar-code and that's it unless you pull back the sticky label which hides other information such as cautions and ingredients. Nice enough pot this!

          The Product....

          The first thing you will notice about this 'cross between gel and cream' off yellow runny liquid is the smell of it. Ladies it's simply divine! If you love the smell of 'Lush' products for me this would fit in perfectly there. It's sweet, smells of vanilla and is very sweet and warm and for me this is an indulgent treat for the ladies in the main.

          Personally I add a rather small amount to my bath and sit on the loo with my feet in warm water and soaking in the soft, highly fragrant and bubbly water but of course you can use what you like to soak your feet in but I'm not sure whether it would get too bubbly in an an electric foot spa!


          Minimal. Great cleanser and odour eating product for sure and yes I have to admit my feet did feel refreshed after a wee dunking however I didn't feel much else happened. I expected to simply pat my feet dry and be met by silky feet but that wasn't the case. Sure I won't argue that they didn't feel a bit softer and more comfortable but not majorly so and I would say if you have problems with your feet and need some sort of treatment product..... then don't bother with this. However if you want a lovely, relaxing scented soak and to cleanse and chill the feet out this is lovely. I wouldn't mind using this after a busy day say as a wee treat and this is an economical product but for me I need something that is going to really do something and pep my feet up more!

          Only available in Boots and I paid £1.99 for my 50ml pot and expect to pay around £4.99 for the 150ml size and other products to compliment this from within the range are also available.

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      • Product Details

        Boots Gorgeous Feet Soothing Foot Soak works to soften tired and aching feet /

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