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Boots Intensive Foot Softener

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Foot Lotion / Suitable for: Foot / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Smoothes, Protects

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    4 Reviews
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      21.07.2013 22:09
      Very helpful



      Good product, works well and even beter value when bought on a deal

      Item: Boots Intensive Foot Softener
      Size: 150ml
      Price: £5.99 (look out for but one get one half price deals)
      Bought in: Boots (Boots own brand)

      Why do I own this?
      I hate having dry, cracked heals BUT for some reason foot cream seems to disappear in our house. I use it once or twice then I have no idea where it goes, so when (if) I find the other creams I may review them too! As it has been really nice weather recently I have had my flip flops on loads which feels lovely to have your toes out in the heat but inevitable makes your feet really dry and if you don't keep them moisturised they can get dry and cracked. So I popped to Boots a at the start of "summer" and bought this foot cream as I couldn't find any of the ones we already own.

      Design of packaging:
      This foot cream comes in a tube that sits on its lid. It is overall silver but has the "Boots" blue colouring and design across the front of it. Although this is a Boots own brand it is not a value/cheap version, just simply made by Boots. The wording across the tube states "Advanced Footcare, Intensive Foot Softener" and advises that it "softens and conditions dry and cracked skin and helps prevent further damage". This tells you all you need to know about the product and is clearly written over the tube, so is easy to see what it does when picking your product. There is also a picture of a foot/heel across it with a yellow "halo" or circle around it to identify what area it has to be used on. The back of the tube tells you of the ingredients, warnings (keep out of reach of children, seek advice if diabetic) and directions for use. The lid opens to reveal a small round opening and as the tube is soft you can squeeze it to force the cream out. It does get quite messy around the lid as the cream is quite thick so any extra that comes out kind of sticks to it. So be prepared to give it a wipe with a tissues every other use to stop it getting clogged up.

      How to use and results:
      The label advises you to apply it to the areas of dry skin twice a day, and for extra hard skin, remove hard skin first then apply. I haven't found that I need to use it twice a day, I only use it twice a week (when I can find it) and first of all use a very basic foot file to remove the start of hard skin then apply lathering's of this cream, then pop moisturising socks over it and go to my bed. The cream is thick and white, it is almost waxy but DOES all dry in to the skin, even when I lay it over the skin very thickly. I am not sure when you would apply this if you were using it twice a day? It feels lovely to wear thickly and put moisturising socks over at night before I go to bed, but the next day I wash it off in the shower. If I had this on during the day I fear I would feel a bit yuky. There is no real identifiable scent to this, it is not minty like a lot of other foot creams it has a rather talcum like scent to it but I just cannot pin point what the smell is. But saying that, it is not a horrible or strong smell, so no issues with that. After using this twice a week I really can see and feel a difference in my feet, obviously if you have extremely dry or cracked heels use it more often but for my requirements twice a week is fine and I do notice a difference the very next day after I use it.

      Great product, lid gets a bit messy but that is forgivable. It's not minty, which makes a nice change and it does soften your heels/feet. Happy with this, luckily I bought 2 tubes as it was on a buy one, get one half price so hoping not to loose both before the end of summer!!! haha


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      31.10.2010 11:29
      Very helpful
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      Does most of what it claims - would recommend

      Always on the quest to soften my badly cared for feet I bought the Boots Intensive Foot softener when it was on by 2 get 1 free at Boots (I am just more inclined to buy when they are incentivising me to!).

      It currently costs £3.49 for 75ml and you will also receive 12 Boots advantage points with your purchase.

      == The Cream ==

      The cream is produced by Boots and as an own label product it is a cheaper alternative to branded creams. When the price is compared with premium brands its value is clear:-

      Compeed Dry & Cracked skin cream 75ml £4.99
      Scholl cracked heel repair cream £5.99 60ml

      The cream claims to contain AHA, which after a little reasearch I have discovered stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are usually derived from fruit based plants, in this case it is lactic acid.

      The theory is that the AHA's cause cell regeneration by removing the top layer of skin cells (although I suspect the concentration of acid within this cream must be fairly low hence you are required to apply regularly to start). AHA's themselves are quite drying and their purpose is to remove dead skin cells allowing your body to replace them with new healthier skin from below.

      After looking through the ingredients I also note that it contains Urea (which if I am not mistaken is a prominent component of Urine, yuck). A bit of research in this area has also informed me that Urea is a Hydrator which allegedly helps to increase moisture the upper layers of the skin. So I can at least console myself with the fact that it is there for a reason.

      According to the instructions on the pack the cream should be applied twice a day to clean and dry feet until the skin becomes smooth and then application should be reduced to once a day. It also claims that the Deep penetrating formula is easily absorbed and helps to soften dry skin and cracked heels.

      The tubes contain 75ml of cream and is nicely packaged in a plastic squeezable tube.

      == My Observations ==

      Upon first application I found the cream to be very thick and slightly waxy in feel. You do not need to use a lot of cream as it is so thick and as a bit of a drawback I do find it takes quite a bit of rubbing in. The consistency actually makes for quite a nice feeling and the cream is cool so is refreshing for tired feet. Unforuntately I do find it leaves your hands quite greasy after aplication so I keep a cloth nearby.

      The cream is not heavily scented and mostly smells waxy to me which does not exactly excite, however the aroma is not unpleasant.

      I have found that it takes a while to soak in to the skin, not quickly absorbed as implied on the tube. Because of this I think it is best applied and then left to dry for 5 minutes before you attempt your first step, so as not to leave greasy footprints in your wake.

      As you do not need to use much of the cream for each application the 75ml tube has lasted me 3 months already and is still more than half full (although its worth bearing in mind I only have small feet which may affect the usage).

      == The Results ==

      As instructed I have applied this cream twice daily and I must confess it has its work cut out to soften my poorly taken care of tootsies however there is a noticable improvement in the quality and softness of the skin. Straight after applying my feet feel softer and silkier and with daily applications this tends to last.

      I only had slightly cracked heels and it has sorted this problem with ease (as I mostly wear high heels it is the ball of my feet that is in the worst repair). On the ball of my feet the feel of the skin has improved but this cream alone is not enough to sort out a build up of hard skin.

      When used in conjuction with a pumice stone (or any other skin scrubbing device) the reduction of hard skin is vastly improved and I have found this to be a good complimentary action in the repairing process.

      Having used more expensive branded creams I believe this works equally as well and therefore I would never again shell out on the pricier alternatives as I have not found any noticable benefits coming with the higher price tag.

      I would actually prefer a slightly more scented product to improve the pampering element of massaging the cream in but I am willing to sacrifice this bit of luxury for a cream that helps the skin.

      With continued use it has helped maintain softer healthier skin on my feet stopping the build up of dry damaged skin in the first place (oh how I wish I had done this years ago - it would have saved me alot of work I am having to do now to repair the damage I have already created).

      == In Conclusion ==

      A lovely product at a reasonable price. Great for pampering and definately improved the quality of the skin on my feet. Used regularly it has helped maintain softer skin on my feet and is all around a lovely experience to use.

      Although it is cheaper than premium brand alternatives I would class this as a little bit of luxury for your feet so don't let the price put you off.

      I would not hesitate to recommend this to friends who fancy giving their feet a treat and i give it 4 stars (only missing out on the 5th because I would have liked a nicer smelling product)!

      When this runs out I will definatley invest again.

      My greatest bit of advice to any reading would be moisturise your feet regularly before you get lumbered with having to repair the dry/damaged skin in the first place (hindsight is a wonderful thing!).


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        28.04.2008 20:43
        Very helpful
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        (don't go barefoot on hard floor after use)

        I bought Boots intensive foot softener as it was the cheaper altenative to a more well known brand on the shelf and I thought that Boots own would be just as good. I think I paid about £3.00 for a 75ml tube.

        I wouldn't say it didn't work at all, and my feet were quite bad after being bed ridden for over 2 months. Anyway I started to use the cream just by itself after bathing, but I found that my skin was so dry, cracked and rough that the cream didn't seem to penetrate my skin very well. It seemed quite greasy even after having rubbed and massaged it it for ages. The cracks were still there after about 10 days of continual useage. I had followed the directions of only using on clean, dry feet and used it twice a day.

        I thought after 10 days that it wasn't going to work so I started to use a pumice type thing from superdrug (it wasn't a pumice stone, I can't remember what it was called. It was a white hard square shaped block) Anyway after using this and the cream together I started to get somewhere and after a week or so my feet were back to normal.

        So, although the cream worked well with the "pumice type thing" I found that it wasn't good enough to work on its own (like I say my feet were quite bad and maybe a chiropadist was called for on this occasion)

        I still use it to prevent any further prblems, and am pleased to say haven't had any !


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          28.08.2006 09:42
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          foot softening cream which works

          Intensive foot softener

          The saga of my softer than soft feet continues with this cream. Bought at the same time as the other products, the offer meant that I could buy 3 products for the price of 2...rude not to!

          THE PROMISE

          The cream apparently contains AHA (no idea what this is) but it's supposed to be able to penetrate even the hardest skin to encourage softer skin and to prevent further dry skin forming.

          THE CREAM

          The cream itself comes in a squeezable tube and is very thick and creamy; this is as I would expect if it’s going to penetrate hard skin. It has a very slight perfumed smell, which is not overpowering, and is quite pleasant. When rubbed into the skin, it is easily absorbed and non greasy although if you walk about straight after, you will slip!

          HOW TO USE IT

          It’s basically like any other moisturizer, but I have been using it after my feet have had their good old scrubbing, either with my chiropody sponge or the exfoliating cream.

          Make sure your feet are clean and dry and massage into dry skin twice a day until skin becomes soft. To ensure your feet stay soft, it should then be used daily, which is what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks.


          I bought the 60ml tube of cream which cost £2.99, but it is also available in a 150ml tube at a cost of £4.99...better value but unfortunately not in store when I bought mine.

          The cream can obviously be bought online or at Boots the Chemist.


          Apparently, my feet no longer feel like feet but like hands…so was the verdict by himself when he rubbed it in the other day. He said it quite disparagingly so I still can’t work out if it was a compliment or not!

          The cream does work, although whether it woks as a stand alone cream or because my feet have had lots of tlc, I don’t know. It does suggest, however, that for very hard skin, Boots Intensive Rough Skin Remover is used, so I think maybe it just keeps soft feet soft.

          It is easily absorbed, and when rubbed in (best before bed) my feet feel all soft and cared for. I am now going to use all the other products less frequently now, and just use this daily and see what happens. My guess is that they will stay soft and smooth.

          The cream is reasonably priced, and so far, the 60ml tube has lasted a couple of weeks of daily use, and I have been applying it liberally.

          For a lovely foot moisturizer for frequently neglected feet, this is a good one, and highly recommended.

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela xx


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        • Product Details

          Contains the ingredient AHA, to soften and condition dry skin & cracked heels / Deep, penetrating formula encourages skin to form smoothly / Helps protect against further cracked skin /

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