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Burt's Bees Footcare Kit

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Foot Care / Suitable for: Foot

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2008 15:48
      Very helpful



      A foot pampering kit from Burt's Bee's

      Anyone who knows me personally will know that I detest feet. Not only do I hate them but I cannot bare other people to touch them, massage them, go near them or look at my feet. Nor can I bear to touch other people's feet in anyway shape or form without feeling quite ill. Painting my toenails is about all I can manage and even that is enough and I only do that because I don't like naked toe nails and having them a certain colour helps me forget they are my feet.

      However, just because I don't like feet doesn't mean I ignore them. I take really good care of my feet like I do the rest of my feet because to think about someone else touching them makes me feel physically ill. At work I do spend a lot of time on my feet, walking around on them all day can really takes it toll considering I usually wear heels or flip flops whatever the weather, so they can become dry and suffer like any other body part. A good friend of mine who for some evil reason trained to be a chiropodist one of the most sadist occupations known to man in my eyes, always tells her clients to use a good foot scrub and foot cream and treat your feet like you would treat your hands and in the past I have used Sally Hansen's "Just Feet Spa Sugar Scrub" which works really well when it comes having dry skin on your feet and having run out of that particular product I wanted something new to try which would moisturise my feet and leave me with the minimalist amount of work to do.

      Burt's Bee's products are something new to me, a lot of reviews have been written about them and most of them in a positive light, so when I was awaiting a prescription in my local chemist, I came across Burt's bee's Foot care kit which is sold in a drawstring tied plastic bag and within this bag there is an instruction booklet, a pumice stone, a pair of socks and some cream and it is currently retailing for £12.99 which I happened to think was a bargain because if I bought two products I got one free and yes you guessed it, I bought two other products.

      When it comes to using this kit, I actually feel the booklet was quite useful in explaining just how to use the products and in what order but you could have got by without having it. Anyway, the first thing is actually using the pumice stone which has been specifically designed to be used on hard and rough skin particularly on the feet but it can be used on other body parts such as the hands and elbows. This particular pumice stone is a light grey colour and is more of a rectangle shape than the usual round stone shaped ones which I have seen in the past. The best way to use a pumice stone is in the bath or after using your foot spa with warm water and once your feet have been within the water for at four or five minutes. Then you can then gently rub those hardened skin areas with the pumice stone to help gently remove it by rubbing the stone backwards and forwards in slow circular motions to loosen the hard skin and then removing it. What I found with this pumice stone was that it felt more like sandpaper than anything else and although it wasn't uncomfortable to use, you could definitely feel the hardened skin being removed particularly on the heels of my feet and just below the balls of my feet. If you have very dry, cracked and rough skin on your feet then take a little extra care when using a pumice stone because it can become very painful if you rub too hard. Once you have completed this process you will need to wash your feet properly and then inspect them to ensure you have removed all or most of the skin, if you are not happy then you repeat the whole process once again and you should notice that the skin is now much easier to remove.

      Once this step has been completed and your feet have been patted dry you then need the coconut moisturising cream. This cream comes in a slim tube with a screw on and off lid and to use it you liberally apply it to your feet and massage it into them, paying more attention to the hard skin areas which have just been treated by the pumice stone and then sit still once it has been applied to allow it to absorb totally into your feet. The cream is quite thick in texture and smells very obviously of coconuts and is really quite a pleasant smell, within the cream is a hint of peppermint which becomes clear once you begin to massage the cream into your feet and both smells working together is actually quite relaxing. Once the cream has soaked into the skin, you will then need to grab the socks which came with this kit and put them onto your feet and leave them there overnight. These socks are made from 100% cotton and are designed to help seal in the moisture and soothe your feet as the cream continues to work.

      The combination of ingredients within this product work well together to refresh and soothe your feet. The main ingredient is coconut oil which contributes to the overriding smell and coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin and known for its moisturising properties. Leading on from there is Rosemary oil helps to increase circulation within the body and is soothing on the skin and finally Peppermint Oil which helps cleanse, tone and soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and for its cooling effects on the skin.

      I don't particularly like sleeping with socks on my feet, it feels almost alien to me, but I decided to stick with what the instructions were telling me to do to get the best possible outcome and I have to say when it came to removing the socks the following morning, I had expected my feet to be quite hot and sweaty having been in socks all night but I was surprised when I removed them because I could still smell the coconut and peppermint oils and touching my feet (whilst trying not to gag) I was astonished at how soft they felt after using this product for the first time. Where the hard skin had been removed was now a much softer surface. Since using this product for the first time, I have gone on to use it twice a week for the last 6 weeks and I am superbly impressed with the results, this is a product I can use all year round to keep super soft feet or I can use it as and when I feel I need to and the results are amazing.

      This is a product I would definitely buy again without hesitating and for anyone who wants a little something extra to pamper their tired, sore and aching feet with then this is something I would recommend. The tube of foot cream can be bought separately as can the rest of the contents of the package and they last a good few months depending upon your usage but overall a really good value for money product which can be bought online or at your local pharmacy should they stock the Burt's bee's range and the price does vary depending on where you purchase it from.


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      It makes no sense to spend all of that time choosing the right shoes and then neglect what goes inside / Treat your feet to a pedicure in the comfort of your own home / Your feet will look so pretty, you won't want to wear shoes at all /

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