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Good Ideas Pedorb

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Brand: Pedorb / Type: Foot Care Accessory

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2012 16:17
      Very helpful



      For 89p it is worth giving t a try, you won't regret it.

      I have been thinking about buying the JML Ped egg for some time but felt that the price of £9.99 was a little steep. I was also put off by some mixed reviews and didn't want to waste £10 on something that I would only use once.

      I wasn't actively looking for the Ped egg when I was in my local B&M store but stumbled across the Ped Orb whilst browsing.

      Like the Ped Egg the Ped Orb is a device for removing hard dead skin from your feet with a grater type blade and collecting the shavings in a collecting chamber to avoid mess. To use either product you simply rub the grater across the hard dead skin and it is removed by the blades.

      The first thing that attracted me to the Ped Orb was the price of 89p. This is the normal price for the item and it looked very similar to the Ped Egg so I bought one.

      The Ped Orb I purchased was lilac in colour but they also had white available. I don't know if there are others colours available from B&M but I have seen them in pink and blue online.

      The Orb comes in a sealed clear plastic pack that you have to cut open. Inside the pack you get the three pieces that make up the Orb, and two buffing pads. There are no separate instructions but it is pretty straight forward to use.

      The three pieces of the Orb are the grater part that attaches to the round container and a lid. The two buffer pads are like very thin emery boards.

      To use the Orb you simply attach the grater to the rounded part which collects all the shavings and then you are ready to go. There is a small lip on either side of the grater that needs to click into a corresponding dip on the collecting chamber.

      I had read that the Ped Egg was time consuming and often left you feet feeling sore after use so I approached my foot with the Ped Orb very cautiously. I am very happy to report that the Ped Orb is very gentle bearing in mind what it is and what it is doing. I have tried applying varying amounts of pressure but have not suffered sore feet at all.

      The first time I used the Ped Orb I was quite gentle with it and only used it for a couple of minutes on each foot but the results were instant. Even after only a small amount of use the skin on my feet felt soft and looked much better. I didn't use the buffing pads on my first attempt but my feet felt soft and looked less cracked than before.

      I have used the ped Orb a couple of times since and have been more adventurous and experimental with it. I have found that it is very easy to use on all areas of your foot even the balls of the foot and the sides of the toes.

      The only criticism I have is that it can be a little messy. Obviously if you keep the orb positioned so that the grater is facing upwards all the shavings fall into the collection part and so there isn't a problem. Unfortunately I am not a contortionist and found trying to reach some parts of my foot was almost impossible without turning the orb upside down which then means all the shavings fall out.

      The orb itself is very easy to clean and all fits together into a neat little ball when not in use.

      Despite the mess I would recommend the Ped Orb to anyone wanting to try this on their hard skin it is very easy to use, there is no pain or soreness and it works very quickly. Why pay the extra for the JL version when this works so well.


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