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JML Pedi Pro Deluxe

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Brand: JML / Type: Foot Care

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2013 10:02
      Very helpful



      My hard skin has finally met its match!

      I do a lot of walking and a lot of standing. I'm in placement at a Veterinary Practice three days a week which involves being on my feet all day and then I pay my bills by doing night shifts at Tesco which, once again, involves being on my feet all night. Then there's my walks to and from my places of work and lectures, walking my dogs daily and walking for general shopping trips etc. In short, my feet are not only more often than not sore and achy; they're also covered in hard skin. Hard skin I feel I need to get rid of.

      For some time now I've been using my trusty PedEgg to do this task. It has been an effective form of foot care over the years but does require a fair bit of time to be put in to achieve these results. More often than not it's home, bath and bed for me ready for another day and I can find myself without the time or energy to spend twenty minutes scrapping my hard skin away.

      The PediPro Delux is basically an electric PedEgg. I purchased it with the assumption it'd do the same job with a lot less effort on my part which sounded pretty much perfect to me.

      ----- What is the PediPro Delux? -----
      This rather attractive looking deep purple and silver egg shaped-ish piece of a kit is an electric pedicure treatment. With a rotating, rough head at the top the PediPro Delux which aims to remove hard skin and exfoliate the foot leaving your feet looking and feeling soft, smooth and as attractive as feet can look. It is battery operated leaving the head to rotate and work its magic on your chosen area with you just holding it in place.

      Up until the arrival of the PediPro, JML's answer to your foot callus worries was the infamous PedEgg. This worked pretty well but did require a lot of wrist action and time on your part to get the results you required. The PediPro came along promising the same results much quicker. No longer does the user need to spend long periods of time pulling and pushing a rough piece of stainless steel across their hard skin, instead they can just hold the PediPro in place and let it do all the work for you.

      ----- Price & Availability -----
      The PediPro Delux is available from JML directly (www.jmldirect.com), Boots, Asda, Wilkinsons and Amazon. It appears to me £20 wherever you buy it although these can occasionally be snapped up for less on the likes of Ebay. I was luckily enough to purchase mine when they were half price in Wilkinsons. At £20 I would've needed some convincing before buying one of these but I was willing to take the risk for a tenner. After all it's supposed to be an improvement from my trusted PedEgg made by the same company, surely it couldn't be bad?

      ----- What's in the Box? -----
      The Pedipro Delux comes in a rectangular cardboard box containing this 'twelve piece pedicure kit'. The box is littered with pictures of feet looking at their worst and their best along with the JML logo and product name. Words such as 'quick', 'easy', 'hygienic', 'soft' and 'smooth' are used to describe this product on the box and, to be honest, the box itself does a very good job of selling this product. It looks pretty impressive.

      Inside the box you'll find the actual battery operated PediPro Delux, one stainless steel blade, one buffing disk, one shaving tray, six spare buffing pads, a small cleaning brush and a carry pouch. You'll also get a set of instructions. Whilst this technically does contain twelve bits of kit and I do think calling it a 'twelve piece set' is perhaps a little ambitious and certainly makes it sound like you're getting more for your money than you actually are considering six of those twelve pieces are small, circler, blank sand paper type disks. It's easy to see why you do get an extra six of these as well, they're so thin they pretty much smooth out and become useless after two feet's worth of buffering.

      One particular piece of this kit which I do really like is the carry pouch. This is the same deep purple colour as the PediPro, is a cheap velvet type material and has 'PediPro Delux' written across the front in big white font. The pouch doesn't look particularly fantastic, in fact it looks a little cheap, but I've found it has come in extremely useful when storing my PediPro. It's plenty big enough to fit everything the PediPro comes with in it so I could throw the box away and store this taking up as little room as possible. The black drawstring fastener at the top is secure and effective and keeps the pouch closed until I open it meaning none of the little pieces magically disappear.

      It's worth noting that what isn't in the box is the four AA batteries you'll need to operate the PediPro.

      ----- How do I use it? -----
      The PediPro Delux is really very simple to use. It's an egg shaped block with a flat bottom to stand up on. It looks quite large, about the height of a standard mug, although actually fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It's lightweight too making it very comfortable to hold.

      The rounded top screws off of the PediPro revealing the battery compartment. Here you simple pull off another little plastic tab, insert your four AA batteries and, once you've replaced the tab and top of the PediPro, you're ready to start using it.

      The flat, silver bottom is actually the lid to the PediPro. This pulls off to reveal your rotating disk. This will either be the rough, silver, stainless steel blade disk that will exfoliate and get rid of the hard skin or the black, rough textured buffer pad which will get rid of any last rough patches to really make the feet feel and look soft. When you wish to change the head there's a plastic ring around it which easily twists off, you can then pull the current head out and push the new one in, twist the ring back into place and, once again, you're ready for action.

      At the bottom of the PediPro, just above the silver lid, is a slider switch. When on pushed to the right the PediPro is off, pushed the middle put's the rotation on the lowest speed and pushing it all the way to left put it on its highest speed.

      I assume the lower speed setting meant to be used on patches with just a little dry skin and the higher speed setting for patches with rough skin. With my feet having as much hard skin as they do I feel very little need for this lower speed and pretty much have it on the higher speed constantly.

      Once on the entire PediPro does vibrate slightly however not the point where it becomes uncomfortable to hold, even on the highest setting. The main issue is that it's rather loud. When rotating around it makes quite a loud buzzing noise. I usually use this in my front room after my bath or shower and find that on the highest speed setting it makes so much noise that I struggle to hear the TV above it. For me however, this can be easily forgiven in exchange for good results.

      When the blade is spinning you just need to gently press this to the area of the foot you want treating. If you press down too hard you'll cause the blade to stop spinning completely. I do like that it does this as it reduces the chances of any pain, discomfort or irritation coming from using this. You'll know when you're applying the right amount of pressure as the blade will be both touching your foot and spinning at the time. When this is the case you just simply need to keep your hand where it is, the only time you need to move it is when you're moving on to the next area of the foot to be treated. It really is that simple.
      For the first thirty seconds or so your hand will probably be all over the place whilst it adjusts to the vibrating ball of plastic you're holding in it but you'll regain control pretty quickly again so don't worry about that.

      ----- Are the Results any Good? -----
      The short answer to that question is a fully satisfying yes. There are a few downsides to the product but, on the whole, it does deliver on its claims. I used the PediPro every night for three nights initially just too completely get rid of all the dry skin on my feet. I'd neglected them slightly and felt there was too much to do in one sitting. After those three sittings my feet were completely callus free for the first time in a long time. Now I use this once a week just to keep on top of my hard skin and it's proven to be very effective.

      It is much quicker to use than the PedEgg. I can now do both feet, including buffering, in the same amount of time it took me to do one with the PedEgg. Not only is it quicker and much less effort on my part but I also feel it gives better results. The PedEgg always significantly reduced the amount of hard skin on my feet but never got rid of it entirely like the PediPro now does. That may be due to the effort it took to achieve those results with the PedEgg, there's only so long you can scrub away at your feet before your arm starts to ache and you get bored. This isn't a problem with the PediPro.

      I would estimate that it takes about ten minutes to exfoliate and buff both my feet which I feel is a perfectly acceptable time to be spending on making my feet look and feel as smooth and soft skinned as they do after using this.

      The amount of battery power this thing uses is my main concern. Unless using Duracell batteries I only really get a month and a half of regular use out of this before the batteries need replacing again.

      Batteries are the cheapest thing in the world anyway but when you're getting through four of them every six weeks or so this starts to quickly add up. With Duracell batteries I tend to get an extra month or so out of my batteries before they need replacing. Unless I stock up on them in Poundland though Duracells are so much more expensive than cheaper brands that it still works out cheaper to buy other brands (I usually use Asda's Extra Long Life ones) and replace them more regularly.

      Inside the exfoliating stainless steel blade head you'll find eight standard hole punch sized holes forming a circle in the middle of the head. This is where the dead skin removed by the PediPro is supposed to go into where it is caught by the small plastic tray place underneath the blade ready to be emptied and cleaned. In reality only about half the dead skin ends up in here. The other half just sprinkles all over the floor. If you don't fancy a flaky skin carpet then I would strongly suggest doing this over the bath or over a towel.

      ----- Cleaning -----
      As you can imagine some cleaning is required after use to keep this hygienic. Cleaning is, like most other things to do with the PediPro, really very simple. You need pull of the blade head as though you were going to change it. Once the blade head is separate from the PediPro body you simply twist and pull the blade away from the plastic base below it. It does look like it's all one unit that shouldn't be separate and is rather stiff to pull apart the first couple of times but it does give eventually. Do this very carefully and over the sink or bin, the chances of you spilling that lovely skin dust contained inside are high and you probably don't want that going everywhere.

      Empty the tray and wash with warm, soapy water using the small cleaning brush provided to work off any bits of skin stuck to the sides of the tray. The brush is about the same size as a large hair grip making it easy to get into all the edges of the tray to remove the skin from it.

      Once you've allowed the tray to dry you just need to push the head back on and reattach to the PediPro body. There you go, already to put away and be used next time you need it!

      ----- In Conclusion... -----
      The PediPro has a number of weak points. It's loud, quite often messy, the buffer pads are really flimsy and quite frankly rather useless and it takes up a lot of battery power. But the PediPro also has excellent results in its favour. I've genuinely never used a foot care product that has gotten rid of the hard skin as completely as this has, certainly never used anything that has come even close in the same amount of time it takes to use the PediPro.

      It does work and gives the desired results and does do this very quickly and seemingly effortlessly. For me, that outweighs the negatives of the product and is enough to make me continue to use the product and recommend it to anyone else who suffers with hard skin on their feet. If I'd have ended up paying the full £20 for this I still don't think I would've felt ripped off. It delivers and for me that is the most important thing.


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