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Montagne Jeunesse Cool & Hot Banana Buffer Gel

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Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Texture: Gel / Suitable for: Foot

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    2 Reviews
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      09.03.2013 17:35
      Very helpful



      a pleasant foot treatment for occasional use

      ~Cool Banana Buffer and Hot Banana Butter~

      This is a 2 step foot treatment. It is produced by face mask company Montagne Jeunesse. The packaging consists of foil lined sachet shaped like two feet. It is colourful and features the product information. The sachet has two parts. This product is suitable for use by vegetarians and contains a range of natural ingredients. The sachet can be recycled.

      *Step one : cool banana buffer - this buffer contains apricot grains to help exfoliate your feet and remove dry, hard skin. The product should be massaged across clean feet, rinsed and patted dry.
      *Step two : hot banana butter - whilst buffing your feet, place the other half of the sachet in a bowl of hand-hot water before massaging over buffed feet. It contains aloe vera and shea butter to ensure your feet are left feeling soft and smoothed.

      ~Price and Availability~

      This product isn't widely available. It can be found on Amazon UK priced at £1.09 with 75p p&p.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I remembered reading a review of this foot treatment by Absinthe_Fairy and vowed that I would source it and give it a whirl. Just before Christmas, I finally located one on Amazon and bought it straight away. To be honest, I cannot understand why this isn't part of the regular Montagne Jeunesse range as it as an absolute treat to use. I am a fan of this brand and love their face masks.

      Whilst I treat my skin to body lotions, butters and even treat my hair to conditioning treatments, I tend to neglect my feet. I really shouldn't as they help me get around everywhere and have a lot to put up with. If I am being honest, I hate my feet and they are rarely on display for anyone to see. I go as far as washing them, keeping my nails neat and occasionally paint my toenails just for the sake of it but that is about it. If I could buy this foot treatment regularly though, my feet would be pampered more often!

      ~A Treat For Feet!~

      I cut down the middle of this sachet which proved to be a bad idea as the buffer started spilling out the side. There is more buffer than there is butter and the packaging whilst attractive, does make this a little messy to use. Now, unless you can levitate, I would recommend using this in the bathroom. I didn't fancy hobbling from the livingroom to the bathroom to rinse off the buffer with slippy feet - a disaster waiting to happen! I actually sat on the edge of the bath to apply this - not particular relaxing but practical.

      Anyway, my feet aren't too bad - no where near as bad as my Mums awful feet but I do suffer from a little hard skin and dryness on the soles of my feet. It isn't sore or uncomfortable but isn't pleasant to have either. There is enough buffer in this sachet for both feet - even size 8-9 banana boats like mine! The buffer has a rather thin consistency and I found it easy to spread across my feet. There was a lot of little scrubby particles which I could feel gently exfoliating my feet as I massaged the buffer into my skin. The particles didn't feel harsh at all but nicely effective and to me, felt like small grains of sand. I was a little disappointed by the scent of the buffer. I expected a sweet banana aroma but found that whilst the scent was quite fruity and mild, it certainly didn't resemble banana.

      After rinsing off the buffer with the shower head and drying my feet, I found that my feet did feel smooth, cool and soothed. If you have really bad feet, I don't think this buffer would be for you. I found that it exfoliated the dry areas on the soles of my feet but did not completely remove them. I like the two step idea and find that the hot banana butter compliments the scrub. I had warmed up the other part of the sachet in a jug of warm water.

      The butter was comfortably warm to the touch which I found quite relaxing. The butter was thick and creamy in consistency and was more banana like than the buffer. It smelled very pleasant and not overpowering at all. Despite the foot butter section being smaller than the buffet, there was more than enough to coat my feet in a nice layer of butter and with some left over. I found that it took quite a bit of massaging this butter into my feet before it started to absorb. I wasn't fazed by this as I enjoyed my little foot massage and found it rather relaxing and theraputic. Rather than keep the remaining butter for future uses, I decided to massage it up the bottom parts of my legs and it left them feeling pampered too.

      I wouldn't recommend walking around on laminate flooring soon after applying the butter. My feet didn't feel greasy but the cream didn't fully absorb for quite some time. I found my feet to feel incredibly soft and smooth after applying the butter. I popped a pair of cotton socks over the top and by the next morning, my feet still felt amazing. It was obvious that I had gave them a lovely treat as they felt very moisturised.


      I found this two step foot treatment very pleasant to use. It isn't expensive despite being quite rare and is very kind and gentle to feet. I found that my feet feel refreshed and comfortable after using both products. Whilst the buffing experience isn't exactly relaxing (unless you like sitting over the edge of the bath with your trousers hiked up around your knees relaxing), the foot buttering aspect is very appealing and pampering. I was very pleased by how my feet felt after using this foot treatment and found that the results were evident more than 24hours later. I will buy it again and highly recommend it.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        21.06.2012 14:16
        Very helpful



        Handy foot product from Montagne Jeunesse

        I'm a member of the Living Social deals site, and spotted one day that there was an offer available for a basket of Montagne Jeunesse goodies. I took up the offer and was very excited to receive a parcel containing lots of assorted products. I'd tried the brand's face masks before but not their other products, so I was looking forward to giving them a go.

        Montagne Jeunesse is a Welsh company based in Swansea which makes beauty products for the face, body and hair, the majority of which come in colourful sachets. Many of their products are available on Amazon and from stores such as Savers, Boots and Superdrug, and they can also be obtained from the website, http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/. The brand is approved by the Vegetarian Society and the BUAV, so you can use the products with the confidence that no animals have been harmed in order to produce them.

        This particular product is a Cool Banana Buffer/Hot Banana Butter sachet for the feet. The two sides of the sachet do indeed resemble feet! The packaging is a brightly coloured blue, yellow and green. The products aren't distributed evenly - the divide is slightly curved so you get more of the buffer than of the butter. Before use, you should cut along the line to separate the two parts.

        The two sides are designed to be used one after the other. Start by opening the buffer and massaging problem areas of your feet with it. It's a good idea to do this in the bath or over a towel, as things can get messy. The buffer comes in the form of a scrub. It has a creamy consistency and contains exfoliating apricot grains.

        The buffer is meant to smell like banana, but I thought it smelled more citrusy. It was still a pleasant scent though. I thought it was as effective as any other scrub at making my feet smoother - I could definitely see and feel a difference although I find that only a Ped Egg or similar makes the condition of my feet a great deal better. I probably wouldn't buy a foot scrub on its own for this reason. After scrubbing both feet, I'd used up the whole sachet so this is definitely a single use product.

        While you are scrubbing your feet, you are meant to heat the butter in hand-hot water. This warms it up and makes it feel soothing on your feet. After rinsing and drying my feet, I applied the butter. This was reasonably thick, pale yellow in colour and had a delicious unusual scent which reminded me of banana bubblegum. I was impressed with the effect the butter had on my feet. It contains aloe vera and shea butter to calm and moisturise, and my feet definitely felt and looked better. They felt noticeably softer and the effect lasted until the next morning. I was also impressed at how well the butter sank into my feet. They didn't feel at all greasy and though I wore socks as usual after applying, I feel that I might have been able to get away without. Despite the smaller size of the butter sachet, it lasted me three uses.

        This is a handy little product which contains a reasonable scrub and a lovely foot butter. I wish the butter was available to buy separately as it is a great product. I probably wouldn't buy this sachet for regular use, but it would be ideal to take on holiday when you want to look after your feet but don't have the room for a Ped Egg or large tube of foot cream. In fact, I got another sachet in my set and it's going in my suitcase when I go on holiday this year.

        I haven't seen this product in any stores and unlike some other Montagne Jeunesse sachets, I couldn't find it on Amazon either. I think it may only be available as part of this set, which is a shame as it's a decent product.


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