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Mr. Pumice Extra Coarse Pumi Bar

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Brand: Mr Pumice / Type: Foot Care

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    1 Review
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      01.05.2009 10:38
      Very helpful



      A pumice bar for removing dry and hard skin from the hands, elbows, knees & feet.

      I always start each spring with the good intention that I'll get my feet into a good condition and maintain that condition throughout the year. I normally start off pretty well as well by trying to remove all the hard skin, keeping them moisturised and keeping my toes looking neat. However by about the end of July I always seem to lose my way a little, usually because the skin on my heels is so hardened from constantly walking around with no shoes on or flip flops while the weather is so warm. This year was no different and come the end of March I thought it was about time I did something about my feet which had hardened soles and nail varnish left on them from Christmas time! After locating all my potions and lotions I discovered that I'd lost my pumice stone which I used to remove the dry skin from my heels. I always try to use a pumice stone as find moisturising my feet alone is never enough after the winter! One of my mum's friends who is a beautician suggested that I try one of her products which apparently would leave my feet soft and free of dry skin for the small sum of just £2... what an absolute bargain!

      The product I bought comes from a range called Mr Pumice which is an American company who are committed to providing quality products that are colourful, fun and innovative according to their website. The company was set up in 2004 and focused on products for removing dry skin which can be used on various areas of the body including elbows, feet and knees. They don't actually sell them in stores such as Boots as they're only currently available to professionals to buy in larger quantities but they are stocked in Sally Beauty Supplies which can be found in the UK or can be purchased online. The range of products is limited to around fourteen different products in total which fall into one of four categories, although it does seem to be expanding. The most popular products seem to be related to the dry skin remover blocks which consist of different pumice bars and foot files. They also do a range of callus terminators to use on particularly stubborn heels, hand and foot lotions to moisturise and lastly bath salts. The only product I've ever tried (so far!) has been from the first range and was one of the pumice bars that they make.

      The Mr Pumice Pumi Bar Ultimate looks like a block of stone from a distance in terms of its shape; it's about 4 inches long and under two inches in width and depth. You can see the picture above this review which will give you an idea of what they look like. However mine is slightly different as it's an ultimate bar, half of mine is bright purple and half is a lavender colour to distinguish between the two different effects that it has. Mr Pumice is engraved on each side of the pumice stone although this will disappear with usage. The pumice bars come in a variety of colours; the standard ones are just one colour and can be found in blue, yellow, pink, purple and green whereas the ultimate ones come in two different tones of green or purple. The green one is advertised as being coarse suggesting it's for particularly poorly conditioned feet whereas the purple one is advertised as being medium strength or for less severe feet. I opted for the purple one as my feet didn't quite seem to warrant a coarse pumice stone, it all sounded rather painful to be honest! In retrospect I think the purple one would be strong enough for any dry skin!

      All the bars come packaged in a clear plastic wrapping which has the brand name, the product name and some other information depicted on it. They are rather cheap looking in all honesty and the packaging doesn't really do much to help this. However my mum's friend normally sells them for £4 each despite buying them for around £1.80 each. If you buy them in bulk they'll come in a much larger, although no more substantial looking, cardboard box. They feel remarkably light as there isn't much to them at all as they're simply made from manmade pumice and they don't really have much of a smell about them either. As you use them you will find a slightly off putting smell to them, similar to that which you get with any pumice stone - I suppose it's just all the dead skin coming off and the exfoliating effect that gives them this scent. They're really easy to store and the packaging recommends that after using the bar you let it dry out thoroughly which seems to only take a short amount of time, before storing them somewhere dry. The pumice bar ultimate can be used on your feet, hands, elbows and knees too.

      The directions for use are quite simple, firstly apply a little warm water to the area to be cleaned, you can also apply some soap if you wish. If you try to use the pumice bar on dry skin it will create quite a abrasive noise and it doesn't work nearly as well as it does on damp or wet skin. Secondly gently rub the pumice bar on the area, I always find it best to do it in continuous long strokes as if I am filing away the skin or rubbing in an up and down motion over the skin you're working on. You should start with the dark purple side as this is the coarser of the two and is the one that actually removes your skin, once you've done this sufficiently you can then use the lighter side to simply file away any bits of skin left and give a smooth effect. Finally rinse your feet with warm water to remove any of the pumice and then simply dry them as you normally would. It takes me about two minutes to work on each foot; this allows me to remove away all the dead and dry skin before filing them down with the lighter side. All in all it's a pain free and simple process that isn't very time consuming at all and does work wonders on my feet.

      So onto these wonders... well I've been using my Mr Pumice Pumi Bar Ultimate for about three weeks now and try to use it every other night if I've got time. I follow the instructions described above and then moisturise once I've towel dried my feet. Before I bought this bar my feet were pretty disgusting, especially the skin on my heels which was really cracking, dry and gnarled looking. The first time I used this bar I noticed the effects immediately, the cracked and dry skin had almost disappeared and my heels felt much smoother. After a couple of uses my feet looked much better, the skin on my heels was smooth, soft and without a crack in site. As long as I remember to use the bar every couple of days for a couple of minutes then my feet stay in this condition. The only downside to this bar is that obviously as you're using it the pumice does flake off so make sure you either do it in the bath or on a towel to avoid getting it on the floor. As the pumice flakes away the bar does harden slightly and is tinged with a white powder almost, presumably all the dead skin cells from my feet. However this has not altered its effect at all and it's still very much my prized foot possession!

      I paid just £2 for my Mr Pumice Pumi Bar Ultimate which was cheaper than other pumice stones I've used that didn't do nearly as good a job as this one did. The downside is that they're only available to professionals so you will need to find a salon that stocks them. You can of course order them online but I've found you'll have to buy in bulk if you choose this option, Amazon have a box of twenty four advertised at around £55 which is pretty good value but it would take you about ten years to get through them all! Saying that they are a really good investment, I can see my bar lasting about four months if I continue to use it as I'm doing. As you get towards the end of the bar and the two sides decrease I can imagine it may break in half of something similar which may reduce its life. Unity Beauty which is a UK based website sell them individually for £2.95 if you do want to try one. I can't recommend these pumice bars enough, they're better than any foot file or pumice stone I've tried before and I'll certainly be replacing my one when it has gone. It'll help keep my feet gorgeous this summer!

      Thanks for reading.


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      Great for pedicure and callus removal / Extra coarse for even better results on dead skin /

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