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N Spa Softly Softly Foot Butter

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Brand: N-Spa / Butter / Type: Foot Butter / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 16:54
      Very helpful



      A Rubbish Foot 'Butter'.

      I have started to lose count of the number of lotions and potions I have tried using on my feet to make them look and feel nicer but so far nothing has really worked. Some products have given good results but they have worn off very quickly so Im always trying out the latest products hoping that one will work. This 'N-Spa Softly Softly Foot Butter' was the latest lotion I tried out simply because I got it as part of a set and I thought Id try it out - that way if it didnt work I wouldnt be too disappointed as Id spent hardly anything on it. Sadly this is another foot product that doesnt work as well as Id hoped - this is decent, if you dont have any hard skin on your feet at all. Which Im guessing doesnt relate to most people.

      Useful Information:
      Price: Around £3 - 250ml tube. Mine personally came in a small bottle.
      Stockists: ASDA - I dont think this brand is stocked anywhere else.
      Other Info: This foot butter promises to intensely moisturise your feet - even the hard parts and leave your feet feeling much smoother and softer even after the first application.

      This product comes in a small 100ml bottle [the one I own is 100ml as I got it as part of a set] which is totally transparent through which you can clearly see the product inside - which is a bright white and appears to be very creamy and thick which usually means it will be very moisturising - in my experience. At the top of the bottle is a small black cap that can be flipped open and shut OR taken off all together if you want to get more out of the bottle quicker - I prefer to do it the first way though as you dont waste any using it like that. On the front and back of the bottle is all the information you could need - directions for use, shelf life, ingredients etc and there is also an email address and street address to write to should you any more questions on the product. The thing I like about the little bottle I own is that it is travel suitable so if your going on holiday soon and going by plane these products might be good for you as you can take them without worrying about them exploding!! If you buy this product alone it will come in a tube rather than a bottle but either way I dont think it makes a difference to application.

      Now I dont know about the rest of you but when I think of a product that is described as a 'butter' I assume it will be very thick which is how this appears in the bottle but not how it is once its out of it. This is in fact a very runny lotion - the same consistency as a lotion you would use on your face which looking back should have been my first clue that this wouldnt be as nourishing as it claimed. You apply this as you would any other foot lotion - I like to slather my feet in this, mainly on the bottom harder parts and then put on some socks and leave it to sink in overnight so hopefully in the morning I have soft and beautiful feet. However if you are only applying a small amount of this it does sink in very quickly so you dont have to wait around for ages until it sinks in so thats a good thing in my opinion as it also doesnt leave any residue behind on my skin.

      As with my other review on the N-Spa Professional range the smell is normally worth mentioning BUT in this case the smell isnt anything to write home about. This smells very refreshing and clean but thats about it. Theres nothing special about it but it does make my skin smell much cleaner and the scent does linger, better than having smelly feet right? But the scent isnt anything amazing at all - although I guess it would be brilliant for people who have skin that is sensitive to fragranced products - good for some people but its nothing amazing. I much prefer the N-Spa fruits collection - results and scent wise it seems.

      Now if I had lovely more or less soft feet anyway and just needed a very slight moisture boost this would work really well - because on the softer parts of my feet this does make them feel softer and smoother but that isnt really the reason I wanted to use this. On the harder parts of my feet this doesnt really have any effect. That wouldnt bother me if this had claimed to be a normal foot lotion but because it claimed to be so much more I was very disappointed. The hard parts of my feet remained hard and without moisture so this didnt work at all for me - I think I need something MUCH more intensive but for people will smooth-ish feet already this will really work wonders. If your looking for a miracle cure for hard heels though look elsewhere. Not recommend really as it did nothing my my poor feet!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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