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Neat Feat Essential Footcare Foot & Heel Balm

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Brand: Neat Feat / Balm / Type: Foot Balm / Suitable for: Foot / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Repairs, Smoothes, Restores, regenerates, Protects

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  • Product Details

    For Dry Cracked Feet and Cracked Heels / A highly effective formula that repairs damaged dry skin of the heel and foot / Contains urea (26% / the highest concentration currently available) which restores the natural balance of the affected area / Remains over the affected area, repairs the damage and rehydrates the skin / Recommended by podiatrists / To understand how Neat Feat Essential Footcare Foot & Heel Balm works, we need to understand how we get cracked heels / Cracked heels are due to a loss of moisture from the heel of the foot / Exposure to dry conditions will cause a loss of moisture that results in fissures or cracks developing / Neat Feat Essential Footcare Foot & Heel Balm is an oil based product thereby enabling the balm to remain over the affected area / The active ingredient rehydrates the skin and repairs skin damage with noticeable results within 5 days / Once the repair work is done, the lighter Foot & Leg Moisturiser can be used on a daily basis to maintain smooth heels / Neat Feat Essential Footcare Foot & Heel Balm is used widely by diabetics to ensure their skin stays smooth and prevents cracking and foot deterioration / Neat Feat Essential Footcare Foot & Heel Balm contains 3 key ingredients that will assist in preventing drying and cracking of the skin of the heel and foot, elbow and knees and assist in the rehabilitation of already damaged skin: / Urea (26%): Urea is a key ingredient of the skins own Natural Moisturising Factor / It acts by facilitating the absorption and retention of moisture by the skin / The process is known as 'Hydrotopic solubilisation' / The skin of the foot and heel is particularly prone to drying and subsequent cracking, especially when shoes are not worn, or sandals are worn / The natural urea content of this part of the body is severely depleted because the urea is removed by direct contact with the ground, mechanical abrasion and water / Urea in Neat Feat Essential Footcare Foot & Heel Balm assists in restoring this natural balance, remoisturising the foot / This softens the skin and accelerates the healing process / In addition urea has Keratolytic properties, hastening the breakdown and removal of dry scaly skin / Lanolin: Lanolin is able to mix with and entrap particles of water mimicking the action of natural skin lipids / Its unique structure allows this lanolin/water emulsion to penetrate to the depth of the Stratum Granulosum, well into the epidemis below the dry outer layer (Stratum Corneum) of the skin / This depth of penetration is responsible for its well known properties of durable, lasting hydration and reduction of skin roughness / Petrolatum: Petrolatum is the technical term for the branded material Vaseline / Its virtue is that it forms an occlusive (barrier) layer on the skin surface, dramatically reducing the loss of water by evaporation and protecting the skin from environmental assaults / Neat Feat products were developed by doctors who were working alongside the New Zealand Army / Neat Feat products are still currently being used by the New Zealand Armed Forces, New Zealand sporting teams and individual athletes /

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