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Neutrogena Refreshing Foot Balm

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  • Fresh clean smell
  • Rubs in easily
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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2015 16:55
      Very helpful


      • "Fresh clean smell"
      • "Rubs in easily"


      • None

      Refreshing foot balm

      I have used numerous brands of foot creams and balms over the years and they do help to soften the skin but my problem is that I don't use them often or for long enough so that just as they start to work then I put the cream away for another few weeks so that the work that it has started to do just goes back to where it started. I do tend to get a hard flaking skin on my feet which is unsightly and it can itch and get quite uncomfortable if it gets too much, and it looks cracked and can feel rough to the touch.

      I bought this Neutrogena refreshing foot balm from a local discount store for just £1.75. It is slightly different from the tub shown and is now white with green and yellow writing. It has a clean fresh smell which really perfumed or feminine so it could be used by both sexes.

      To use I will squeeze a small amount onto my fingers and then rub it around my heels gently. It feels soft and silky when it is being rubbed in and it spreads well and absorbs quickly into my skin. I often put my socks or shoes on almost immediately after using the cream and I don't get any sticky feelings as the cream really does soak in well. I will obviously use it more in the summertime when my feet are on show as there is nothing worse than seeing hard cracked skin on your heels.

      When I am using the cream my feet definitely look and feel better so I really should use it more often as the hard skin can build up quickly. You really only have to use a small amount and it seems to go a long way so can work out better value than cheaper ones where you have to use a lot more cream. I love the feeling this cream gives me and would recommend it as a good quality foot cream which really works.


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      27.06.2008 09:21
      Very helpful



      An ok balm, but I'm sure there's better out there for the same price as this.

      One day I was out and about on a nice sunny day (yes in England believe it or not, well it was a one off to be fair lol) dressed nice in a summer dress and sandals and doing a few little errands out and about and topping up my tan. I'd done a fair bit of walking and as I walking I just thought how uncomfortable my feet felt. The soles of my feet felt itchy and burning and when I got home and looked at my feet I realised that I had dry, cracked skin on my feet which I hadn't taken any notice of because in the winter they were covered in socks and boots and didn't bother me! Now I was wearing no socks and wearing sandals I was literally exposing my skin to the elements and nothing was protecting my virtually naked feet! Sore, tired and burning they really were!

      I wasn't being vain when I went to look to buy some kind of foot cream. It was a deliberate purchase to stop my feet being sore. My feet were uncomfortable and I knew that all this was being caused by my dry skin upon examination. I could actually see my problems on my feet. They just wern't pretty!

      I didn't know what I was looking for to help me but this was an emergency so I went to my local Sainsbury's and perused the shelves for something decent. I went by price to be honest. I didn't want a brand I'd never heard of or anything cheap and cheerful, though I still wanted value for money as I'm not made of it or anything lol. I was looking for a treatment that would really work!

      The Packaging....

      100ml recyclable round tub with jade green twist on/off lid. The sticky label across it's middle tells me it is Norwegian Formula, Refreshing Foot Balm that gives Immediate moisturisation, freshness and relaxation. Under that I'm told it is a Neutrogena product and is Dermatologist tested. On the back I'm told about it's properties, the result I should expect and directions for use. Then I'm told a load of stuff in foreign languages I don't understand, the ingredients, and contact details for Johnson's & Johnson's (the manufacturer of Neutrogena). I'm also told the size (as I've stated already) and the recycle symbol is on there too. The tub is practical, informative and looks like a treatment rather than a sassy beauty product so men can buy this too! The first time I opened this I had to remove a white, plastic covering over my balm and dispose of it.


      Neutrogena foot balm intensely moisturises and nourishes. The menthol-enriched formula immediately refreshes and relaxes even the most tired of feet.


      The skin is instantly moisturised and feels refreshed and relaxed. The formula leaves no greasy or sticky after feel.


      Massage gently into feet in circular movements.

      Using It....

      The balm itself is a light turquoise colour and is a cross between a cream and a gel and in it's appearance and consistency. I apply this to freshly washed feet and when and if needed. I can apply it as many times in a day as I wish.

      The smell is really pleasant, again men or women can use this. It has a light floral smell but nothing distinctive and you can smell a hint of menthol but the floral smell actually disguise that alot. It's a delicate, fresh and clean smell but not overpowering in any way shape or form.

      Now I find a really small blob is all that is needed, however it doesn't matter how much you heap on as it's absorbed incredibly quickly due to the consistency of this balm. It's a light lotion type thing and it spreads easy and gets absorbed really fast. It isn't gunky or sticky on application but you can feel a grease content on your fingers and on your feet as you apply it. I like the way that I can massage it in or slap it on and I like the way I don't need a lot of product thus making this a very economical product to purchase and use regularly.

      When you have coated your feet in it feet do feel a little bit greasy (sorry to disagree with you Neutrogena!). It's not a product you can apply and think oh I need to nip across my carpet and get something because you can if your not careful leave a bit of grease on carpets and I find even after leaving my balm to 'dry' it still isn't and I always end up picking carpet dirt on the bottom of my feet which simply isn't nice or attractive looking!

      The grease content though does smooth and hydrate the skin instantly. Feet really do feel renewed though I disagree they feel rejuvenated by the menthol because they're not as to my nostrils or feet we can't really find the menthol at all though feet do smell nice when applied for about 3 hours after using it. The product takes ages to completely dry into the feet (about 45 minutes) and when it has feet still feel soft and none sticky and that greasy feeling eventually gives away to a natural soft feeling.


      I like it for immediate relief. It makes my skin feel less tight and itchy and really does soften my cracked heels. However long term I haven't noticed alot of change to be honest. As I say I do feel it has helped my dry cracked heels (long term too) but as for dry, hard skin in general although it helps it when applied it hasn't gone no where near solving the long term issues in that respect.

      As I say immediate relief ,yes and that makes this a good product. It's slightly cooling after a day on your feet or a night of dancing. It does help feet smell fresher for longer. A bit of a pain though if you want to use this as a quick fix and then go out as feet are greasy for a good while after and not a good idea to put your high heels on when this is on your tootsies you could end up breaking your neck!

      The best time to use this is before bed or when you don't need to use your feet. If you have really bad feet then there may be better products out there for you but for immediate relief of hot, aching feet this is nice! So depends on what your problems are!

      I purchased mine for £5.99 in Sainsbury's but an be found in alot of major supermarkets and leading chemists such as Boot's.


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