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Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles

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3 Reviews

Brand: Odor Eaters / Type: Insole / Insert

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    3 Reviews
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      09.07.2013 22:07
      Very helpful



      Super Tuff Odor-Eaters shoe insoles

      I rarely spend a lot of money on shoes, mainly because unfortunately I have sweaty feet, in particular when I wear shoes without any socks/tights such as ballet pump style shoes. I also do a lot of walking as my preferred form of exercise and even with wearing socks, after a few weeks my trainers need to go in the washing machine.

      I purchased Super Tuff Odor-Eaters shoe insoles, not because I work in heavy industry or am on my feet all day, but because without odour eating insoles my shoes end up in the bin! I bought the Super Tuff Odor-Eaters from Tesco and they cost £4.41 for a box which includes one pair of shoe insoles.

      Super Tuff Odor-Eaters are odour destroying shoe insoles. They are extra durable for work shoes and boots and they destroy odour on contact and absorb sweat. They have been designed for durability with a powerful combination of technologies providing superior odour and wetness control.

      The insoles are 'one size fits all' up to a UK size 11. For an exact comfortable fit, you follow the printed guidelines on the underside of the insole and cut (using scissors) to fit men's, women's or children's shoes size. The insoles are Black in colour on the underside and the top has a Blue speckled denim-like style. When new, the insoles measure 4mm in thickness.

      Super Tuff Odor-Eaters have a triple odour protection. The activated charcoal locks in and destroys foot odour for months. The insoles contain Insta-Fresh ® which instantly neutralises sweat acids that release odour. Each insole also contains an anti-bacterial agent which fights odour-causing bacteria.

      At present I have two sets of odour-eaters on the go. One I wear in my work shoes and the other in my trainers. I love that each insole has comfortable grip foam which makes them really comfortable to wear and even if you cut them too small they don't slip, slide or bunch up in your shoe.

      The insoles can be hand or machine washed at 40º and I put them in the washing machine with a dark wash load. The insoles need to be dried flat, but shouldn't be left to dry on radiators or placed in a tumble dryer. I dry mine overnight on the clothes horse.

      Whilst wearing shoes all day (with the insoles inside) they feet continue to get sweaty, but as this is absorbed into the insole, my feet are not as smelly as they used to be, thanks to the Insta-Fresh ® neutraliser. This is great as it means that the shoe remains sweat-free making them last longer and prevents me from having to throw out my shoes once they become too smelly. The advantage of wearing these insoles in trainers is that it gives my feet some additional cushioning and feels comfortable when walking/jogging.

      Super Tuff Odor-Eaters insoles have a guaranteed 4 month long lasting protection. To keep the insoles in good condition I wash them once a week. The insoles that I wear in my work or non-work shoes do tend to last for 4 months as I wear them every day, but my insoles in my trainers last a lot longer as I only wear them around 4 times a week. You will find that after 4-5 washes the fabric on the top layer of the insole starts to fray and the more your wear them the cushion effect of the insoles lessens and they become flat. Having said that, as they do last for many months, it is not too expensive to replace them when they start to thin. In the past I have used 'Comfortable Fit' Odor-Eaters but found that they came apart in the washing machine after a couple washes, so I needed something more durable and these Super Tuff insoles definitely live up to their name.

      I have now started to buy more expensive, better quality shoes knowing that they will last longer as the Super Tuff insoles ensure that my shoes remain odour free for longer. Initially I thought that £4.41 was expensive, but they really are worth the money and with some shopping around on the internet, you can get them cheaper.

      Overall, I highly recommend Super Tuff Odor-Eaters for work shoes and boots and give them 5 stars. They absorb foot sweat, neutralise sweat acids and help keep my shoes odour free for longer. They are comfortable to wear, wash well in the machine and last for many months. For me there are no disadvantages to using this product as having sweaty feet is something that I will always have, but these insoles mean that my shoes last longer and I feel confident that no one else could smell my shoes when they become sweaty.

      For further information, please visit: http://www.odor-eaters.com

      Thank you for reading xx
      © sweetdaisy 2013


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        08.09.2012 03:05
        Very helpful



        Waiting for the all-in-one body insole

        In 2009, I was introduced to the exercise of walking - when I mean walking, I don't mean ambling off to the kitchen for a caffeine fix, a mere 32 feet away; or do I shuffle off to the local shops, meander in aisles in a squeaky pair of Nikes, while counting the activity as exercise. Oh no, I mean walk for six miles, with a group of enthused walkers who are equipped to the hilt for every terrain, weather, blister, illness eventuality. The marvelous thing about meeting such organize people is that you don't really have to be organized at all, due to the fact if any mishap or climate occurrence effects the group, hence, slow them down to the pub, or cause discomfort; an organized member would come to the aid / rescue for the ailing comrade. One such time for me was my introduction to; 'Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles'. Before I continue I didn't have cheesy feet - but due to my choice of socks that day and the fact I had foot perspiration, indeed caused a few murmurs among the group while on our second refreshment stop at 'The George' in Long Hanborough. I had to oblige the offer of two Odor Eater Insoles, from a walker who coincidentally had the same size feet as mine - it would have been rude not to - I certainly didn't want to subject the walkers to my foot odor even if the chances were between 2 - 14% of that happening.

        As I was equipped with walking shoes / boots I was please to note the insoles were robust enough to deal with my heavy duty feet and foot-ware, as my Odor Eaters had the durability entwined in the fabric. I also learned that one size fits all, (similar to a Durex condom); the mandatory requirement for an Odor Eater - this info is sizzled into the memory of a seasoned walker. A comradeship was installed more so now that I was using a seasoned walker's insole, in no time at all we became sole mates. A license to discuss foot ailments, the pedantic chatter went from Odor Eating analogies to the curse of the ribbed sock. As the solar rays intensified I was aware of another odor of the bodily kind. Obviously body odor was not abhorred unlike foot odor. I learned quickly the seasoned walker doesn't carry antiperspirant canisters, or a roll-on in the rucksack, but carrying a head torch was vital on a sunny day - all ready for a sun eclipse I assume.

        While visiting another watering hole - I gingerly sniffed my feet - no sign of foot odor was detected amongst the reek of perspiring lard. Sadly it was a pity that Odor Eaters seem to only eat odor in the direct vicinity the insoles are in. The Odor Eater's boast of instantly killing odor on all foot and boots wore a tad thin for me; considering the robustness of the body odor that wafted about my nostrils. I wished that Odor Eater's adapted their odor killing to other areas of the body like an 'all-in odor killing body sock', rather than just concentrate on the pinkies. There is a time that even the 'Odor Eaters' themselves needs refreshing. Naturally, meaning that even foot odors get the better of 'Odor Eaters' eventually, as much as the Odor Eaters enjoy ridding of the foot stench, the 'Odor Eaters' becomes the culprit of the stench - I suppose it is an occupational hazard for an 'Odor Eater Insole'. Nature's foot bacterium wins in the end.

        Comfort value I can recommend the insoles, your feet feel as if they're soulfully lying on a duvet. The little holes ventilate the insoles which aid a spongy feeling underfoot - in use it is as if they're inhaling and exhaling on every step. Not dissimilar to a seasoned walker who intermittently stops and throw back their heads in an exaggerated breathing frenzy, not only do they do it in unison, when one starts they all do it. The ritual lasts for thirty seconds or so - hands cupped on their diaphragms, nostrils flared, being expressive, breathing in the countryside - still no sign of foot odor, amongst the 'Rogan' body odors, insect repellants and stale hop breathe. A knowing nod was directed at me and the wise words of an Odor Eater Insole expert twittered: "I can smell foot odor from twenty feet away, yours are still fresh as a daisy" - I was thankful for having cleansed feet - even though I was choking through other odors. Ultimately this social walker had long range smelling abilities rather than short range smelling abilities - a common trait I found in seasoned walkers.

        Sole to Soul

        My 'Odor Eaters' worked a treat, although, I guess over time a mild sock orientated scent could've been evident after a six mile traipse. No noticeable perspiration either - apart from damp feet, the insoles absorbs the beads of sweat and neutralizes any signs of odor (by bonking it on the head - that's marketing talk) Charcoal is the killer agent, while activated, along with the notorious killing machine of the 'anti-bacterial' agents no forms of bacteria will survive - unless of course they're worn daily therefore within months the bacterial frenzy will overload the secret killing agents making them as useless as a chocolate kettle. Time for a wash - a standard 40 degree cycle for 51 minutes - after a spin dry they're nearly as good as new, apart from being less bouncy. However, following several washes the fibre-bond frays and the shock absorbing foam flattens and the agents are as tired as the limp insoles. Odor Eater is so confident in their odor munching insole that they're offering a four month guarantee. Hard marketing talk, although why bother - the purchase price is 3.50 GBP?

        I've no doubt 'Odor Eaters' engorge on a foot bacterial banquet, especially if prepared by a seasoned walker whom has a sweaty foot irk. For those who wear trainers 'Odor Eaters' can banquet on foot and trainer odor also - these insoles aren't very fussy when it comes to type of foot-ware bacteria. The insoles are worth persevering over; the material and ingredients are ergonomically trusted on the foot and foot-care - Recommended.


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          16.08.2011 11:16
          Very helpful




          One of the downsides of living in a hot country is the heat. The summer sun here in Tel Aviv can be relentless and unforgiving, and despite the bronzed Adonis-like tan I am sporting, I am also susceptible to the odd bout of sweaty feet. I'm lucky in that work wear is very casual here and it's no problem wearing shorts and sandals to work, but on the odd occasion where I have to wear shoes my feet can sweat like a swamp donkey on a treadmill. The solution to this, and preventing me from killing canaries when I take my shoes off I wear Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles, and here folks, is my review of them:

          The Enticement

          I've tried a few different products over the last year or so in various forms; sprays, foot creams and other insole products and none really worked for any length of time. The best I had come across was the Trainer Tamer, also made by OdorEater, but again, after a short period of time the effectiveness seriously waned.
          I saw the Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles and liked what they claimed and decided to give them a go. Here is what enticed me:

          WORK WEAR.
          ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

          LONG LASTING.

          Well who can say no to today's most effective odor-destroying insole? Not I for one.
          How it works
          Very simple really. Remove the pair of insoles from the box, find the outline to fit your size and cut accordingly. You then place the insoles into your shoes, making sure it fits nicely and hey presto the process is complete. The insoles then absorb all the wetness and kill any odor that the wetness causes. To achieve this, odor-Eaters combine three powerful odor destroyers: Activated Charcoal the world's most powerful odor destroyer. Insta-Fresh instantly neutralizes the cause of foot odor: sweat acid. Finally, Powerful Anti-Bacterial Agent kills odor-causing bacteria.

          The price

          Generally I have found that when it comes to foot-care you get what you pay for, and sometimes paying very little for something can be a false economy as they either do not work or need replacing sooner rather than later. I paid the princely sum of £3.04 at Pharmacyfirst.co.uk, a very good place to buy a lot of cheaper than normal beauty and healthy products. The RRP for the Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles is £4.49, but at £3.04 I felt I was getting a bargain......but was I?

          Did it work?

          Thankfully yes, it did work and I did get a bargain. I have had these in the soles of my shoes for about 2 months now and I can confidently boast that my feet do not smell. No more canaries falling off perches, no more social embarrassment...well at least not with the feet anyway! I even tested the claim that these are washable and can report that even after a wash; these little beauties still weave their odor destroying magic. My feet no longer sweat like a fat kid in a cake shop and the smell is nonexistent. They are also very comfortable too and did not impede in any way the wearing and comfotability of my shoes.

          Would I recommend?

          Plain and simply yes. The Odor Eaters Super Tuff Insoles really do work, they are durable and there is even a 4 month guarantee offered, which as not been needed. For how much they are and their effectiveness; I cannot fault them. I am very happy with this purchase, as is my girlfriend and next-doors canary!

          £3.04 well spent and the best odor control foot-care product I have tried.


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