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Sally Hansen Just Feet Spa Nightly Foot Repair

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Type: Foot Repair / Subcategory: Night Cream / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Repairs,

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      14.07.2009 14:41
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      An overnight foot cream for soft, supple feet

      As I pretty much spend every waking moment god sends in my Fit flops, which are the most comfy shoes that I have ever owned, my feet do tend to end up in need of a good wash and soak when I get home from work. One thing about the job I do is that sometimes I can spend hours on my feet and they end up throbbing, tired and aching despite being in really good condition. So what's my secret?

      I have in the past written a few reviews about my hatred for feet and how vile I think they are but at the same time being savvy enough to realise that they need to be kept in a good condition and usually after a hard day I get home and the first thing I do is grab my favourite Sally Hansen Lavender oil, fill my foot spa with slightly warm water, not too hot because the skin on your feet is delicate and the last thing I need are third degree burns and someone having to touch them. Then once I have relaxed and my feet are feeling refreshed I let them cool off. However now that I am wearing Fit Flops constantly I felt the need to make my feet look even more presentable and whilst browsing in Superdrug some time ago I noticed a newer looking Sally Hansen Foot Cream which claimed to "Renews and Rejuvenates Feet as You Sleep" so I bought it paying little over £2.50 at the time.

      The idea behind this foot cream is that you use it before going to bed and then over your night your feet are as it says on the tube "renewed and rejuvenated". Now wearing Fit Flops for me is brilliant purely for the comfort factor if nothing else, but I have noticed that the heels of my feet are now prone to dry skin which is naturally not very nice to look at and seen as though Johnsons baby lotion wasn't really doing me any favours, I hoped this foot cream would. I have used similar creams to this one in the past which seemed to work alright, but I wasn't overly impressed with them given the prices I had been paying.

      Sally Hansen is as some people will know designs beauty products for the hands, feet, body, legs, lips, nails and for men to name a few. Each product is tailored towards a particular problem in the hope of finding a solution and most of the products can be bought on the high street in places like Superdrug and Boots at really good prices which are not too over the top and really affordable. Sally Hansen products can also be bought online through websites such as Amazon which makes the products really easy to find and purchase. When it comes to Sally Hansen products each particular product comes from a set of products which it is suggested you use on your feet whether it is a Salon Pedicure, healing foot care fixes, Just Feet range or Spa Pedicure, which is where this cream is from you should have everything you need.

      With this cream it arrives in a circular tub with a screw on and off lid. The tub itself is pure white in colour and on the lid itself is a pair of manicured feet under a purple strap line which has the words 'Spa Nightly Foot Repair' and then it is followed by Rejuvenate; renew your feet in your sleep. So when it comes to using the cream you should always ensure that your feet are washed, clean and dried completely as there is nothing worse than touching feet which haven't been washed, but before you apply the cream you will need a pair of cotton socks and it is suggested that you use cotton socks because they allow your feet to breathe. Once you have acquired all of that and have nice clean feet you simply need to remove the lid from the tub and inside you will see that the cream itself is a bright white colour which when touched also hosts a slight lilac shade to it.

      When it comes to using this cream you scoop some out of the tub using your fingers and rub it onto the palms of your hands, a bit like using some soap and then apply it directly onto your feet and massage it into the skin until you have covered your entire feet and then you simply go to bed with your socks on and try and keep them on your feet all night. When I used this cream for the first time I had a major problem with wearing the socks all night because I hate wearing socks in bed, I'm one of those people who hates being hot at the best of times and the notion of keeping socks on wasn't one I was overjoyed with, but I did persevere.

      Within this foot cream are three main ingredients and the three to mention are themed amongst this particular range. Starting with Shea Butter which is especially kind to dry skin it helps moisturise and keen moisture within the skin. Then there is Lavender Oil which is not only very soothing it works particularly well in keeping your skin moisturised, toned and feeling soft. Lavender oil also promotes a soothing and calming effect on the nerves and helps to easy stress and tension whilst relieving pain, so for those throbbing feet this is ideal and it works in two ways, by helping you to mentally relax and relieve any tension and to soothe your aching feet. The third and final ingredient is Tee Tree Oil which is used in a lot of products designed for troubled skin especially for those people prone to outbreaks of spots. Within this foot cream Tee Tree Oil is used because it is a good cleanser of the skin and works to remove any kind of fungal or bacteria which may be lurking around and it works well with lavender oil, mainly because it masks the smell which some find quite pungent. The aroma which is omitted from this cream is one I really like, I do find it relaxing and soothing especially because I keep the cream in the fridge so that when it does come to using it, the cream itself is nice and cool and it adds to the soothing of the tired feet and the smell does linger on the feet for a good day or so after using with the Lavender aroma becoming less pungent and the Tee Tree oil still slightly noticeable. For more information on further ingredients they can be found on the Sally Hansen web page or on the bottom of your tub which lists all of the ingredients.

      The result of using this cream did surprise me, having used similar products from within this range such as the Foot Scrub and the Foot Spa Oil which I found to work absolutely brilliant and I hoped this cream would do the same. So the following morning when I removed my socks, I was pleasantly surprised to find not only had the aroma of this cream remained quite strong but the skin on the top of my feet and on the ball of my feet had become so soft to the touch. With the heels of my feet, it wasn't an overnight cure and I suddenly had soft smooth skin but it had become much more supple and with the use of my foot scrub and pumice stone I was able to remove a lot of the dead skin much easier, so for me that was a huge step forward. A few months on and having use this cream a lot more the skin on the heels of my feet are now almost perfect with hardly any dry skin left and the rest of my feet look and feel much better.

      Although I hate feet, I would much rather use a foot cream or scrub myself than have someone else do it and I like this cream because it is easy to use, it requires minimal effort and it smells absolutely divine the tee tree oil which can be quite a dominant smell which in this case is not, mixes quite well with the Lavender Oil to create a fresh smelling aroma which lingers on your skin for quite some time. As you are exfoliating your feet it is also working on your hands and also leaves them feeling soft and smooth to the touch. Having paid just under £2.50 for this product I am using it once every two weeks during this summer period we are having especially with wearing flip flops constantly and my feet can be seen. I have had my tub for approximately 4 months and am just half way through which is really good value for money considering the amount of use it gets.

      So if you are looking for something to pamper your feet with that is inexpensive, works well and smell divine then I would highly recommend this as a product. For more information on Sally Hansen products visit her website at www.sallyhansen.co.uk


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      Night Cream / Rich, emollient creme penetrates and transforms dry, rough feet /

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