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Sally Hansen Spa Lavender Foot Soak

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Brand: Sally Hansen / Type: Foot Soak / Suitable for: Foot

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2008 12:45
      Very helpful



      A relaxing foot spa soak for tired, achey feet.

      If like me you spend a lot of your day on your feet walking to places, walking round places, standing up and addressing people you probably get home and have tired achey feet and want nothing more than someone to loving caress and massage them, well unless you are like me and hate feet with a passion and hate the thought more of someone touching them. I mentioned it ever so slightly in my last review, I am neurotic about someone touching my feet, I turn from little miss angelic to a pre-menstrual crazed devil... trust me!

      So, a remedy and a solution I felt was needed personally for my tired out, worn out achey feet and I have just found that very product. Sally Hansen's Spa Lavender Foot Soak which has been designed for feet that have been on the go all day. It comes packaged in a purple bottle, only the purple you can see is the colour of the solution inside the bottle, the bottle itself is see through hard plastic and the lid is a rather fetching silver colour and it is a screw top which means it is easy to remove and replace accordingly. The picture upon the front of the bottle is a pair of feet about to become immersed within a foot spa. The bottle itself comes in one size only which is 250g bottle and it retails at £5.99 which is extremely reasonable given that similar products on the market are double in price.

      So after a hard days work I get home and my feet are literally throbbing because I have been on them all day wearing my high heeled boots thus making the whole situation worse for my poor feet, so bad I can feel them pulsating. The first thing I do is fill my foot spa with slightly warm water, not too hot because the skin on your feet is delicate and the last thing I need are third degree burns and someone having to touch them. Once the water is in my foot spa I then add a cap full of the spa solution to my water and let the water and the solution work together for a few minutes because I slowly put my feet in, you don't need to use more than a capful at any one time because you are not trying to create any lather, it is simply a water based solution to add to your water.

      My foot spa is one of those which will generate a slight little pulse to help soothe and relax my feet and the smell of this spa soak is amazing and already I feel relaxed. The second the solution is in the water the aroma is released through the steam vapours and immediately you begin to relax. On the bottle it does say allow your feet between 10-15 minutes to relax within the water, well my foot spas are never less than half an hour, or until the water has gone cold and I am feeling suitably relaxed with feet that are no longer throbbing.

      As I mentioned this spa soak smells amazing, the one thing about the products designed for feet with Sally Hansen is that they all contain similar ingredients. This spa soak has Lavender as its main ingredient and it is the dominant smell I would say without a doubt. Lavender Oil which is known to be very soothing works particularly well in keeping your skin moisturised, toned and feeling soft. Lavender oil also promotes a soothing and calming effect on the nerves and helps to easy stress and tension whilst relieving pain, so for those throbbing feet this is ideal and it works in two ways, by helping you to mentally relax and relieve any tension and to soothe your aching feet. The second main ingredient is Tee Tree Oil which is used in a lot of products designed for troubled skin especially for those people prone to outbreaks of spots. Within this foot soak tee tree oil is used because it is a good cleanser of the skin and whilst your feet are relaxing in their foot spa, the tee tree oil is removing any kind of fungal or bacteria which may be lurking around and it works well with lavender oil, mainly because it masks the smell which some find quite pungent. For more information on further ingredients they can be found on the Sally Hansen webpage.

      So once you have finished with your foot spa, and if you don't have a foot spa then you can use whatever you would normally use to relax your feet in, be it a basin or a bucket, you simply pat your feet dry. The one thing you should notice is that the lavender smell is still noticeable and the skin on your feet feels lovely and soft, even softer if you have also used the sugar scrub and the softness feel lasts for quite a long time. I tend to use my foot spa as and when I really need it with this soak, it isn't something I use on a daily basis and it is more of a self treat for my tired feet. You will also notice that this spa soak acts kind of like a foot deodorant because the smell lingers for a good few hours afterwards and even the following day you can slightly smell it still.

      I am a big fan of this spa soak, for £5.99 it is a real bargain and a nice treat for every one in a while to help relax and soothe your weary feet. As I don't use it every day the bottle itself is still more than half full after 6 months of owning it and for those people who would be more of a prolific user then this bottle would probably last between 4-6 months again depending on usage. SO if you want a foot soak which relaxes and soothes aching feet, smells wonderful, leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth and not forgetting to mention that it is fairly reasonable price - you read about it here.!


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