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Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm

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Brand: Sanctuary / Balm / Type: Foot Balm / Subcategory: Balm / What it does: regenerates,

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    3 Reviews
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      07.06.2013 08:51
      Very helpful



      A good heel balm

      I'm really prone to getting rough, hard skin on the heels of my feel and I have a hard time getting rid of it. As part of my Sanctuary gift set I was extremely pleased to see a bottle of the Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm. Even though I have used all kinds of files etc, I hadn't thought about using a cream or a balm to help with the hard skin. Sanctuary claims that this product is moisture-rich and tackles very dry skin.

      As a Sanctuary product, you can find this at Boots or the Sanctuary Spa and it costs £7.50 for a 75ml bottle.

      Unlike the majority of Sanctuary products, this one does not come in the usual orange packaging. Instead, the heel balm comes in a tube like bottle which has a light blue flip cap at the bottom and blue and black text printed on the front. It is only the Sanctuary logo that makes this look like a Sanctuary product and if it wasn't for that, I would have thought this product to be from an extremely cheaper brand. It's a shame this doesn't have the same coloured packaging as other products from this brand as it means it doesn't match other things in my bathroom.

      The cream inside the tube is of a very thick consistency and is white in colour. As the flip cap is at the bottom, it only takes a little squeeze to get the cream out. On first use, I had no idea how much I was going to need in order for this product to start working and it turned out I used far too much. A little really does go quite a long way with this heel balm. You only need to use a small amount on each heel. The cream rubs in and soaks into even cracked heels extremely well and quickly. I ended up with cream being rubbed into the whole of my feet because I had used far too much the first time.

      After using this for only a couple of days, I could instantly feel the different in the skin on the heels of my feet. At this point, my skin felt a hell of a lot softer and the cracks were not nearly as harsh as they had been before. When using this on a longer basis, it gives fantastic effects. After a couple of weeks, the skin had improved considerably and along with using a foot file, my heels were looking great. Within a couple of weeks, the cracks had nearly disappeared and the skin was really soft instead of hard and dry.

      The only downfall that I can see with this product is the scent, or lack of. Instead of having the scent of regular Sanctuary products (which is one I love), the heel balm doesn't really smell of anything. Although no one goes around smelling my feet, it would be nice to have a nice scent while using the product. For £7.50, this is an expensive foot product and while the small 75ml bottle does go a long way, it is quite basic for what it is.


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        11.03.2013 22:30
        Very helpful



        Super rich foot cream

        I had a day off work a couple of weeks ago and rather than spending the day whittling down my ironing mountain , I decided to spend the day having a top to toe pamper.

        The Product
        Intensive heel balm is part of the Sanctuary Spa range and is a rescue product for dry rough and cracked heels.

        Packaged in a clear plastic 75ml tube with a green flip top lid , this has a cream consistency which feels more like rich body moisturiser than a balm. I expected a thicker more waxy consistency as that is usually what you get with a foot balm.
        I actually like the consistency because it seems easier to apply and although rich it absorbed really quickly into my heels.

        It contains shea butter , wheat germ vitamin e, omega 3 and 6, rosehip , lavender and tea tree oil . Ingredients designed to moisturise protect soothe and heal skin.

        The fragrance is a combination of lavender and tea tree oil, which I am not that keen on , but I will happily use on my feet .

        To apply simply rub the cream into your heels .

        The Results
        I was definitely in need of an intensive product as my feet were in need of some TLC .

        I found this really easy to apply and it absorbed well.
        My heels immediately felt softer and looked healthier. I took this over the rest of my feet as well as it felt like they needed something this rich. As I had some left in my palms I smoothed it on the back of my hands, so I was able to see the results up close.
        The results are impressive on both hands and feet.

        My heels were dry rough and cracked before I used the cream and after one application, there was a significant improvement in both look and feel . The hard rough feeling had gone and my heels felt soft to the touch and the skin looked pinker and healthier.
        I decided that I would apply a thick layer on my heels and feet before bed and next day my feet felt soft and looked even better , so I am making the effort to use this regularly to get my feet in good condition for when I dust off my sandals.
        I don't have a problem with foot odour, but I think the lavender scent would help anyone who does. I also like that this contains tea tree to keep feet and nails healthy.

        Would I Recommend?
        I would recommend this heel balm as it has really improved the condition of my heels. I have used the cream all over my feet and I find it really soothing and moisturising on my tired feet. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and am nearly at the point where I would dare to bare my feet as they are looking good. So without too much effort this cream has worked some magic . My feet were in poor condition as I don't spend a lot of time moisturising them , sort of out of sight out of mind in Winter.
        For best results I use after bathing and exfoliating with a foot file, but if you don't have the time just slap some on and you will get results and see and feel an improvement.
        I used this after I had spent a total of 6 hours travelling on really hot trains, my feet encased in boots and woolly tights. The first thing I did after getting out of my boots and tights was apply some of this and it gave immediate relief to my hot tired and swollen feet

        Price and Availabilty
        Boots stock this range and is currently £7.50 but I always buy when it is 3 for 2


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          04.02.2010 04:34
          Very helpful



          A great rescue treat for your feet.

          For me, feet are one of the most hideous things to look at in the world. I have a real problem with feet, they're not exactly the most beautiful of things, are they? And there's nothing worse than a pair of feet that are neglected - cracked heels, discoloured nails and flakey skin is just such a turn off!

          On that note, having overlooked my feet for almost as many years as I've been alive, they recently decided to tell me they were overdue a bit of pampering by giving me gnarly, dry, peeling, cracked and flakey skin. Not attractive! I realised it was about time that I paid my feet some attention in hope that they will be presentable in the coming summer months.

          I went into my local Boots store with no idea what sort of product I was going to be leaving with, and got distracted by a promotion they were running on Sanctuary Spa products, and whilst browsing their selection, I stumbled across this 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' and was quite suprised to find that this was exactly what I was looking for.

          'Sanctuary Spa' is a company that have an actual spa tucked away in Covent Garden for those that can stump up the costs to have a relaxing time there. They also produce a whole range of beauty and bath products which they sell on the high street exclusively through Boots stores. From body wash to face masks to foot scrub and moisturisers - Sanctuary Spa sell it all. To make all your Sanctuary Spa purchases guilt free, this company do not test on animals - so shop away!

          The Sanctuary 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' is available in a 100ml size, and comes with a price tag of £6.99. This is pretty pricey for a foot cream, or a moisturiser for that matter, but I can assure you it is worth any penny is your feet are in dire need of some attention, Plus, a little goes a long way, so in terms of value for money, the price is fair.

          The 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' comes packaged in a transparent tube allowing you to see the product within, and comes complete with a flip top cap for ease of use. The front of the tube carries the recognisable 'Sanctuary' logo and states 'Footcare' in bold font making it easy to spot on the shelf. The front of the tube states "Intensive moisture rescue for rough, dry skin with cushioning shea butter for sublime nourishment'. Sounds good right? The tube also states the name of the product: 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' - and the amount of product you are receiving which is 100ml aka 3.38 fl oz.

          The back of the tube states 'Take Time For Yourself' and gives a little blurb about who Sactuary Spa are, and what the product contains and aims to do for you. The ingredients are listed and there is a contact address given should you need to vent any praise or complaints. Lastly, there is the barcode as with any product available for sale.

          The balm contains only the most luxurious ingredients to help moisturise your feet to the maximum. Lavender Essential Oil is used to calm and relax the skin, and user, when being applied. The rich Shea Butter is included for its protective properties and intense moisturising properties. Wheat Germ is used in this balm for its conditioning and restoring properties which help promote healthy, radiant and well moisturised skin. The balm also contains Rosehip Seed Oil which is known to be a powerful skin regenorator which helps to prevent premature aging. Tee Tree is used as an ingredient as it is a natural antiseptic, which is helpful for protecting sweaty feet. Lastly, Vitamin E is used as an ingredient as it is a fantastic moisturiser and offers fantastic protection for the skin. This combination of ingredients has been produced to give your feet the best chance of healing whilst receiving a much needed moisture drink!

          Upon opening the cap on the tube the scent of the balm is apparent. I was expecting something quite floral, having sniffed a few other Sanctuary products and been given the impression that Sanctuary aims its produce at the 'older lady' (I say older as a loose term and I'm only 21..). However, I was quite suprised and delighted to have a gorgeous whiff of lavender fill my nostrils. It has been proven to be a calming scent, and so is perfect for giving your precious tootsies a lovely smell all day long! I love the smell of lavender, so this was right up my street. I found that once applied, the scent does linger on the skin. The lavender scent isn't too strong, which is fantastic, as I do find that a lot of lavender products are overpoweringly and can give me a bit of a headache after 5 minutes of inhailing the smell.

          There are two ways to using the 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm', and both are quite simple. The first way is purely as a daily moisturiser. Squeezing a little of the product from the tube, massage in from heel to toe making sure to pay special attention to any super dry or flakey patches. This will help soothe your skin and leave your feet perky and soft. The second way to use the 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' is a deep down moisturising for neglected or damaged feet. Apply a thick layer of the product all over the foot before bed, and slip on moisturising cotton socks over the top. Using the balm this way will help rescue those poor footsies from over partying, tired toots or pure neglect. An overnight treatment will leave your feet revitalised and quenched.

          The 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' looks much like any regular moisturiser. The balm is an opaque white in colour and I would say that it is more of a moisturiser in consistancy rather than a body butter, as body butters tend to be a lot thicker. Having said that, the balm has a very rich and luxurious feel to it when used, avoiding being greasy or leaving any residue on the skin if massaged in properly. I've found that for everyday general moisturising, it doesn't take much product to cover the feet. A pea sized splodge should be more than enough to thoroughly moisturise a foot. However, if you choose to use the moisturising sock method, a thick layer should be applied for best results.

          There is no limit on how many times you can use this product so feel free to apply liberally whenever necessary. Whether you use this as a daily moisturiser, use it nightly for intensive moisture treatments or choose to use it once or twice a week - every which way you use this product will help your feet look and feel delightful.

          Overall I must say that I do love this product. I've been using the 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' for just over a week now and have seen dramatic effects. My feet were tired and dry with cracked heels and flakey bits - and now they're silky smooth and look thoroughly moisturised. It may be easy to overlook the feet when pampering yourself, but after treating my feet daily to this 'Intensive Rescue Heel Balm' I definately won't be forgetting about them again! Hoorah for supple, strokable, super soft feet!

          For more information on 'Sanctuary Spa' you can visit their official website at: www.thesanctuary.co.uk.

          To purchase 'Sanctuary Spa' products online, visit the Boots official website at: www.boots.com.


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