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Scholl 2 in 1Corn Express Pen

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Brand: Scholl / Type: Pen

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2013 23:43
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      Corn treatment

      School 2 in 1 corn express pen

      The obvious reason I bought this is because I had a very painful corn. When I remembered to buy something in my local sainsburys store they didn't seem to sell the usual type of corn plasters I have seem before but had only this quite fancy looking product.


      The information on the back of the box states that this is a highly effective and fast acting
      Treatment which can treat multiple corns. It promises that pain should be relieved by removing the thickness of the corn and a visible improvement within 5 days


      Basically this is for the thickening of the skin which are corns. They are actually very painful and the way I was feeling about mine I would do anything to get rid of it; bit feeble really!

      This is suitable for hard corns on the top of the toes and on the balls of the feet and for soft corns between the toes but not recommended if your corn bleeds or hurts excessively. In cases like this then medical advice should be taken.

      WHAT DO I GET?...

      Inside the box I get a pen with scraper and treatment liquid. The pen is pen shaped and thicker at the bottom than the top. At each end the caps have to be pulled off to get to either the liquid or the scraper. They are quite tricky to pull off especially the small pen top which reveals the scraper. The s raped is a funny little thing and seems to be simply a metal circle which has to be scraped on my toe and which doesn't seem to do anything at all. The liquid itself is applied by using what looks a little like a mascara wand with tiny little plastic bristles.

      HOW TO USE IT...

      The scraper should be used first. Skin should be gently exfoliated using the metal contraption so that the top layers of the corn are removed to reduce the painful rubbing, and to allow the liquid to penetrate into the corn. I found this stage quite tricky and being used to proper skin exfoliators i found that it didnt seem to remove any of the skin at all and the corn stayed the same. this should be reused every 3 days to help remove the corn.

      After this I apply the liquid daily. This is painless and simple. All I have to do is dab the liquid onto my corn and leave it to dry. Fortunately it doesn't sting or smell, so that's a bonus.


      * Don't use on broken or irritated skin and discontinue use if discomfort or irritation occurs. Its suitable only for external use and on the affected area.
      *Avoid use if pregnant or breast feeding.
      *not suitable for diabetics or those with poor blood circulation.


      this product costs £9.99 and is widely available in supermarkets and chemists. Not the cheapest corn removal treatment around.


      unfortunately this didn't work at all. I found the instructions quite confusing to start with and the series of pictures didn't help me at all. At first I didn't know which end had the scraper and which had the liquid but when I did find them I did use it religiously for more than a week. Absolutely nothing happened. I didn't seem to have less hard skin and my corn was still painful.

      I'm sure it is quite a good idea and certainly less brutal than the normal corn plaster which seem to remove half the toe and leave a bit of a soggy mess, but there is a middle line between the brutality and just plain not working.

      Not the cheapest product but had it worked I would have happily paid the money. It didn't and so I will revert to either a trip to the chiropodist or the normal corn treatment plasters next time, or if I get a corn.

      Save your money and stick to more traditional methods.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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