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Scholl Deo Activ Fresh Foot Spray

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2 Reviews

Brand: Scholl / Spray / Type: Foot Spray / Suitable for: Foot / What it does: Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2011 21:50
      Very helpful



      willl not buy again

      Sweaty, smelly feet are not pleasant for anyone. Unfortunately, I have this problem and every year, especially when the summer time is approaching, I tend to stock up on different shoe sprays and deodorants and Scholl Deo-Activ Fresh Foot Spray can be found in my collection.

      This spray comes in two versions: smaller, 50ml bottle (easy to pop in your handbag or take on a holiday) and a bigger, 100ml bottle. I am in possession of the latter. The plastic bottle is transparent but it is covered in a blue, see-through sticker so it is not always easy to see how much of it is left. On the front we can see some basic information such as the name and the promised effects, at the back there is much more info about what to expect, ingredients and the likes.

      The producer makes quite a few promises - such as 'long lasting deodorising effects', 'quick drying, non greasy, non sticky, no residue', instantly refreshes' and 'limits growth of bacteria that cause foot odour for up to 24 hour' which make it sound like a perfect product for me.

      I happily spread it on my feet which was very easy - just pressing the pump at the top which was dead easy. I usually needed to spray it two to three times to properly cover my feet which initially wasn't a problem but before I used half of the bottle, the pump seemed not to work so well and I sometimes had to press it numerous number of times to make it work.

      I must agree with one of the promises, it is not greasy or sticky and leaves on residue which I think is the case thanks to its water-like texture. It also dries fairly quickly (which is a blessing in the morning). It also has a pleasant, refreshing minty scent which is not overwhelming and disappears fairly quickly. It indeed 'instantly refreshes' and for the first few days of usage, it did limit sweating and the odour. I have no idea why after a couple of days everything started going back to the 'norm' (which in my case is sweaty feet) and it no longer made any difference whether I have used the product or not. Just for experimenting purposes I stopped using it for a couple of weeks and went back to it then but it no longer worked.

      It didn't moisturise my feet even though Scholl says it contains aloe vera and vitamin B5 for foot care; thankfully despite the alcohol content it did not dry my feet either.

      Schooll Deo-Activ Fresh Foot Spray can be bought in Boots, Superdrug and major supermarkets. It is relatively expensive: you will pay approximately £4.00 for 50 ml and £6.50 for a 100-ml bottle.

      Unfortunately, I did not find the product fit for purpose and I won't buy it again.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        14.08.2010 08:54
        Very helpful



        A handy foot spray

        I have a massive problem with my feet - they're disgustingly covered in hard skin, and they often smell, especially when I'm wearing my cheap Primark shoes in the summer. Therefore when I saw this School De-Activ Fresh Foot Spray in Boots, I thought it was a great idea and promptly bought it.

        I have the 50ml size which comes in a clear, compact pump action bottle, just the right size to slip into your handbag. It's easy to see how much of the product you have left. The product has a blue label with white and yellow bits. The name of the product appears on the label. The label also states that the product contains 'oxygen active technology', and that it contains aloe vera and vitamin B5 for skincare.

        The claims of the product are stated on the back, and they are:

        Instantly refreshes;
        Quick drying, non greasy, non sticky, no residue;
        Long lasting deodorising effect;
        Effective up to 24 hours;
        Limits growth of bacteria that cause foot odour for up to 24 hours.

        A list of ingredients is also provided, and instructions including: keep away from children and do not use on broken or irritated skin.

        The spray is easy to use: just spray a couple of sprays onto the foot. Two is normally enough. I do have a slight problem in that the spray sometimes takes a couple of presses to work, which is rather annoying.

        So does it work? Well, the first two claims - that the spray instantly refreshes and is quick drying, non sticky, non greasy and leaves no residue, are certainly true. The spray leaves my tired and aching feet refreshed and leaves no trace whatsoever on my skin. The spray has a fresh clean clinical smell which makes me cough and isn't pleasant, although neither is it particularly unpleasant. Clearly it's designed to neutralise the smell of stinky feet! Which it certainly does - I find that the smell goes away almost completely, unless you get close to the feet (and why would you do that?!). So it certainly produces a long lasting deodorising effect.

        I'm not sure about the next point though. Effective up to 24 hours? Well, the spray certainly lasts a good few hours, but 24? If you've got smelly feet there's no way you're going to be not-washing them for 24 hours. The final claim regarding the growth of bacteria I'm not sure about, seeing as I don't possess a way to measure the bacteria on my feet!

        Overall, despite that the product does not seem to live up to its claims of longevity, it is effective and convenient and does work. I usually carry it around with me to freshen up my feet during the day. It seems to last a long time too. When mine ran out I bought another one, which suggests that I am happy with it!

        The 50ml version of this product costs £3.99, which is expensive but it does seem to last for a while. There is also a 100ml version which costs £5.99 and is greater value for money, but less convenient for the handbag. However Boots do have a special offer on Scholl products at the moment, which is buy one get one half price, so now's a good time to try the product if you're interested.


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