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Scholl Gel Arch Supports

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Brand: Scholl / Care Accessory / Texture: Gel / Suitable for: Foot

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    2 Reviews
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      21.10.2010 10:14
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      good for you life

      I bought some kind of support the arch and one that I bought this type of Scholl Gel. I have a pretty good leg as far as feet go until I stand on it then my curve just collapse to the floor! This is all part of my genetic condition that hypermobility syndrome and no amount of concentrate on my leg or trying to strengthen the arch difference so I finally accepted I needed to support the arch.

      I bought mine from a local pharmacy and pay Euro 14.73 for them but they are a bit cheaper elsewhere, although not much, you can expect to pay at least Euro 11.34 for this pair. What I did not realize when I bought them is they have different levels of support all in one box.

      for that I suggest you to try this product and buy it immediately. let's get this game in stores near your home.


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        02.08.2010 14:42
        Very helpful




        Recently I purchased several different kinds of arch supports and one of the types I bought were these Scholl Gel ones. I have quite nice feet as far as feet go until I stand on them then my arches just collapse down to the floor! It's all part of my genetic condition which is Hypermobility Syndrome so no amount of concentrating on my feet or attempting to strengthen the arches makes any difference so I finally accepted I needed arch supports. I also had a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis when I bought these so I expected them to be very uncomfortable for a while.

        I bought mine from a local chemist and paid £12.99 for them but they are a bit cheaper in other places although not by much, you can expect to pay at least £10 for a pair of these. What I didn't realise when I bought them was they have different levels of support all in the one box.

        When you open the box of these you will find two gel pads that run from heel to just before the ball of the foot so they are classed as three quarter length supports. In the centre of the support and off to the side is a slit where you pop the support part inside. The actual supports are semi-circular discs that vary in how solid they are. The green ones are quite soft and are the light support, the blue ones are firm and class as medium support and the red ones are hard and class as firm support. I knew I needed the firm support but I wasn't sure my feet could take it straight away.

        The gel pad has a tread underneath which stops it moving around in your shoes, there is no other means of securing these which I was doubtful about. The top of the gel pad must be sprinkled with talcum powder before wearing them or as your feet sweat it creates a vacuum and a strange noise that sounds like the kid at school who always made their armpit squelch! These pads can be washed easily in soap and water too which is a plus for anything that goes under feet!

        Initially I was dubious they would stay in place without any sticky substance underneath and I also wasn't sure if they would provide adequate support because the arch section looks quite low. I tried the light support discs to start with but these didn't provide me anywhere near enough support. The green discs are pretty soft and squishy and I can't imagine who would find this level of support helpful.

        So I moved up to the medium support and decided to use them for short bursts throughout the day. When I bought these I have to admit I was thinking gel would be really soothing and comfortable on my already painful feet but once you get some support discs in these you can forget them being soft! The medium disc seemed to provide me with at least some arch support and I knew I wouldn't be able to go straight to the firm discs so the blue ones stayed for some time.

        Initially I found these excruciating to walk on. I'd pop them in my shoes for 10 minutes or so at a time and they'd hurt my arches so much I'd be desperate to get my shoes off again! Not a great start but remember I had inflamed arches already so I did expect it. I found these work in any shoes except ones that flip flop off your feet. I've used them in slippers, sandals, boots and trainers and they do indeed stay put thanks to the tread underneath. They seem expensive but because you can use the one pair in almost all your shoes they're not really.

        After a week I found them slightly less painful so I upped the time I used to them to about 20 minutes a session and made sure I had them in my shoes several times a day. After about 3 weeks I found I could use them for several hours a day without too many problems. This was the point where I moved up to the firm support and it is like going back to the beginning because you have to build up to regular use slowly.

        I now have them in any shoes that don't have other arch supports in them so I wear them often and for long periods of time. I do find they help with my whole alignment up the body as they support my feet really well. The gel pad cups the heel and the support discs won't slide out under pressure of your weight because the slit is slightly smaller than the disc. That does make it a bit of a struggle to get the support discs in but I'd rather that then have them slip out while I was walking around. I put fresh talc on mine each time I use them and that works fine to stop any bizarre armpit noises travelling up from my feet! Washing them takes minutes and they can be dried off quickly so that's another bonus. One pair of these should last years so they're not really expensive at all.

        I'm thinking I might invest in a second pair of these before we get back into boots so I can leave a pair in my warm winter slippers! They're actually an excellent product once you get used to them being under your feet and anyone who needs some arch support should have at least one pair of these to pop into their shoes.

        Highly recommended.


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