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Soap & Glory Feet Dreams

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Brand: Soap & Glory / Type: Soap / Suitable for: Foot

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2010 14:22
      Very helpful



      Great for hot summer day and nights, give your feet a treat!

      As anyone who has read any of my reviews will know that I am a great lover of all Soap & Glory products and was very pleased when I spotted this one on the shelves of Boots in a sale for just £1.00. I had not seen this one before so I had to buy it to give it a go.

      Coming in a large round plastic bottle, with a pump action top, it looked very inviting with it's lime green gel inside. This was a product for your feet and legs. It say's that it is formulated to fight foot fatigue, hydrate and relieve inflated legs. Sounds good to me, so with whipping my socks of and pumping some into my hand ( it did take me a few minutes to get the pump unlocked, but after a few twists and turns it did!) I started to massage it into my feet and calves. After a few seconds my feet and legs did feel very relaxed and cool. I tried to smell it, but the only scent I could make out was a sort of cucumber smell with a very faint minty menthol smell ( not very helpful I know sorry!)

      I don't know what it is about this gel but it is really relaxing on the feet and aching legs, I would imagine that in the summer or after a hard day at work this would work wonders on them, as it does have a cooling effect wherever you apply it.

      This gel puts back all the moisture back into your legs and feet and keeps them hydrated, in humid conditions. This is also recommended to dab onto your pulse points on hot and humid summer days to cool you down, also good for dabbing a small amount on your forehead if you have a slight headache as it seems to sooth it away.

      There is a little rhyme on the side of the bottle that did make me laugh to goes;

      "Oh feet, you are so tortued when I squeeze you into heels,

      The very least I owe you is to mind how good you feels"

      This is quite a large bottle holding 480ml and it will keep for 24 months, so it will last a long time.As the bottle says it is a great and greener alternative to air-conditioning. So I think I will put this bottle away and get it out nearer to the summer days and nights when I will get more benefit from it. So go on a give your feet a treat!


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        23.02.2008 21:15
        Very helpful



        Feet Dreams from Soap and Glory

        I have wanted to try the Soap and Glory range for ages, but I was trying to curb my spending on beauty products as it has a tendency to get out of control at times, so I have only recently got round to buying one of their products. I chose Feet Dreams, a cooling gel for the legs and feet, as I am finding more and more frequently that when I come home from shopping trips, even if I have been wearing flat boots with thick socks underneath, my feet are burning up from all the walking I've done. Oh, how us girls suffer for a bit of retail therapy!

        ~About Feet Dreams~

        Feet Dreams is a leg and foot gel, which is 'formulated to fight foot fatigue, hydrate, and releive 'inflated' legs. It is designed to cool and hydrate 'high-heel fatigued' feet and legs. The gel can also be dabbed onto pulse points on hot and humid days for an instant cooling effect. The product is not tested on animals.


        The gel comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump action dispenser, through which you can see the bright green gel and as at 500ml it's a fairly big size. The label on the front is pink, and features a black and white photo of a girl lying in the grass, with her legs in the air!! Ahem....Anyways, the packaging has a bit of a 50's vibe, inspired I would guess, by premium brand Benefit's range, which has beautifully kitsch 50's packaging on many of its products.

        ~Using it~

        As you dispense the gel into your hands, you can smell the strong, but pleasant scent. The gel contains Aloe Vera, which I think is the main scent in here, but there are also methol undertones, but strangely for a strong scent like menthol, this isn't the strongest smell.

        The gel looks quite thick in the bottle, but as soon as you start to rub it in, it become very liquid and slippy. It glides easily over the skin, and only a small amount is needed to cover the foot and a the bottom part of the leg. The gel takes a while to sink in and dry, so I would recommend applying it when you know you have about 5 minutes to spare- perhaps when you sit down to watch TV. The first time I applied it, the gel wasn't quite dry and I walked over my laminate floor, leaving a trail of gel footprints!


        As soon as you apply the gel to the skin, you can instantly feel its cooling effects. It feels gorgeously cold on the feet and also slightly tingly. I would imagine this would be perfect for the summer as it really does cool you down.
        I found that once the gel had absorbed, it left my feet and legs hydrated, and my skin quite silky, but be warned, the tacky feeling does take a while to wear off.


        This costs £5 for a 500ml bottle, and in the UK is only available from Boots and Harvey Nichols beyond beauty. At the time of writing this, the Soap and Glory range is on special offer at Boots, with all products in the range having 1/3 off, so you can pick a bottle of this up for just £3.33

        ~Overall Verdict~

        This is a lovely product, the only criticism I have, is how long it takes to soak in, as it's not exactly convenient to sit around with wet feet while you wait for it to dry. Although it's quite expensive, you don't need much, so it should last a long time. I think that this would be a fantastic product for the summer, when my legs and feet often swell in the heat, and I think I will probably use it then, more than I will through the winter months.


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      • Product Details

        Relieve aching legs and feet with this invigorating and cooling gel, containing X-Cool 20 / This gel is formulated to fight foot fatigue, hydrate and relieve 'inflated' swollen legs and ankles / Dab onto pulse points days for instant cooling relief /