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Yves Rocher Foot Polishing Scrub

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  • Lavender
  • Apricot kernels
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    1 Review
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      19.11.2014 23:59
      Very helpful


      • Lavender
      • "Apricot kernels"
      • "Gorgeous scent"


      TLC for Tootsies.

      This product may be small but it is certainly mighty.

      Purchased online, it is £3 for a 50ml bottle. The product comes in a small triangle plastic tube with a purple flipped lid which is ideal when you apply and need to reapply, no mess, no fuss.

      I soaked my feet first as suggested, in warm water. The liquid is a gel tinged with brown colour with [apricots kennel powder]grains within it.
      It doesn't look like something you may want to apply, but the moment the gel hits your hands the smell is absolutely divine.
      A heavenly scent of lavender meets you first, the apricots kernels are immediately felt and the product is light.
      Application is straightforward. In circular motions use the scrub to soften your feet, smoothing away roughness and tiredness, as the effect is relaxing, but in an uplifting way. Your senses from the essential oil of the lavender really wakes you up in a blissful way. There is a colling effect thereafter.

      I chose this product because of it's botanical properties of lavender which is known to be purifying and cleaning. Yves Rocher has a good reputation for it's botanical research and relying on plants properties. They never test on animals or use GMO's so I really wanted to try this product and provider out.

      I thought the product was quite runny so only bit by bit could I apply the gel. Heels first and working towards the toes. It's best to have a towel beneath your feet to catch any of the gel that might drop.
      The gel is sticky, but the warm water can help soften the gel and relax the properties so that it is easier to spread over your feet, it's painful without, how do I know?
      TIP- Never apply to dry skin and hope it will work because you can't be bothered to get up and get water. Serves me right. I only did my heel and that was bad enough and plus the gel gets very sticky, you get stuck to things on the way out ie: papers.

      The gel takes a bit of working into the skin, but the softness once I had placed by feet back in warm water and washed off, was the softest I've ever known a product to do.
      The lavender scent remains on you for the rest of the evening which is heavenly however only gripe [ but worth it] is that the apricot kernels. I find are a bit more difficult to get rid of even after I had dried my feet the scrub remained a little and I found myself catching my skin as I sat watching TV scrubbing a little[!] I had used the shower head to wash my feet but even after drying there was a little product, I find this is the case every time.

      The website, Yves Rocher co.uk, recommends the best plant based product to use after this is that with Shea butter, which is easy to get hold of on this site or elsewhere like Boots. Added on after a lovely scrub like this is wonderful and enhances the scrub and helps it last longer.


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