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Lego 3221 City: Big Truck

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lego / Theme: City / Age: 5+

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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 17:36
      Very helpful



      A good set at the right price

      My son is a huge fan of Lego and their products and will happily sit for hours creating his own designs from his massive drawer full of Lego bricks but he also enjoys making the sets that come with something specific for you to build and with this in mind I bought him a few various Lego sets this past Christmas just gone. One of the sets I bought for him was the Lego city big truck set which has the set number 3221 should you wish to check it out online. This is my review of the product.

      ==What is it?==

      The Lego city set 3221 is called the big truck and is basically a large delivery truck which is used to deliver the Lego around the city!

      The set comes in a good sized cardboard box which is blue for the most part and which features pictures of the city sky line in the background and so for me was immediately recognisable as a product in the Lego city range. The box features a good large picture of the truck when it is assembled and so you can get a great idea of what it is going to look like before you purchase it but in this case it also features a smaller insert picture which tells us the length of the truck which I think is a good idea because often Lego products look big on the box and then you get them built and they are tiny! It is worth noting this truck measures 39cm and so it is a good sized piece.

      The box that the set comes in is the usual tough cardboard that larger Lego sets in particular come packed in and I like that they are solid and feel a good quality especially if you are going to be wrapping them up for a present!

      The box tells us that this particular Lego set is suitable for children aged 5-12 years and I think this is quite a fair assessment though I think those aged five would probably need a good bit of adult support as they built it. My son is seven and managed this set on his own but he is a competent builder with Lego as he seems to spend all his time playing with it!

      ==Or experience==

      My son was over the moon to receive this set for Christmas even though it wasn't one he had asked for and he doesn't really have many Lego city items. He loved the look of the big truck from the box and for this reason I do think many young boys would like to receive this set because it does look cool. The big truck has Lego stickers on it and so is basically a Lego delivery truck and so I think it appeals for this reason really and the fact that it is a City product is pretty irrelevant.

      My son wanted to build this set on Christmas day but actually ended up building it around five days after Christmas because we had things going on some days but he also had other Lego sets he wanted to build and I didn't want him to build them all on the same day and then have nothing left to do! He decided to build it one afternoon and whilst I opened the box for him I was pretty much just left then to watch because he wanted to have a go at this one independently which was fine by me.

      In the box were two bags of Lego and the instructions manual. The bags were labelled one and two and so it was clear which bag you would need when asked to open it in the instructions. I am quite insistent that when my son builds something with Lego that he makes sure he has a good space to work in and that he separates all of the pieces in to groups of colour and size and what not before he begins just because I think it is a clear and more organised way of working and he is then able to find the pieces he needs according to the instructions with ease.

      The instruction manual is as ever excellent quality and to me is quite like a glossy magazine! The manual features just nineteen steps in total but many of these are broken down in to simple easy to manage smaller steps and as they are so clear you do feel as though you can allow a confident and competent child to tackle them on their own. I like how my son can use the instructions to check he has got things just right by counting studs on the base or whatever and the clear, large instructions make this really easy for him to do.

      As my son was building the big truck he was actually quite surprised at just how large it was going to be for a Lego vehicle and I have to say I was quite surprised too. Even though we were told it would be 39cm it was tricky to fully visualise this until the truck had started to be built and I think both my son and I were really impressed by the size of the truck. This set took my son around forty to fifty minutes to complete which I think is a nice amount of time to be sat doing a Lego activity from start to finish.

      The look of the truck as a whole is actually really good. It is made from mainly bright yellow bricks which really stand out and look bright but which also contrast the red Lego logo on the truck well. The masses of black wheels to make the truck moveable and the little doors on the truck all make this look a realistic and good quality delivery truck.

      What my son loved about this truck was the fact that there are some really cute little features. Within the passenger section of the truck for example there is a red coffee pot and a bed for one of the delivery men to rest overnight! You get two delivery men with this set which is nice as my son likes to have one of them driving and the other one resting! The top of the passenger section does lift off easily for popping the men in and out in play too. What you also get with this set is a set of nine blue bricks which you stick a sticker to and which end up looking like boxes of Lego themselves for transportation on the truck! The little red trolley that comes with the set is actually functional for adding some of the boxes on to and transporting to the back of the truck where you can store them for their journey and so it makes quite a comprehensive little set to play with. My son has played with this so much since Christmas and integrated it with some of his other sets and so I do think it was a very good purchase.

      Whilst the set is great for the most part and well made I do have one little qualm and that is simply that where the passenger part of the truck and the large trailer joins it is held with a moveable piece which allows them to turn much like you would expect a real truck to be able to do. Now sometimes as you are playing this comes loose and the passenger part will fall off and need reattaching and whilst this only takes a matter of seconds I do think a larger swivel piece of Lego would have meant that this would happen less regularly. It doesn't seem to affect my sons enjoyment of playing with this truck but it does frustrate me if I have to move it or something! Overall though based on how much my son enjoyed putting this together and the package as a whole I do think that it was a good buy and is great quality.

      Now I actually purchased this in Smyth's toys before Christmas where it was on offer for just £12.99 instead of the RRP of £29.99 and I thought at that price it was an offer too good to miss for a good sized Lego set. Having looked online though I have struggled to find it for less than £30 and in some cases it is being sold for more than the RRP which I find ridiculous. Should you be able to get this set for around the £15-£20 mark I think you will have got a really good buy and I do recommend this set.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        22.01.2011 09:58
        Very helpful



        A fun lego set.

        My Mum decided that for my son's 6th birthday she was going to get a toy that he could potentially build and play with once completed, famous last words in my house!

        After much perusal she decided upon the Lego set I will now review, this being "Lego city, 3221" which, (although not actually stated on the packaging) is a fantastic large yellow lorry, which was in theory ideal, as Connor started watching the Eddie Stobart series and was completely enthralled with all the lorries.

        The set comes in an extraordinarily large box, which when the contents were removed seemed ridiculous, almost like the manufacturers wanted to emulate the supposed size of the built lorry, this only meant more cardboard for my recycle bag, and it has only just been emptied from Christmas!

        Once the contents have been removed you are faced with three numbered plastic bags, filled with random lego pieces, and seemingly in no order at all, though once you read the instructions you will see that each bag equates to a specific area of the lorry, one for the base, one for the actually truck and trailer part, and the final (which in my opinion was the fiddliest part) bag is for the cab part complete with driver, I told my kids this should be called Dad, as though his lorry wasn't this size (meaning in real life, not toy sized!) he was the resident lorry driver!

        To construct you simply follow the wonderful picture instructions included, starting with the specified numbered bag, there are literally step by step instructions, with a picture at the end of every step to show how they should look at each stage, which in fairness to my son was completely out of his league, but for his slightly older sister (Kaitlin is nearly 10), was fiddly at times but very achievable, as long as she took her time with it.

        After a few days of construction the lorry had almost taken it's form, there was a lovely and very distinctive looking cab, base (complete with fully working wheels) and the trailer part of the lorry was complete, but just needed to be added to the lorry.

        My daughter then discovered that not only does this set come with "boxes" for the lorry to store in the expansive trailer, but that there were in fact two characters, one to drive and one to unload, with the unloader coming with his own hard hat and sack truck (box transporter), which for my kids was incredible that this toy had something that Dad used to take to work with him every morning!

        Once completed the lorry is fully functional, with it being moveable (driveable I should say!), there are opening and closing doors along the side of the trailer, with the boxes (after they have been made up, and all featuring pictures of other lego sets in the range, very clever advertising!), being able to be loaded into, removed from the trailer, and fully stackable, making this a much more realistic lorry and delivery truck to be played with.

        The lorry itself has so much detail on it, you would be forgiven to be able to find that many differences, aesthetically wise, to an actual lorry, as this comes with everything from realistic headlights, detailing within the cab itself, wing mirrors complete with lorry extensions on them and even a stand that the lorries trailer stands on when in storage or between having cabs attached to them, this is an integral part of a real lorries cab, but to include it on a toy, when there is really no chance it is going to be without it's cab makes it much more detailed and realistic, perfect actually, especially to a lorry drivers children, this gives my husband a chance to explain what he used to do and gives him an opportunity to play too (not that he necessarily needs an excuse with these toys, he loves them as much as they do!).

        Longevity wise the set take s a good while to construct, then once made can be used as a driving toy, though of course due to it being lego means it cannot be used as roughly as my son would do with his other cars and trucks, so if there is no intention of taking apart and redoing on occasion, this could probably be made sturdier by gluing together to give more strength to it, especially the base and the wheels, these tend to be the areas that come apart first, especially when being handled by a rough handed 6 year old!

        All in all this has been a really well played with and loved toy, with my son adding it to his garage set, and my daughter stealing it back to break it up and rebuild, though she did leave the trailer part constructed, which was inspired as when she had only part finished it, to save any smaller pieces being lost, I simply filed the trailer part up to keep them all together an safe.

        There are the obvious restrictions with this set, some of the pieces used are miniscule, things like wing mirrors and headlights are really small and could potentially be considered as a chocking hazard for the younger child, with the recommended age for this toy being 5+, but for me this should be at least 6-7, not just for chocking but for how fiddly parts of it were for my daughter, my son is just too ham handed to have been able to complete this on his own.

        Price wise this particular set is available from £19.95 on www.amazon.co.uk, though can vary dramatically in price depending on where this is purchased.

        As the title of this lego suggests this part of a "city", which includes numerous different sets that can be collected and set up to create as such, these sets range from what you would expect to find, fire stations, shops and various vehicles, with there being slightly bigger items such as aeroplanes being situated outside of the fire station not being in theme with the city centre, but looking like a really fun set to construct, complete with passengers.

        For more information on sets and prices visit - www.legoshop.com, though for any child in your family who is mad on these sets I recommend www.legonetwork.com which is a safe children site with a lego theme, my daughter discovered this site through school, so has been screened and is perfect for children of school age.

        This really has been a fantastic set that both of my children has enjoyed playing with, and both in different ways, recommended.

        Thanks for reading x


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