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Lego 3825 Spongebob: Krusty Krab

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4 Reviews

Theme: Spongebob

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    4 Reviews
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      10.11.2012 09:55
      Very helpful



      Fun kit

      My niece only really began to show an interest in lego a couple of years ago and for Christmas 2010 we bought her the Krusty Krab set which if memory serves me correctly is set number 3833. I paid just over £20 for it from Amazon as it was the most reasonable price I could find, I believe it was around £23. Looking on Amazon now it is selling for £43 so I think I bought it at the right time! The american Lego site is offering it for $29.99 but I cannot find it on the english site so it is more than likely that this set has now been discontinued.

      ==Why choose this set?==
      I chose this set for my niece (well, she helped choose) because she is a huge Spongebob fan and a couple of years ago Spongebob really was at the height of fashion. I also thought that the set was reasonably priced.

      ==What's in the box?==
      In the box you are given the pieces to build the Krusty Krab set which includes the Krusty Krab restaurant, the Krabby Patty Car and figures of Spongebob, Patrick and Mr Krab.

      You are also given an instruction booklet to tell you exactly how to piece the set together.

      ==Making the Krusty Krab==
      I made this with my niece who was 10 at the time and it didnt take us very long, probably around an hour or so. However, she had already made the car with my Dad the previous day so I would say that if there are two of you making it it would probably take a couple of hours.

      To make the set was very easy, the instruction booklet is absolutely fantastic and very easy to follow.

      ==The completed Krusty Krab==
      When you have finished building the set you are left with the restaurant which is around 15-18cm long and 10cm tall, the car and the figures. The car is not made in proportion to the restaurant and is around 8cm round but it does have moving wheels and to be honest is a very funky vehicle! For some reason the car isnt in Dooyoo's picture above but it is basically a Krabby Patty (like a burger) car.

      The restaurant itself is quite basic but it still provides some basic furniture and glassware etc. There is also a safe and some $100 bills so I imagine these burgers are luxury!

      The doors all open with ease and it is easy for little fingers to open and close things and move things around. It would be nice if the restaurant itself was a bit more packed out - for example maybe with a seating area.

      ==Playing with the Krusty Krab==
      This is the only piece of Spongebob lego that my niece has as the vast majority of her collection is the Harry Potter series. However, she loves the Krusty Krab and often plays with it either as it is and making up games for the Krusty Krab or mixing it with her Harry Potter (what a strange combination, a boy wizard with a sponge...under the sea.....driving round in a burger shaped car). She can easily spend a couple of hours playing with this and if she has her friends over they like playing with it too.

      Since building this it hasnt actually moved from its place on my Mums living room floor (other than to be cleaned under!). No pieces have ever fallen off or been broken and she hasnt managed to lose any of it either. The bricks all look brand new with their glossy shine and it does look brand new still.

      ==Value for money?==
      Lego is notoriously expensive but I believe that I paid a reasonable price for this kit. It has provided hours of entertainment and it is a nice alternative to your normal lego house or car. Its fun and visually appealing, recommended.


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      23.07.2012 10:21
      Very helpful



      A nice set if you can get it cheaper than RRP

      For my son's birthday this year he was fortunate enough to receive some monetary gifts which he could go and choose something himself with. He is quite obsessed with Lego products and so when we were in Smyths he decided to treat himself to a couple of Sponge Bob Lego sets and one of the ones he chose was set 3833 called Krusty Krab adventures.

      ==Krusty Krab Adventures==

      The set comes in a cardboard box which is of a reasonable size and feels pretty tough to be honest. I like how Lego products always look and feel superior to other brands and I suppose this is just one of the reasons they are still doing so well as a brand.

      This particular set is aimed at children aged six to twelve years of age and features a cheeky picture of Sponge Bob on the yellow box as well as the Nickelodeon logo and a picture of the assembled set so that you are aware of what you are going to be building. Again I like how Lego show us what the set will actually look like when built as I think it gives a good idea to the child what they will be getting for their money.

      The Krusty Krab adventures set allows you to build the Krusty Krab burger joint as well as a Krusty Krab car which my son says he hasn't actually seen on the Sponge Bob cartoon but is something that he thinks is cool regardless! In this set you get three mini figures and those are Sponge Bob, Patrick and Mr Krab himself.


      My son was very keen to build this set as soon as he got it and so he emptied out all of the Lego pieces on to the floor and got to work. I always encourage him to sort all of the pieces out properly before he begins assembling something but he was far too keen to do that and so I just left him to it to see how he would get on.

      He is very good at construction Lego sets I have to say and despite only just turning seven he doesn't need any help from me and to be honest hasn't needed any help for quite some time. Part of this I think is down to his ability to just get on with things and work them out on his own but I do think some of it is down to the good instructions which Lego provide. As always with this set you get a booklet of instructions detailing step by step how to make the Krusty Krab and the car as well as the mini figures although they really are quite self explanatory.

      It took my son around thirty to forty minutes to fully complete the set and I think this is probably about right to be honest. He doesn't seem to come up for air when he is building sets such as this though and so perhaps if you were taking it at a more leisurely pace it would take you around an hour to build it all. When the set was complete I have to say I was quite impressed with the whole thing as the Krusty Krab looked impressive at around 16cm length and 10cm height The Krusty Krab features movable doors, entrance signs, a table, cups and a couple of burgers too as well as the Krusty Krab sign on the top of it so you are in no doubt as to what has been built. I have to say that the Krabby Patty car was just incredible to look at in my opinion as it just looks like an actual burger and I just found it remarkably cute! The car is moveable too and so you can actually play with it.

      What my son has really liked with this set is the little details which are added to the set and so we have the safe in the Krusty Krab which is very important as fans of the show will know just how obsessed with money Mr Krab is! Mt son has another smaller Lego Sponge Bob set which came with the Krabby Patty secret formula and so he likes to stash this in the safe in the Krusty Krab now. He also likes how Mr Krab comes with some green Lego money which he can hold in his hands and show off with! You are also able to build a couple of actual Krabby Patty burgers with this set and so my son likes to pretend to be serving the mini figures the burgers as he plays with them and it is lovely to see his imagination come alive as he plays with this integrating his other sets in to his play too.

      My only issue with this, and if I am honest with many Lego products, is the price that you pay for the amount you actually get in the box. My son paid £24.99 for this in Smyths which is the recommended retail price but you can pick it up on amazon for £19.99 which is more reasonable I suppose. I just think that you pay a lot of money for Lego sets such as these and there could be and should be more in the box for your money. I will continue to buy Lego products simply because my son loves it and we have had cheaper alternative brands with shocking results but I do wish it was slightly better priced.

      In summary I think this is a good offering from Lego with nice pieces which are high quality and fun to play with but I do think it is over priced at the RRP.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        19.06.2010 00:04
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great characters for Spongebob fans but not really worth it's value

        Spongebob Lego 3833 Krusty Krab Adventures set

        This is a good set, which contains 206 lego pieces.
        Aged: 6 - 12

        The box contains lego to make the Krusty Krab Restaurant, the Patty Wagon, 1 x lego Spongebob character, 1 x Patrick Character and 1 x Mr Krabs Character.
        The characters come apart in 3 separate pieces. They are really fun and great to play with.

        The Restaurant set allows you to build the outside front of the Krusty Krab and only 2 blocks width inside for the restaurant. A cash register, safe (also containing lego money for Mr Krabs) and a grill is built inside on the edges of the inside structure of the restaurant.
        There are decorative features to add on the outside of the Krusty Krab, which consist of flags, sheilds, a 'Krusty Krab' sign, an 'Enter' sign and a Krabby Patty statue.
        This, I find helps to personalise to how you wish to decorate the outside which is a good feature, as it allows your child to be creative and mix it up a little, so there is no frustration when pieces on outside for decor are wrong. In fact, I found to be the opposite. My son enjoyed making his own Krusty Krab restaurant his own way.

        The Patty Wagon is also a fun feature. There is enough space inside for two characters to sit down on the lego bench type seat. The wheels are very good with a soft type grip but also durable and do not easily come off whilst in mid play. Front and back have lights (transparent lego) and a flag which attaches to the back. I found the flag only got in the way as my child was trying to place the characters in and out of the wagon.

        The whole set is fun. It has great adaptability to be able to change around certain details and structures.
        It is an easy set to play with, however, I do find that some of the younger age group may find putting together the stucture of the restaurant very frustrating, as it can easily come apart when trying to build before putting the roof on.
        And yes, being a big child myself I had to have a play (for test and review purposes, of course!)

        The only hindrance to play is when building the restaurant part. The 8 pillers built which hold up the roof of the buidling kept coming off during the build.

        The Patty wagon was great fun and wheels move easily, a great ride for Spongebob and Patrick.
        The additional pieces are good. I found the safe to be fun, which had opening door, inside containing 2 monetary notes.
        The two front plastic see-through doors of the restaurant swung open well, easy access for the many customers, which also included a few space troopers! LOL :)

        As for the characters, I could not fault these! They were so much fun and realistic looking. My child even had a great time taking them apart to mix and match the bodies!

        I expected more from this set in the terms that being a restaurant there were no tables and no seats! Structure to hold up roof to be more durable so it wouldn't keep coming apart.
        The inside needs to be bigger, as it wasn't really a restaurant but a shell of a building.

        How would my child rate this?
        Buidling wise - 7/10.
        Play factor - 10/10
        Build - 6/10
        Fun factor - 8/10.

        Instructions. The instructions leaflet that came with the box can be a little difficult for smaller children. The instructions are pictures, step by step of the build. However. At times it seemed to have jumped forward without showing how one section attached, which seemed a little confusing!

        Value: the prices have varied very greatly. The range in price is huge depending on where purchasing from. Research is very important before jumping at the first price, mainly because I found it really wasn't worth its value.

        So here's a few prices to show the comparison:
        Amazon - £33.95 New
        Toysbythebundle.co.uk - £24.99
        Play.com - £53.95
        Toys R Us - £19.99

        A great toy mainly for characters and patty wagon. Unfortunately I don't think it is worth its value. I purchased this as a christmas present for my son from Toys R Us. The prices from other retailers at that time were even more expensive, more than likely due to high demand.
        As much as I love Spongebob, I don't think I will be buying anymore Spongebob lego sets in future, unless greatly improved.

        This review is also on Ciao under Theguester :)


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          04.02.2010 18:21
          Very helpful



          If you are a lego or Spongebob fan you'll love this set!

          My six year old son received this lego set from Santa, who must have known that he's a huge Spongebob fan and loves playing with lego. It cost £17.99 from Smyths toy store (Santa left the tag on!), which is reasonable for a lego set, and I think it's good value for money as you get the Krusty Krab, the Patty Wagon and Spongebob, Patrick and Mr Krabbs characters, although no Gary the Snail which my son was very disappointed about. He was even more disappointed that there was no secret formula which made me chuckle! I can't see that it says on the box how many bricks you get in this set, but it's roughly 150- I'm not going to count them sorry!

          Inside the box all the lego pieces come in little plastic bags. As with all lego sets of this type the first thing they tell you to do in the instructions is sort the pieces out into different colours, and I'll never understand why they don't just package them like this in the first place?! It does keep everyone busy for 10 minutes or so if you bother doing this, which to be honest we didn't on this occasion! Also in the box there is an instructions booklet telling you exactly how to build the Krusty Krab, the Patty Wagon and the characters.

          This set was very easy to build and the instructions simple to follow. Obviously my six year old wouldn't have been able to follow the instructions himself but I have no problem with sitting with him for hours to play lego, and I was really looking forward to helping him with this set (how sad am I?!)

          Once built my son and daughter had lots of fun playing with this set- and the little details really add to the whole play experience. For example, Mr Krabbs has his own little dollar bills, and a safe to keep them in, you can make up some little lego Krabby Patties, and the Krusty Krab has working doors- little things, but like I said, they make a difference. The model looks very similar to the 'real' Krusty Krab, even down to the little flags hanging off the roof!

          One disadvantage of a set like this is if you lose any of the pieces, which is very easily done given the size of them, it's very difficult to build the set as it's supposed to be- this isn't a problem with your everyday box of lego obviously.

          We are really keen to get the other Spongebob lego sets now- there's a few available including Spongebob's pineapple house, Mrs Puff's boating school and the Bikini Bottom express. They are all quite expensive on Amazon and Ebay though, and apparently this is because they are no longer in production which is disappointing.


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